Eating by Michelin Guide in Lagos

In order to provide you with the accurate information.  We become virtual tourists from time to time on your behalf. Some of the information we can be verified first hand by eating in that restaurant (if its pricey just check menu) or driving, walking or visiting that location.
But more often than not its virtual information we have compiled for your information. This means we check it out as much as possible. In relation to weather or transport times we will list where we have found the information.

As sources we use various websites to glean information. Most of these sites like ourselves have a commercial agenda. We at and we promote self-catering holiday accommodation. Tripadvisor are in the same business so they will get that message out there as well.
That’s not to say both our content and verifications is not accurate and useful.

Dom Sebastiao Lagos
Dom Sebastiao Lagos   Portugal

Today we have to take a look at restaurants in Lagos in Portugal’s Western Algarve.
A quick look at the prestigious Michelin Star Guide shows up one or two treats in the centre of Lagos. Being in the Michelin Star Guide you expect them to be in a certain price range.
In Lagos where restaurants most restaurants anyways are relative cheap those appearing in the guide might feel a little expensive. But to be fair the ones listed are good maybe a little over rated Sorry MICHELIN. You should update your statnav there are a few excellent restaurants you didn’t include.
Most holiday visitors that come here to self-catering accommodation eat out every night or at least most nights. That’s the benefit of going self-catering.
MICHELIN Guide restaurants are not for eating in every night. We would keep for that special occasion

Dom Sebastião
Rua 25 de Abril 20, 8600-763 Lagos
Cuisine Traditional
From 20 EUR to 39 EUR
We would agree an excellent restaurant, but a little over rated, have personally experience of same.
MICHELIN Guide says:
“Highlights include the rustic style décor and two dining areas, one outside and one in the courtyard. Traditional Portuguese menu and an open wine cellar with a good selection of port. “
We didn’t visit the wine cellar but we agree the décor is rustic Portuguese splendidly done. It is very similar to a lot of Portuguese restaurants.
MICHELIN guide has included and additional information points. We have put our comments in brackets.
• A particularly interesting wine list.
• Meals outside
• Air conditioning
( Point 1 to 3 are the norm for this level of restaurant)
No dogs allowed (surprised at this comment, hardly includes guide dogs)
• Private dining rooms ( Nice feature)
• Address Rua 25 de Abril 20, 8600-763 Lagos
• Phone +351282780480

Well known Obrigado building Lagos landmark
Well known Obrigado building Lagos landmark

Cantinho Algarvio
Rua Afonso de Almeida 17-21, 8600-674 Lagos
Cuisine Portuguese
From 14 EUR to 33 EUR
Another excellent restaurant very near the Dom Sebastião
Has described it in the following terms “simple yet authentic”, the Cantinho Algarvio is located in one of the most popular tourist streets in Lagos. It offers a traditional menu with daily suggestions, including grilled fish and savoury rice dishes. We agree its in an excellent location
The guide inspectors has stated the following:
Simple standard.
Far be it from us to this agree with Michelin but its our blog so we can. But think you might be accused of lacking a little bit of flare in your reviews.
If you come from Northern Europe and you can sit out on the side of the street in Lagos and eat fresh fish on a November evening I don’t think there is anything simple about the occasion.
But I respect the fact Michelin has to stick to a ridge criteria.
Meal prices
• Menu 14/19 € – Carte 22/33 €
Additional information
• Meals outside
• AC
• No pets allowed
The above points are normal
Useful information
• Address Rua Afonso de Almeida 17-21, 8600-674 Lagos
• Phone +351282761289

Dos Artistas Restaurant Lagos, Portugal
Dos Artistas Restaurant Lagos, Portugal

The second last listing in the Guide is the Dos Artisas Has to be said as restaurants go Dos Artisas is the Crème de la Crème of Restaurants in Lagos. But time is everything and they have a few contenders following close behind.
• Here is what the MICHELIN Guide restaurant had to say:

