Holiday Rentals Lagos Guide – Everything about Lagos

Holiday Rentals Lagos Guide : It contains everything about Lagos and helpful info required for travelers who prefers to rent Self Catering Holiday Rentals in Lagos.




  • Lagos Introduction
  • Background
    • Architecture
    • Culture
    • History
    • Neighborhoods
    • Tourist Board Info
    • Weather & When to Visit
  • Transportation
    • Arriving & Departing
    • Getting Around
    • Taxis & Rental Cars
  • For Foreign Visitors
    • Banks & Money
    • Emergencies

Lagos in Algarve is one of the busiest and popular destination in the southwestern most region of Portugal. It is on the of the most favorite holiday destination of Europeans. Guests who are seeking the abundant sun, sand and want to surf – Lagos is the best destination for them. You’ll find there Sandy beaches with clear waters covered with steep cliffs making the views impressive and making one’s sight to keep looking at it forever and beyond. One of the best places to enjoy nature, night life and daylight trips.




Eastern and Western cultures both are evident in Lagos. The area around Lagos was dominated by Moors following their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the 9th and 10th centuries and  then its reconquered by Portugal in 13th Century. Lagos is on the far western edge of the Europe. You can still find the traces of earlier era of Roman architectures even from the 5th century. However, after the reconquest Lagos had seen a growth of new architectural structures using the Gothic and later Romanesque styles. Dom Sebastião statue and several other famous figure statues built through out the Lagos city and in 1570 it was declared as the capital of the kingdom Algarve. Many Christian churches are there in the city of Lagos mainly the Church of St. Anthony which was reconstructed after being destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. It still has the touch of pre-earthquake Medieval architecture just as the original building. The church of Santa Maria also worth visiting as it narrates the scary past of 15th century and is popular for is symmetrical facade and Doric columns.


Lagos has a rich history of more than 2000 years.  Henry the Navigator – an explorer, Lagos is known to be his home and later in the middle ages the site of several naval raids. Lagos was firstly occupied by the Romans and built an early settlement at Bensafirm River. You can still explore is findings around the bridge over Meia Praia. After Romans, Moors who dominated the the city during their conquest of Spain in 10th Century. In the Iberian Peninsula – the city was still a center of Christian faith. In 1174 AD the church of St. John the Baptist was built. In 13th century, the Christian knights re-conquered the Lagos City and Bay of Lagos became a staging point for the fleets that sailed to flights the moors at Cueta in North Africa. Land Grants in Lagos then given to Prince Henry the Navigator. You will find a city named Lagos in Nigeria as well which was named after Henry’s Portuguese Home.


You’ll explore the touch of Moorish occupation through out Portugal. Visit through any of the cities or towns , dinning at traditional restaurants or explore any of the tourist attractions in  Portugal you’ll considerably experience Moorish legacy and cannot help but marvel at it. You’ll wind the Moorish touch not only in physical monuments but in language and music as well. Moorish left their legacy which can be easily seen while you are eating Moorish inspired  covert or listening to melancholic sounds of Faso music. The Past of Moorish legacy is ever present in Portugal.


To reach Lagos from Faro Airport its around a less than hour travel in a taxi and about 90km distance. Multiple ways to reach out to Lagos from Faro airport:

  • Travel by regional Train from Faro to Lagos may costs you around 7,30€
  • Travel by Bus from Faro to Lagos may costs you around 5,90€
  • Travel by Taxi from Faro to Lagos may costs you around 87€ for a 4 seater Mon-Fri 6:00 a.m-9:00 p.m and over the weekends or holidays it may costs a bit more around 104€. Taxis may charge an extra 11.40€ for motorway tolls. So plan well on your budget.

Lagos Super Markets 

  • Pingo Doce : This market is on the other side of marina and in beginning of the Lagos right at the entrance.

    Opening hours
    winter: 8.30-20.30h
    Summer: 8.00 -21.00h

  • Pingo Doce (formerly Plus): This is above the bridge from the main Pingo Doce & straight across the roundabout through the traffic lights and comeback as you cant turn and it is on the left,but you’ll need to go to the next roundabout and come back as you cannot turn across the road.

    Opening hours
     8.30h to 20.30h
    Summer: 8.00h to 21.00h.
    Sundays and holiday: 8.30 to 21.00

  • Lidl: Carry on from Pingo Doce (formerly Plus) to the next roundabout and it is on the right. Open every day  to 9pm including Sundays. Intermarché – up the hill from Lidl, straight across ‘The Chairs’ roundabout to the next roundabout, turn left and a short distance along turn right at the traffic lights and it is on your right.

    Open daily until 9pm.

  • Continente: from the Lidl go up to the ‘Chairs’ roundabout and turn right, follow the road and it is on the right. The store also includes Worten (white goods & electrical), Sportszone, a para farmacia and Mo clothing.

    Opening hours:  9.00h to 22.00h.
  • Aldi – is just before Modelo (right at the Chairs).

    Open daily until 21.00

  • SPAR – Rua Ponta da Trindade just before the campsite.

