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Amsterdam is the capital city and most the most crowded city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It also the home of Hague where international criminal trials are investigated and heard are conducted Amsterdam has a high population within the city and much highter in the metropolitan area. The city is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country, and is also North Holland’s largest city. Dutch is the language that is highly spoken (which most people find it hard to understand or learn).



For accommodation you choose to have self catering accommodation if you are the kind of person that wants some privacy, or home made foods incase you don’t want to dine in an hotel for some reason. The apartments are neat, spacious and you can choose the type you want depending on the number of people accompanying you. Some of them are located close to the city amenities where you can easily access other facilities; the apartments are fitted with internet connection. You can book prior to your arrival or with the help of an agent who are always there to attend to your queries.



Amsterdam at Night

The old part of the city is mainly built using canal rings, which gives ample space to move around and generally a peace of mind if you are the kind of tourist that doesn’t like much interruption while enjoying a quiet time. Walk through the canal streets to have a clearer and understanding view of the area which you might by pass while on a boat or a cruise incase you want finer details.




This is the largest museum and most attractive museum in the Netherlands. The museum is a host to many visitors every passing year. If you have a fetish for painting this is the place to be to learn more about the history and the culture of the Dutch people.




This is the most modern museum in the Netherlands. Inside the museum you will find some few painting and sketches showing Van Gogh describing all his moods in artistic way, in there you will find some letters written by Van Gogh in his time and some specials from his friends. The collection is the pillar of this museum.




Oude Kerk is the home to the protestant church with mini houses attached on the sides; it also situated at the most exciting areas of the Red Light District. If you are the kind of person that enjoys walks in the nights this seemingly interesting area to have a stroll.




So your hectic day is over and it’s that time to grab a bite or a drink (either soft or a beer), Amsterdam has various old cafes commonly known as brown. But be warned these cafes are usually overcrowded but let not that put you off because the ambience is unique, and the people in the places are easy to interact with, easy to make a friend or two incase you are alone. The fare prices too will you give you a wide choice of foods, drinks, coffees which you can sample, so adjust and fit in like you are one of them. You will enjoy it!



Shows and Exhibits

Most of the tourist visiting Amsterdam come here because of most popular attractions that are showcased in the area and those that will make there stay in Amsterdam worth it or visit or even do referrals to friends and families. The activities show cased are ideal for both adults and children making it more flexible.

If you are a traveler, indeed Amsterdam must be in your bucket list.


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