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What will happen after I will make enqiry ?

Please read through steps below:

1. When a Guest (you) makes an enquiry, our system automatically register your account based upon the email address provided while making enquiry.

2.The moment Guest (you) makes an enquiry, he/she will receive an email with auto-generated credentials.

3. The Guest (you) can use those credentials to logon to Goholidaylets.com and check all their enquiries responses in Goholidaylet's Inbox .

4. In Future, the Guest (you) can communicate directly to the owner using the same inbox. You will find all your enquiries in your inbox if you have enquired for more than one property.

Why it works ?

1. This helps us in verifying the Guest (you) are an authenticated user having a vaild email address and the enquiry is genuine.

2. All the conversation will be maintained on Goholidaylets.com will act as proof of conversation happened between both owner and the Guest.

3. The Guests (you) and the Owners will find all conversations at one place. To keep track of all the enquiries easily.

Please feel free to contact us at admin@goholidaylets.com