Tourist Board Info

Posto de Turismo de Lagos

Praça Gil Eanes

Tel. 351 282 763 031


This is in the central square in Lagos and open from 09.30 to 18.00 daily but closed for lunch between 13.00 and 14.30

Weather & When to visit

The peak season for guests is from June until September. However, the Algarve is adored with a beautiful climate. It has hot summers and pleasant spring and autumns. Southern Portugal in the months of summer are defined by their hot dry weather having a temperature reach of 35C. If you are looking to book your holiday rentals in lagos during peak season. It is advisable to book your holiday rentals in advance, atleast 6 months ahead. Book your perfect Holiday Rentals in Lagos with Goholidaylets.

May to October, Lagos’s temperature is suitable to spend time on the beach. The Spring & Autumn are bright and sunnny, and the Algarve boasts over 3k hours of sun a year (compared to 1.4k hours for London, 1.8k for Paris or 2.15k hours for New York).

The weather can be unpredictable and play hide and seek with an equal number of good and bad weather days however winters are mild. During the winter season most of the restaurants & cafes will remain open during the winter season but the majority of tourists facilities close at the end of october and re-open for Easter.


Arriving & Departing : The closest arrival point to the city of  Lagos by air is the Faro airport. It has many regularly scheduled direct flights from many major destinations of  Europe. By Car- its around 1 hours run and a bit more than that if you go via bus.

Outside the terminal building taxis arrival nearby the arrivals concourse. Better to check for the official cabs as there are many unofficial cars that will offer you a ride as well but may be at higher costs. As the prices varies from cab to cab it better to confirm the the price before hand before you go for a ride.

A pre-booked van transfer option is also there which  would be considerably less expensive as compared to a taxi. Its about 6 miles run from the Faro airport to the city. If you are independent traveler heading for Lagos via bus or train must first get from airport into the city.

Buses Faro to Lagos

To reach out to Lagos, you need to pick the bus from Faro’s city center bus terminal. Normally on weekdays, buses go seven times a day but twice only on holidays and Sundays. Its around 2hr and 20 min and in terms of distance its around 90km. This journey may costs you around 5.90 Euros if your preference is bus.

Travelers & guests do prefer taxi as well from the airport into the city. It will take around 10 minutes and costs about €10. If you prefer to go by Bus from the airport into the city that will cost 1.95€.

Trains Faro to Lagos
To reach Faro train station from Faro Airport you can get bus from the Faro airport and will cost you around 1.95€ or take a taxi for around 10€ .Journey via train will take around 1hr and 40 minutes. Trains run through out the day from Faro to Lagos at certain intervals. The train station in Lagos is just in the back of the marina and a short walk across the marina bridge to the Avenida dos Descobrimentos.

Rental Cars from Faro to Lagos

You can also hire or rent a car from the airport itself , that would be easy and quick too to save some time but it may a costs you like to travel from Faro to Lagos by Taxi: 87€ for a 4 seater Mon-Fri 6am-9pm (104€ outside this time and bank holidays); 112€ or 134€ for a 6 seater depending on time(*taxis may charge an extra 11.40€ for motorway tolls). Taxis include Auto Jardim, Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, National, Rentauto and Sixt. Service counters located in the arrivals area.

Getting Around

Its easy to drive in portugal and the scenic view pictured by towering cliffs of Algarve coastline gives a refreshing feel. However, if you are use to or not like winding roads you may find it a bit hair-raising.the locals tend to drive fast and taking in the sights while keeping an eye on the road be abit much at time. However, exporing the Algarve by car can be quite rewarding.
Its a two hour drive to the lisbon in the north. Reaching out to lisbon offers you histoic sights and views and take you through a ride of ancient rural villages. Its easy to to explore portugal by car with an exception of toll roads one needs to keep that in mind. The do take and accept credit cards adn cash payments as well. You’ll easily fuel up the car as you’ll find serveral area there and also able to fill up your stomach during the ride around the countryside.
In order to rent a car one must need to be atleast 21 years old and drivers under 25 might incur an additional driver surcharge. You need to have your driving license with you – it needs not to be international one but a valid one for atleast one year.
You can get a taxi arranged as well as its easily available there for most of the destinations. Hiring a taxi will make things much easier for you in reaching out the destinations on time rather than looking for roads. However make sure the prices with Taxi driver prior to starting your trip.
To know more about buses and trains schedules – check out this blog