• Dos Artistas
• Rua Cândido dos Reis 68, (in the centre of Lagos) 8600-567 Lagos
• Cuisine international
• From 27 EUR to 70 EUR
• The Dos Artistas boasts a pleasant terrace and a well-appointed dining room in a classic-colonial style. There is an international-style menu including imaginative dishes, myriad combinations, and several set menus.
Their Guide Inspectors listed it as Good Standard Which coming from them I am guessing means excellent. Or worth a try.
Sense which is in Rua do Canavial, 8600-282 Lagos
Straight away it has to be declared Senses is located in Cascade 5 Star Resort. Its location over looking Ponta da Piedade to be fair is a place you can see in a dream. Not over priced it has to be said. You can also experience Afternoon Tea.

From 25 EUR to 66 EUR
Meal prices
• Menu 53 € – Carte 25/66 €
Good to know
• dinner only
Additional information
• Interesting or extensive view
• Park or Garden
• Meals outside
• Tennis
• Wheelchair accessible
• Air conditioning
• No dogs allowed
• Parking
Useful information
• Address Rua do Canavial, 8600-282 Lagos Address Rua Do Canavial
• Phone +351282771500

Artista Lagos Portugal
Artista Lagos Portugal

• We at Goholidaylets have some splendid self-catering holiday villas in this location and nearby Praia da Luz.
As always feel free to contact us about any aspect of your future holiday.
We are also about to initiate our new voucher scheme.

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Be aware Praia da Luz is a great location for a self catering holiday

Be aware Praia da Luz is a great location for a self catering holiday

Booking early as it has a huge amount of returning visitors each year.

Praia da Luz is a beautiful Algarve seaside resort. In recent years the hard landscape was upgraded with a resulting modern road footpath paving. The whole area has been tastefully developed, there is no doubt it has to be included in the higher end of the holiday market as well as having an assortment of self catering and hotel accommodation Praia da Luz has a large ex pat community living there all year long. The main centre which was once a fishing village has retained its heart. Even though it has expanded in recent years with a large increase self catering and long term accommodation it has been done with discretion. Social, geographical and economic interests have been given equal weight when the planning of the town were granted. It makes Praia da Luz accommodation is easily accessible and within walking distance of the town and the beautiful beach, whose bay is sheltered by the ‘Black Rock’.

I particularly like the look and feel to the promenade which runs behind the beach. There are a lot of restaurants cafes and shops in which makes the promenade experience all the more enjoyable.

There are also all sorts of market stalls and artists displaying their work where you can browse if you want a break from the beach. Surprisingly, there are also some ruins of Roman baths from 3rd to 5th century A.D just behind the wall that runs along the promenade. There is a door in the wall which is open from 10am to 5pm every day and just up the steps are the remains of Roman baths. Luckily this last piece of history was saved from the developers and preserved and is now overlooked by modern villas.

Here are several mini-mercados (including a Spar) and a main supermarket (‘Baptista’) for your everyday needs and also a good shop selling natural products and all those alternative food products you thought you wouldn’t be able to find; but if there is anything else you need, Lagos is around a 10-minute drive away. There is also a regular bus service.

It is an excellent location for a family holiday and you really don’t need to travel further afield, but there are other fun things for families to do close at hand. Lagos Zoo is only a short drive away and it concentrates on smaller animals (the monkey islands are brilliant!) and birds and is ideal for an afternoon out. It’s not too big, so not overly tiring for young children and also has a ‘pets corner’ which is very popular with ‘children’ of all ages! If staying in self catering accommodation you can organise these visits in your own time when it suits all the family.

The nearby Lagos is only a short drive away and there is also a regular bus service. Lagos is well worth a visit Great market there the first Saturday of each month. They have also cleaned up the main shopping area by moving market stall holder onto the Marina side of the main Avenue although this has dived opinion. But Lagos is always worth a stroll around any time of the year. As with Praia da Luz self catering holiday rental accommodation is of a very high standard. Its worth booking early has there is a huge amount of returning visitors.