The IRISH PUB Experience in self catering Algarve

Experience some great Irish Pubs in the Algarve and enjoy the craic.

The Irish Theme has become a common sight throughout the world and the towns and resorts in Portugal’s Algarve is no exception to this trend. A bit like the various English theme pub or bars not necessarily owned or managed or frequented by English or Irish people. But none the less they retain the same atmosphere and experience.

Fundamentally an Irish bar is a place to meet, relax and maybe savior a taste of Irish Bar cultural which is unique in itself. Not that Irish Pubs are frequented totally by Irish people like myself some of us when abroad wish to experience the cultural of the host country. But the pack or tribal instinct always appears on sporting occasions. They have a tendency to seek out the nearest Irish pub or bar if Munster, Leinster or Ireland are playing rugby or there is a big GAA game on the TV.

So lets take a closer look at the various and different Irish Bars in the Algarve. In no particular order I have started in Praia da Rocha. The writer hasn’t visited all these pubs some comments are got from their post and advertisements. It is an area well known for is excellent hotels and holiday home rentals. We have a selection of self catering accommodation throughout the Algarve. Just visit our website

Daly’s Irish Bar in Praia da Rocha advertise themselves as 100% Irish owned and run. From the full Irish in the morning to great craic at night. Its open all day long serving meals and snacks, which include sandwiches, pies and chicken and the customer Irish Stew. Sounds like a great place to enjoy a drink or snack in. All the normal sporting TV channels are advertise so it might be a great place is visit if your on a self catering holiday in Praia da Rocha.

The Black Stove Alvor

Or should I say the Black Stove Bars as now there is one in Alvor and Carvoeiro. The new premises in Carvoeiro has a lot to live up to as the The Black Stove in Alvor is an excellent pub. From its location to its bar staff it’s the complete package well worth a visit. It was designed and built in 2004 to a high standard. It has become a very popular venue with live music, good food, live sports and a good pint! If you want a good time in the Algarve then you have come to the right place.

Self catering accommodation is in striking distance of all of that the Algarve has to offer in terms of beautiful, challenging golf courses, superb scenery in the nearby mountains and of course the sandy white beaches on the shores of the Atlantic.

Carvoeiro now has a Black Stove it’s the complete deal and a great venue for you to enjoy a bit of craic and a pint.

Carvoeiro is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in quite a compact area around the town centre. A lot of the accommodation is in new residential areas on the outskirts as the developments have spread, but it is all in keeping – this isn’t an area of high rise hotels and apartment blocks.

Carvoeiro now has a Black Stove bar for you to enjoy a good Irish pint n’ craic! Visit us to see why people always come back!

Carvoeiro is a bustling town with some hidden treasures for you to explore – take a walk at the back of The Black Stove to see some sights you won’t forget – beautiful Sandstone cliffs reminiscent of the canyons in Arizona – the Wild West on the shores of the Atlantic.

We have a selection of self catering accommodation throughout the Algarve. Just visit our website

The Black Anchor Bar Taviro

I have purposely moved to Eastern Algarve and the charming town of Tavira this scenic town is located on the banks of the river Gilao and is very popular with visitors from England and Ireland looking for a relaxing holiday in self catering accommodation.

The Irish bar in Tavira is known as the Black Anchor. Its located in a authentic old building with any outside area that leads onto the Gilao river. This scenic setting is time to savour and relax with a nice pint of Guinness maybe or a glass of local wine.

The bar is open every day and has a full bar food menu. All your favorite drinks are here, which you can enjoy while watching the latest sport, or catching up online – there’s free wi-fi here.

There is live music every weekend and a great atmosphere every day at The Black Anchor

The Marina Bar Lagos

The establishment has or doesn’t market itself as an Irish Bar. But Derry the owner is a (stubborn ) Kerryman so we has listed it under the Irish Bar Banner. Its nestled in at the road bridge end of the Marina in a very sunny location. Some fabulous yachts practically berth at its front door.

Not especially famous as a music venue but its food offering is second to none. Its night specials are great value. Its full Irish or English breakfast will set you up for the day. I am a good judge of a “full breakfast” and this one passes the sausage test. The difference between a good English or Irish breakfast is a decent sausage. The guys in Marina have certainly passed the test. The Marina Bar is also an ideal location to watch your favored sports. Large TVs are located throughout the bar. Well worth a visit, the Marina self catering apartment are also nearby.

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