For Foreign Visitors
Money Exchange: Euro is the currency of portugal. Easily you can buy or exchange currency at Cambios (Bureaux de Change or Change Shops) and even shops in the ALGARVE region. However, banks there no longer offer foreign exchange. In Larger towns of Algarve, At bureaux you will find the best rates and commissions normally. You may find worst exchange rates at airports and hotesl , so no recommended there until you have a must situation to exchange money.Its good to keep an eye out while doing the shopping and check for commission rates. At the change shops even you’ll not  find much variation as they are owned be the same company. The Cambios (Bureaux de Change or Change Shops) are open daily in the main tourism spots.
You may require your passport to exachange cash but you’ll require it for travellers cheques.Virtually it is now impossible to find anywhere that will change travellers cheques. Shops will not deal with them. Exchages rates obtained by exchanging currency are not good – be aware of it. There is always a fee associated with it and Cambios do not exchang emoney at the favorable commercial bank rates. Its recommended to use ATM/Cashpoint to obtain Euros from your local home bank accounts
Emergency No.’s
Dial 112 for Police, Ambulance and Fire from any phone (free)
GNR (Police): Tel. 282 762 809
PSP (Police): Tel. 282 762 930
Bombeiros (Firefighters): Tel. 282 770 790
Lagos District Hospital: Tel. 282 770 100
Private Hospital São Gonçalo de Lagos: Tel. 282 760 181
Health Centre: Tel. 282 780 000
Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa (Red Cross): Tel 282 760 611
Taxis – Cooperativa Lagos: Tel. 282 763 587
Tourist support services: Tel. 808 781 212
Note: Just remember, if you are calling from a foreign mobile phone in the Algarve, Portugal, you will need to dial 00351 as a local extension to numbers there.

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Ancient city of Porto home of the legendary Harry Porter

Ancient city of Porto home of the legendary  Harry Porter

Porto is an ancient coastal city sitting majestically at the mouth of the meandering Douro river, located in northwest Portugal. The Douro river valley with its rich fertile vine growing terraces, makes Porto world famous for it wine and port production. Porto is also popular for it’s splendid bridges traversing  the Douro river. The character of this great city resulted in it being chosen by author J K Rowling as home of the legendary Harry Porter.

Wonderful night view over the ancient city of Porto
Wonderful night view over the ancient city of Porto

Where to stay in Porto
Self-catering holiday apartments in Porto are easy to find and book using online travel agent like In just a few clicks, you’ll have a comfortable home away from home. The holiday apartments in the area range from spectacularly refurbished properties to townhouses and studios in the areas suburbs. No matter what kind of holiday apartments you choose regardless of the amount you will find accommodation that best suits and your budget. If you book early you can get a discounted price other than booking when your travel dates are nearing.

When to visit
The best time to book a holiday to Porto is during the months of April to September when the sun is shinning and the temperatures are favourable. The off peak seasons months too are a great time to book holiday apartments in Porto since the temperatures are still favorable and there are deals on holiday apartments. No matter what time of the year you book your holiday apartment in Porto, your holiday home will be your home base during an unforgettable holiday in this vivacious Portuguese city.
Here are some of the things as a traveller you can visit while at your stay there.
Having a cup of coffee at the Majestic cafe. This café was founded several years ago and its situated in the heart of downtown Porto, this is a must on the list of things to do for all visitors. The café is a symbol of the city and you can pop in for morning pastries, lunches and dinners.

The Port Wine Lodge
The Port Wine Lodges or Cellars is situated in Vila Nova de Gaia, the place continues to be an important center for visitors because of the wine tastings and there are guided tours with multi lingual. Some of the wine tastings are free while others will charge a small entrance fee.

Porto s architectural heritage can be seen in it magnificent buildings
  Porto s architectural heritage can be seen in it magnificent buildings

Cruise tours
If you would like to have a spectacular view of the area is by taking a cruise sailing by the river, there are a number of cruises that are available from the bridges in Vila Nova de Gaia and eastwards of the port wine vineyards.
Enjoying the sunset from the beach

Porto has a good climate and is conducive for sunbathing, beach walks along the beautiful beaches. The beaches are perfect for enjoying the sunset and admiring the Atlantic Ocean while sipping a drink during the afternoons.
Enjoy a late night drink
The Galerias (as it commonly known) is situated in the centre of downtown Porto where there you can find load of open air bars, the area is the centre of night life in the city with different activities going on in the bars since most of them are open air. Most of our self-catering accommodation is located centrally.

Grapes from the Douro Valley play huge part in Porto commercial life.
     Grapes from the Douro Valley play huge part in Porto commercial life.

The Lello Bookshop
If you are a book lover, The Lello Bookshop is one of the most beautiful book shops in the world and makes another must see in Porto. The Bookshop was opened in the 1900’s and it has maintained it original carved ceiling, stained glass window and painted curved central staircase. In their you can find different genres of books and travel guides for those who want to learn more about the area, and while doing your book tour there is a coffee bar on the 1st floor. Feel free to list your holiday rental property with us for free.

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Eating by Michelin Guide in Lagos

In order to provide you with the accurate information.  We become virtual tourists from time to time on your behalf. Some of the information we can be verified first hand by eating in that restaurant (if its pricey just check menu) or driving, walking or visiting that location.
But more often than not its virtual information we have compiled for your information. This means we check it out as much as possible. In relation to weather or transport times we will list where we have found the information.

As sources we use various websites to glean information. Most of these sites like ourselves have a commercial agenda. We at and we promote self-catering holiday accommodation. Tripadvisor are in the same business so they will get that message out there as well.
That’s not to say both our content and verifications is not accurate and useful.

