Flying for the first time on holidays with an Infant

Flying for the first time on holidays with an Infant

The key to flying with an Infant is preparation both long and short flights have its advantages and disadvantages.

What to pack flying to holiday destination with an Infant.

Flying both short to places like Portugal and Spain or long haul to the US or Thailand for instants with an infant is nowadays very common. But it takes preparation and planning. Ok planning and preparation is a common task of any mother of a young child, it is just that flying creates a slightly more unusual scenario. Such as queuing to board not having your trusted stroller, operating your normal mothering functions in a confined space. Remember budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet don’t make any exceptions for mothers travelling with young babies, unlike accommodation providers like hotels or self catering apartments. So preparation is key. There is an amount of information to be found I have listed a few keys points here. I have also so included a few comments as someone who has travelled with babies. The tips are for the situation when you are travelling alone meant to get you thinking about process rather that a definite guide.

Timing is the key to a smooth journey. If you are carrying a stroller, label with your name, personal address, phone number or email address. During take-off and landing give your baby a bottle, a pacifier, candy or cookie to avoid earaches. And make sure you have the proper documentation for the baby before boarding the plane.

If your child is receiving medical treatment or suffers from travel sickness, please remember to bring his or her medical record and medications.

1. Get to the airport early. Give yourself time to park your car and get your luggage together, ideal solution would be to get dropped to terminal and accompanied to baggage drop-off.

2. Book online. Taking advantage of Booking Online facility is a must. If you arrive at lets say Gatwick or Heathrow or less busy airports like Cork it will make the task much less stressful.

3. Preparing for security: Remember like the rest of us even though you have a infant in arms you will still be seen as a security risk. But if your conscious of the process and a little prepared it relatively stress free. Remember stroller and all your remaining baggage will have to go on the belt and through the scanner. Don’t be concerned about bottles and Babies feed. Security staff put them through a separate process and it should be all complete in a matter of minutes

4. Am going to list a checklist of items that you need to pack for the baby as follows:-

* Diapers: carry plenty of diapers to change the baby, preferably enough to change after an hour and a half.

* Pad to put under the baby while changing the diaper: you can get them at a baby store.

* Plastic bags: to put the soiled diapers, baby clothes etc.

* A small blanket: to cover the baby when asleep, while nursing etc.

* Wipes: you can get a whole packet.

* Diaper rash cream: applying before putting in a clean diaper.

* Bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion.

* Clothes, socks, and booties or shoes.

* Feeding bottles: one with clean water for the baby to drink. As for the dad, make sure you have a bottle of milk for the baby

* A stroller: Be sure it collapses quickly. Remember someone will have to hold baby when your doing this task.

* Carry the baby’s favorite toy: this is good when the baby is fussy and when it’s asleep.

* Have contact details of your doctor in case your baby is feeling sick during or after travel.

One more thing, do not forget to pack a swimming costume for the baby, you do want the baby to have fun as much as you do? Right?

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