Dom Sebastiao Lagos
Dom Sebastiao Lagos   Portugal

Today we have to take a look at restaurants in Lagos in Portugal’s Western Algarve.
A quick look at the prestigious Michelin Star Guide shows up one or two treats in the centre of Lagos. Being in the Michelin Star Guide you expect them to be in a certain price range.
In Lagos where restaurants most restaurants anyways are relative cheap those appearing in the guide might feel a little expensive. But to be fair the ones listed are good maybe a little over rated Sorry MICHELIN. You should update your statnav there are a few excellent restaurants you didn’t include.
Most holiday visitors that come here to self-catering accommodation eat out every night or at least most nights. That’s the benefit of going self-catering.
MICHELIN Guide restaurants are not for eating in every night. We would keep for that special occasion

Dom Sebastião
Rua 25 de Abril 20, 8600-763 Lagos
Cuisine Traditional
From 20 EUR to 39 EUR
We would agree an excellent restaurant, but a little over rated, have personally experience of same.
MICHELIN Guide says:
“Highlights include the rustic style décor and two dining areas, one outside and one in the courtyard. Traditional Portuguese menu and an open wine cellar with a good selection of port. “
We didn’t visit the wine cellar but we agree the décor is rustic Portuguese splendidly done. It is very similar to a lot of Portuguese restaurants.
MICHELIN guide has included and additional information points. We have put our comments in brackets.
• A particularly interesting wine list.
• Meals outside
• Air conditioning
( Point 1 to 3 are the norm for this level of restaurant)
No dogs allowed (surprised at this comment, hardly includes guide dogs)
• Private dining rooms ( Nice feature)
• Address Rua 25 de Abril 20, 8600-763 Lagos
• Phone +351282780480

Well known Obrigado building Lagos landmark
Well known Obrigado building Lagos landmark

Cantinho Algarvio
Rua Afonso de Almeida 17-21, 8600-674 Lagos
Cuisine Portuguese
From 14 EUR to 33 EUR
Another excellent restaurant very near the Dom Sebastião
Has described it in the following terms “simple yet authentic”, the Cantinho Algarvio is located in one of the most popular tourist streets in Lagos. It offers a traditional menu with daily suggestions, including grilled fish and savoury rice dishes. We agree its in an excellent location
The guide inspectors has stated the following:
Simple standard.
Far be it from us to this agree with Michelin but its our blog so we can. But think you might be accused of lacking a little bit of flare in your reviews.
If you come from Northern Europe and you can sit out on the side of the street in Lagos and eat fresh fish on a November evening I don’t think there is anything simple about the occasion.
But I respect the fact Michelin has to stick to a ridge criteria.
Meal prices
• Menu 14/19 € – Carte 22/33 €
Additional information
• Meals outside
• AC
• No pets allowed
The above points are normal
Useful information
• Address Rua Afonso de Almeida 17-21, 8600-674 Lagos
• Phone +351282761289

Dos Artistas Restaurant Lagos, Portugal
Dos Artistas Restaurant Lagos, Portugal

The second last listing in the Guide is the Dos Artisas Has to be said as restaurants go Dos Artisas is the Crème de la Crème of Restaurants in Lagos. But time is everything and they have a few contenders following close behind.
• Here is what the MICHELIN Guide restaurant had to say:

• Dos Artistas
• Rua Cândido dos Reis 68, (in the centre of Lagos) 8600-567 Lagos
• Cuisine international
• From 27 EUR to 70 EUR
• The Dos Artistas boasts a pleasant terrace and a well-appointed dining room in a classic-colonial style. There is an international-style menu including imaginative dishes, myriad combinations, and several set menus.
Their Guide Inspectors listed it as Good Standard Which coming from them I am guessing means excellent. Or worth a try.
Sense which is in Rua do Canavial, 8600-282 Lagos
Straight away it has to be declared Senses is located in Cascade 5 Star Resort. Its location over looking Ponta da Piedade to be fair is a place you can see in a dream. Not over priced it has to be said. You can also experience Afternoon Tea.

From 25 EUR to 66 EUR
Meal prices
• Menu 53 € – Carte 25/66 €
Good to know
• dinner only
Additional information
• Interesting or extensive view
• Park or Garden
• Meals outside
• Tennis
• Wheelchair accessible
• Air conditioning
• No dogs allowed
• Parking
Useful information
• Address Rua do Canavial, 8600-282 Lagos Address Rua Do Canavial
• Phone +351282771500

Artista Lagos Portugal
Artista Lagos Portugal

• We at Goholidaylets have some splendid self-catering holiday villas in this location and nearby Praia da Luz.
As always feel free to contact us about any aspect of your future holiday.
We are also about to initiate our new voucher scheme.

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The Douro Valley is located in an area of Northern Portugal. At its centre the Douro river and the Valley consists of rich arable fertile wine growing land on its left and right river banks. We highly recommend you visit the area.The Douro river flows into the sea at Porto and its source is deep within Spain. Port wine production activities and the unique scenery sculpted by the Douro river and its tributaries are highlights not to be missed.

Douro Valley
 Douro Valley

As you follow the Douro upriver the water becomes clearer and the air fresher. The hills that surround the river banks are hand sculpted with terraces lined with grapevines that produce the famous Port Wine and the other table wines of the region.

If your reading local literature or websites like they use very passionate poetic language is used to describe the locality. Phraseology such as “canvas that changes with the seasons”. If you research this beautiful area you will agree with most of the flowery sentiment written by locals. This is a particularly beautiful part of the world. With the amount of lush vegetation season changes will give huge variety to the landscape.

Particular comment is made of the almond trees in blossom, white and violet blend with the green of the trees. In the autumn, the hills and valleys are covered in a carpet of copper and browns.

Douro Valley Train
    Douro Valley Train

The Douro has a number of tributaries that snake through this vast region. The river Sabor hurries through wild lands untouched by Human hands, the river Côa holds ancient treasures and the rivers Corgo Tua, Távora and Varosa encircle the heart of the wine-producing region. These are just a few examples of the Douro’s many tributaries that flow in harmony together.

The region is most famous for its wine growing and the side of the valley have been terraced to accommodate the cultivation of vines.

Douro is an internationally recognised wine-producing region. On a visit to the Portuguese Algarve on a self-catering holiday some years ago we were first introduced to Douro wine. A lady in a supermarket wine department recommended we try it and we had no regrets. In case some Algarvians are reading this article we have to say most Portuguese wine is worth a try. But Douro wine has unique characteristics and its colour, flavour and taste is excellent. The locals are clever, you can take part in the wine production process and participate in the grape harvest, which seems more like a celebration than work. This is definitely worth ago.

We will write a little about Porto maybe in a separate article but to explore the Douro you have to leave from the ancient city of Porto, where the river flows into the sea and where the Douro wines are produced on its hillside terraces, there are various ways to get to know this extraordinary landscape, listed as a World Heritage Site by road, by train, on a cruise boat and even from the sky. All will leave you breathless with the magnificent beauty of your surroundings. There various types of accommodation in Portugal, 5 star hotels, hostels and of course our preferred choice of self-catering accommodation. Both Porto and Lisbon has an array of self-catering holiday apartments within the area of both cities most will accommodate short stay.
Following a route between the viewpoints that offer the best vistas, you need to cross the river from north to south and back again. But along the way you can admire breathtaking landscapes over the river and visit vineyards, towns and villages until you reach Miranda do Douro, the point at which the river enters Portugal.

Start at Vila Nova de Gaia with a visit to the lodges where Port wine is aged. Take the opportunity to see the old rabelo boats on the river, the vessels that carried the wine from the quintas (which is a Portuguese farm) where it is produced to the mouth of river, before the various dams that made the river unnavigable were built. Before we go any further you might be interested in know a little more about the Rabelo boat is a traditional Portuguese cargo boat that for centuries was used to transport people and goods along the Douro River.

Native from the Douro region, it does not exist in any other place of the world. Its history is closely linked to the production and trade of port wine. Before the arrival of the railway, the rabelo was the fastest and the most efficient means of transport between the Douro Valley, where port wine is produced, and the city of Porto, where it was traded and exported world wide.

Porto Bridge
Porto Bridge

Although not in use anymore, still today the Douro River holds these vessels, belonging to port wine companies, in the cities of Porto and Gaia.
On the 24th of June each year, St. John’s Day, a race is held of Rabelo boats, an important and popular event of the festivities of Porto.

If you’re a fan of train travel, going alongside the Douro like in the early 20th century is an unmissable experience.

In this reencounter with the past, the stars are the steam and diesel carriages and engines which, travelling at 30 km/h, preserve the memory of a time when they provided the connection between towns and helped deliver the famous Port Wine.
You can follow the river on the Douro Line, between Régua and Tua. The Régua station was the most important in the region, and the Pinhão station is one of the most attractive in the country, with its tiled façades.


But you can also follow the Douro Line by regular train from Porto or combine a train and boat programme. You certainly have a number of options when deciding on away to explore this area.
South of Porto you will come across Fatima which is a huge place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics. Further south you will arrive in Lisbon the spectacular capital of Portugal.
On you can see our Lisbon Collection.   We have a wide range of self-catering propertiesluxury rental villas  and serviced apartments in large town and cities.  Click on Advertise Here to list with us for FREE.

Events and exhibitions in self catering Lagos and Alvor

Events and exhibitions in self catering Lagos and Alvor

Take an opportunity to sample Portuguese art and culture

Exhibition and Event Alvor

Nig Ericson – keyboard and vocal entertainer Every Thu

Live music every Thursday with Nig Ericson playing a variety of music through the decades. At Pestana Alvor Praia Hotel from 20:30-23:30.

This can be enjoyed on a self catering holiday

Live Music

Every Thursday

With Mediterranean cuisine. Buzio Restaurant, Prainha, Apt 25. 18:00. Tel: 282 458 772.

Exhibition and Events Lagos

Paintings of Cliff Martin Tuson

Every Day: An exhibition showcasing the work of the Lagos artist. Galeria Lynne Tuson, Estrada para a Barragem da Bravura, Exhibition of Miniature Cars and Boats

Exhibition of Miniature Cars and Boats

Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

An exhibition of miniature works of art. Salaõ das Colecções Búzio, Praia da Luz, Lagos. 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:00. Tel: 963 427 599.Bensafrim, Lagos. 10:00 to 22:00.

Exhibition -” Measuring Time, Measuring the World, Measuring the Sea”

Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat From: Tuesday 3 February To: Sunday 22 February

From: 10:00 To: 18:00

This can be enjoyed on a self catering holiday

The exhibition “Measuring Time, Measuring the World, Measuring the Sea” shows how the combination of astronomical observations with elementary notions of geometry allowed to address these issues.

Event Location: Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos, Rua Dr. Faria e Silva 34, Lagos, 8600-734

Painting Exhibition – Antero Anastasius

Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri From: Thursday 5 February To: Friday 6 March From: 09:00 To: 17:00

Antero Anastasius presents a painting exhibition showing style, surrealist influences and brightness. This can be enjoyed on a self catering holiday.

Event Location: Old City Hall, Square Gil Eanes, Lagos, 8600

Walks & Visits

Every Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

See how the caravels were built and what was eaten on board. Access to Casa Fogaça is through the Municipal Market on Avenida and from Rua Dr. Faria e Silva. 10:00-18:00. Tel: 282 780 060.

This can be enjoyed on a self catering holiday.

On a Self-catering holiday visit the Saturday Farmers Market in Lagos

On a Self-catering holiday visit the Saturday Farmers Market in Lagos

Well worth a visit if stay in Lagos, on Western Algarve.

The fruit and vegetable market in Lagos Portugal is well worth a visit. It is located across from the EVA Bus Station on the Avendia Dos Descobrimentos.

If you have wisely chosen Lagos as a self catering base the local Saturday market is a must visit place. It has old world charm, coupled with fresh veg and fruit grown by healthy looking farmers. Note the tanned weather beaten faces and huge hands a product of toiling and tilling the earth in a strong sun for decades.. The men with the check shirt denim trousers and flat cap the women with aprons in place over their dresses. Preservatives and prickles bottled and presented on stalls for sale by bohemian Europeans that have discovered the charm of the Algarve country life.

If you’re staying in Patio Do Convento which is self- catering holiday apartments advertised on it is only ten minutes’ walk away.

Farmers Markets have become very popular in England and Ireland in the last 10 years. Unfortunately at these markets nowadays you would have to search to find an actual fruit of vegetable grower displaying their own produce. They instead have become more a food market than their Portuguese counter parts

The Farmers Market in Lagos though less sophisticated was created out of high ideals that were similar I have no doubt to the ideals that created the original Farmers Markets in England and Ireland many years ago.

After the revolution (as they say) in 1974 the Portuguese authorities created farmer markets concept to enable the smaller market gardeners and farmers trade their produce direct with the public.

The Lagos Farmers Market is an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience. Every Saturday the local Farmers come out early and set up their stalls which fill the area with their fabulous goods and produce and a fresh aroma. You can get anything and everything here from live chickens, to olives, to fruits, to hot chilli chains, to eggs, to homemade sweets, to flowers freshly picked by old women in the fields that morning.

Local organisations and clubs also use it as a means of collecting funds. You’ll find young girls and boys that have set up cake or craft stalls where they offer you some small item in return for a donation. They are all worthwhile causes which support the local communities.

If your staying in a local hotel or hostel or one of nearby self-catering apartment you should visit this market. When you visit this market take a while to get the sense of the whole place.

Nowadays they are doing fine they’ll charge you the same as local supermarket. At least the head of lettuce your handed was probably grown by that person or their family or neighbour. In the case of the supermarket lettuce it could have travelled from Northern Spain in a plastic bag hundreds of miles with thousands of others.

It all smacks of times nearly forgotten all over Europe when times were less hectic and less complicated.

The IRISH PUB Experience in self catering Algarve

The IRISH PUB Experience in self catering Algarve

Experience some great Irish Pubs in the Algarve and enjoy the craic.

The Irish Theme has become a common sight throughout the world and the towns and resorts in Portugal’s Algarve is no exception to this trend. A bit like the various English theme pub or bars not necessarily owned or managed or frequented by English or Irish people. But none the less they retain the same atmosphere and experience.

Fundamentally an Irish bar is a place to meet, relax and maybe savior a taste of Irish Bar cultural which is unique in itself. Not that Irish Pubs are frequented totally by Irish people like myself some of us when abroad wish to experience the cultural of the host country. But the pack or tribal instinct always appears on sporting occasions. They have a tendency to seek out the nearest Irish pub or bar if Munster, Leinster or Ireland are playing rugby or there is a big GAA game on the TV.

So lets take a closer look at the various and different Irish Bars in the Algarve. In no particular order I have started in Praia da Rocha. The writer hasn’t visited all these pubs some comments are got from their post and advertisements. It is an area well known for is excellent hotels and holiday home rentals. We have a selection of self catering accommodation throughout the Algarve. Just visit our website

Daly’s Irish Bar in Praia da Rocha advertise themselves as 100% Irish owned and run. From the full Irish in the morning to great craic at night. Its open all day long serving meals and snacks, which include sandwiches, pies and chicken and the customer Irish Stew. Sounds like a great place to enjoy a drink or snack in. All the normal sporting TV channels are advertise so it might be a great place is visit if your on a self catering holiday in Praia da Rocha.

The Black Stove Alvor

Or should I say the Black Stove Bars as now there is one in Alvor and Carvoeiro. The new premises in Carvoeiro has a lot to live up to as the The Black Stove in Alvor is an excellent pub. From its location to its bar staff it’s the complete package well worth a visit. It was designed and built in 2004 to a high standard. It has become a very popular venue with live music, good food, live sports and a good pint! If you want a good time in the Algarve then you have come to the right place.

Self catering accommodation is in striking distance of all of that the Algarve has to offer in terms of beautiful, challenging golf courses, superb scenery in the nearby mountains and of course the sandy white beaches on the shores of the Atlantic.

Carvoeiro now has a Black Stove it’s the complete deal and a great venue for you to enjoy a bit of craic and a pint.

Carvoeiro is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in quite a compact area around the town centre. A lot of the accommodation is in new residential areas on the outskirts as the developments have spread, but it is all in keeping – this isn’t an area of high rise hotels and apartment blocks.

Carvoeiro now has a Black Stove bar for you to enjoy a good Irish pint n’ craic! Visit us to see why people always come back!

Carvoeiro is a bustling town with some hidden treasures for you to explore – take a walk at the back of The Black Stove to see some sights you won’t forget – beautiful Sandstone cliffs reminiscent of the canyons in Arizona – the Wild West on the shores of the Atlantic.

We have a selection of self catering accommodation throughout the Algarve. Just visit our website

The Black Anchor Bar Taviro

I have purposely moved to Eastern Algarve and the charming town of Tavira this scenic town is located on the banks of the river Gilao and is very popular with visitors from England and Ireland looking for a relaxing holiday in self catering accommodation.

The Irish bar in Tavira is known as the Black Anchor. Its located in a authentic old building with any outside area that leads onto the Gilao river. This scenic setting is time to savour and relax with a nice pint of Guinness maybe or a glass of local wine.

The bar is open every day and has a full bar food menu. All your favorite drinks are here, which you can enjoy while watching the latest sport, or catching up online – there’s free wi-fi here.

There is live music every weekend and a great atmosphere every day at The Black Anchor

The Marina Bar Lagos

The establishment has or doesn’t market itself as an Irish Bar. But Derry the owner is a (stubborn ) Kerryman so we has listed it under the Irish Bar Banner. Its nestled in at the road bridge end of the Marina in a very sunny location. Some fabulous yachts practically berth at its front door.

Not especially famous as a music venue but its food offering is second to none. Its night specials are great value. Its full Irish or English breakfast will set you up for the day. I am a good judge of a “full breakfast” and this one passes the sausage test. The difference between a good English or Irish breakfast is a decent sausage. The guys in Marina have certainly passed the test. The Marina Bar is also an ideal location to watch your favored sports. Large TVs are located throughout the bar. Well worth a visit, the Marina self catering apartment are also nearby.

Stay self catering holiday rental Alvor Algarve Portugal

Stay self catering holiday rental Alvor Algarve Portugal

This is a place where memories are made and recalled.

This is a short description of two beaches in the lovely resort town of Alvor which is nestled in the sunny Algarve on the south coast of Portugal. Alvor itself is essentially an old fishing village which has transformed over the years into a lavish holiday destination. Like its neighbouring resorts of Lagos to the west and Praia Do Rocha to the east it has everything the discerning visitor would require for a wonderful holiday.

Of course it has great self catering apartments and holiday homes to suit all pockets. You can rent direct with another owner or agent via our website If your idea of a holiday in the sun is sun and sand coupled with a chunk of water sports Alvor could be the place for you.

Within easy reach of your self catering accommodation they are two excellent beaches.

1. Firstly on the western side of town there is Praia de Alvor which is a long sandy beach. It stops at the mouth of the Alvor river which separates it from Meia Praia which in turn leads to the town of Lagos. It is a long open sandy beach, with rolling sand dunes that back onto the lagoon formed by the Alvor river. There is plenty of space for hours of family fun be it an energetic game of football or just building sand castles with a plastic bucket and spade. Great place to take a stroll in the surf or just lie in the sun loads of choices. This is a place where memories are made and recalled. Great day out for all the family to enjoy. The advantage of self catering is you can prepare that packed lunch for all members of the family. But if you want to a nice meal there are two restaurants on Praia de Alvor, One of them is at the entrance and another further along the beach. Food and drinks are served each day your are always welcome to just sit and have a relaxing coffee. If you are driving to the beach you will be pleased to know that there is plenty of shaded car parking directly behind the beach; which offers excellent disabled access because the car park and beach are at the same level so there are no steps to navigate. Access into the first restaurant is also easy, because it is right next to the entrance. If you are not going by car, it is just as easy to get a bus, because buses run regularly from Portimão and Lagos to Alvor. You find that the beach is supervised during the holiday season. Keep an eye out the red and yellow flags and the area the life guards patrol.

2. The other beach adjacent to Alvor is Praia dos Três Irmãos (named “Three Brothers’ Beach” because of the rock formations) it is the eastern end of the town. There is a restaurant at the start of the beach that signifies the ‘divide’ between Praia dos Três Irmãos and Praia de Alvor (although it hardly matters when you are faced with a gorgeous stretch of golden sand!). Praia dos Três Irmãos is a lot more sheltered than Praia de Alvor because of the cliffs and rocks that embrace the beach. As well as offering shelter on a blowy day, they provide a truly picturesque setting in which to relax. This is another great location as well as it is within easy reach of your self catering holiday rental accommodation. Similarly to Praia de Alvor, there is plenty of parking behind Praia dos Três Irmãos and again disabled access is easy because the beach and car park are at the same level.

Holiday Rental Accommodation Lagos

Holiday Rental Accommodation Lagos

Ok you have decided to go use booking one of holiday homes in Lagos in Portugal’s western Algarve.

Lets start with Lagos and see what we got.

Patio do Convento

Situated in the centre of ancient city of Lagos Patio Do Convento is the perfect location for a relaxing holiday. There is a mixture penthouses, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The complex as a whole is built in the last few years to high specification and standards in a secure and quiet location. It is five minutes from centre of town and ten minutes from nearest beach. The complex has a shared pool and safe children’s play area all of which is accessible with security code or fob.

You can get there by car train or bus. Most visitor book by the internet and the Green bus more often or not is the shuttle service from Faro airport. They are also private transfer companies. If you decide to go by car Marina car hire Lagos give excellent value. Like many areas in Portugal give you a wide selection of self catering apartments from which you can base yourselves for a great holiday.

Near by:





Water sport………………yes



Mini Market……………..yes

Super market……………yes

Quinta das Palmeiras

Our next holiday complex is Quinta das Palmeiras also situated in the centre of Lagos and very near Patio do Convento.

It is also an ideal location for a relaxing self catering holiday. The complex is 2 minutes walk from the bus station and five minutes walk from Marina do Lagos. At the Marina you will find many bars and restaurants with a mixture of cuisine on off to suit most palates. Quinta das Palmeiras has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool plus a gym and outdoor children’s play area. Like many areas in Portugal give you a wide selection of self catering apartments from which you can base yourselves for a great holiday.

Near by:





Water sport…………….yes



Marina Park

Marina Park is situated some 500 metres on the other side of Lagos Marina. It’s a complete self contained holiday complex.

An ideal holiday home to rent.

All apartment are fully equipped with air conditioning and fully fitted out kitchens. Everything you would need for a self catering holiday. As an addition most apartments are fitted with Wi Fi.

A supermarket is located just a few minutes away from the complex. Meia Praia Beach, Lagos Marina and Lagos town centre are only 5 minutes away, and for golfers Palmares and Boa Vista golf clubs is only 5-10 minutes drive away.

It is a wonderful environment for your family, the complex has 90 hectares of landscaped gardens, complete with waterfall.

The Amenities include large communal pool, baby pool, kid’s playground and two tennis courts.

Poolside services include sunbeds, umbrellas, and a restaurant/snack bar that serves a range of meals & refreshments.

For your convenience, there is an on-site reception office for assistance, free parking, mini-market and 24 hour security.

Near by:




Water sport…………….yes


Mini Market……………yes

Super market………….yes

Like many areas in Portugal give you a wide selection of self catering apartments from which you can base yourselves for a great holiday.


Lagos Marina

This gated complex is situated on the popular Lagos Marina. It is right on the edge of the Marina with a stones throw from bars and restaurants. If you want a nice meal head for The Quays or Portofino Restaurants or if you need to relax with a drink in the sunshine head for the Marina Bar or Lazy Jacks.

Like our other locations is a superb location to rent a holiday apartment. It has a large private pool for the use of the owners and residents with its located in a secure landscaped area and also includes a second pool for toddlers. Lagos town centre is only five minutes’ walk away.

There are a number of stunning beaches around Lagos. Places like Praia de Dona Ana which can be reached by a short road train ride from the Marina. Meia Praia whose sands stretch for 4 km East of Lagos is a ten minutes walk from the Marina. Along the beaches you will find a big choice of restaurants and bars where you can sit with a relaxing drink or have something to eat.

On Meia Praia there is also find a wind surf centre which is very reasonably priced.

Other beaches in the area include Porto de Mos, Camillo, Luz, Salema and Burgau all worth a visit. Heading west the Atlantic swell kicks in and in winter time surfers from all over the world decent here using Lagos as a base.

Near by:





Water sport…………..yes



Mini Market………….yes


Like many areas in Portugal give you a wide selection of self catering apartments from which you can base yourselves for a great holiday.