Visit Barcelona anytime of year

Visit Barcelona anytime of year

A visit to Barcelona is always a pleasant experience.  The people the outstanding architecture and of course the Spanish cuisine while entice you back over and over again.

For instances in Barcelona food is never taken for granted, people in Barcelona plan for dinner while at their lunch.  When they are planning their day or a trip away the most crucial point is where they are going to eat. Just grabbing a bite to eat is not an option to them. In Barcelona, eating comes first and foremost. When you taste their food you will definitely discover why. One of the healthiest of diets is Spanish food all over the world and you will find all the food options and varieties.  The way to experience these food options and varieties is to book a serviced apartment.  Self-catering gives you huge options.  Make sure your holiday apartment is well located.

La Boqueria
        La Boqueria


After a night out in the town of Barcelona, it is very likely you will see the sun rise before going to have some sleep, nightlife here starts late and late so make sure have too much to do the day after out in this city. There are different places you can have fun from bars, pubs, taverns and experience the unforgettable nightlife. Here locals party from Thursday to Saturday, though most tourist party at different times on different days of the week. Word of advice choose the right area for the night out not too far away from your serviced apartment or short stay accommodation.

Optim Night Club
 Opium  Night Club


Shopping here is a real pleasure; there are many stores on Passeig De Gracia commonly known as the Barcelona shopping line that will keep shoppers happy for a number of days. Barcelona is the perfect shopping city and is well known for its style and design.

Las Arenas
       Las Arenas


Short stay apartment rentals are a great option if you’re the kind of person who wants to independence to come and go as you please.  The beauty of booking  in your self-catering apartment you go shopping for your own food in the markets and generally live like a local while at your short stay, try this option with no disappointments. You can look for an serviced apartment in the city centre, where you will be close to all attractions you have come such a long way to see.


Barcelona has a wide selection of hotels to choose from, 5 star hotels to simplest there is something for everyone. You will definitely get what you are looking regarding location close to your favorite tourist attractions. .

The Fira de Santa Llucia is the oldest Christmas Market in Barcelona. It originally started in 1786. This year it is in its 229th year. In has 287 stalls, which are located on the Avenue of the Cathedral in the Gothic area just in front of the Cathedral. There is loads to choose from, you will find handmade gifts, figurines for nativity scenes, and lots of traditional Spanish Christmas decorations .
From 27/11/2015 to 23/12/2015
Weekdays: from 10:30 to 20:30
Vigils and holidays: from 10:30 to 21:30

Fira de Santa Llucia
 Fira de Santa Llucia

Another excellent Barcelona Christmas Fair is held the Sagrada Familia from the 60 opposite the Sagrada Familia . Nearly a hundred stalls where all kinds of figures and elements for cribs, Christmas trees and plants, gifts and food products and candies are sold. No shortage of course the churros and find a place of chestnuts and sweet potatoes.
From 11/28/2015 to 23/12/2015
10: 00h – 22: 00h

Sagrada De Familia Christmas Market
  Sagrada De Familia Christmas Market


La Sonora de Gràcia is a small theater and musical bar on the street Riera Sant Miquel de Gràcia neighbourhood. It first opened its doors in 2013. They create a program cultural activities, mostly free, every day except Monday as they are closed. Their highlights include live performances and DJ’s the rhythm of soul, funk, latin, rock, pop and world music.

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Barcelona a Jewel in The Spanish Crown

Barcelona a Jewel in The Spanish Crown

Barcelona the diverse capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, the city is defined by peculiar art and architecture, ingenious food and vivacious street life. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and exciting citing cities in the world and home Barca, Barcelona’s world famous football club

Nou Camp
 Barca    Nou Camp  Stadium

Barcelona is lively during both the night and day and it has a unique, exciting atmosphere, which provides the tourist with a truly unforgettable experience.

There are major art exhibitions, that go on throughout the year and concerts and shows of different kinds happening all the time.

The city of Barcelona enjoys the almost perfect climate making it an ideal place to be at anytime of the year. The best way to get around is using the metro, if you are planning to lots of walking you will need to use the City metro at some stage. The stations are all over the city and lines are distinguishable by both numbers and colour.

  Barcelona Cathedral

The famous attractions in Barcelona are buildings designed by the same person Antoni Gaudi, there is the Picasso Museum which is used to document the work of the famous artist, the cathedral amongst other attractions which you can’t miss to see.  Barcelona has great self-catering accommodation centrally located near the  Picasso Museum.  We have come across a beautiful short term rental apartment near Placa Catalunya.

Barcelona has two parks which are perfect for visiting when you want to get away from the hustles and bustles of the city.  After a walk in the park you can visit restaurant and have a tapas meal which is Spanish delicacy where food is served in small portions. Then retire  to the comfort and security of a large short term rental or holiday rental apartment

Casa Batlo Barcelona
Casa Batlo Barcelona

The locals in Barcelona are passionate a particular football team which is FC Barcelona simply known as Barca. Football legends who have played here incl ude Argentina’s Diego Maradonna.

The city of Barcelona is located on the water, if the weather is good visit the beach, the city has its own port too where you will find a famous shopping center.

For the football lovers I think this is one of the great places you would love explore.  Because footballers bring money and luxury villas and luxury self-catering can be found in the Barcelona area.  If want to list your Barcelona property or any other property for free go to



Navarra is a province in northern Spain that borders the Basque country. Pamplona is the capital and only city, while the rest are small Spanish villages and towns. The residents widely speak Spanish although Basque is the official language.

Pamplona , Navarra
                                    Pamplona capital of the Spanish Navarra Region

In Navarra, various regions have their own unique features. The Pyrenees in the north has a beautiful, calm and quiet mountain range with exquisite landscapes, La Riviera in the south is plain fertile land with the Ebro River running through and La Zona Media has extensive canyons like Hoces de Lumbier and Arbayun.
Having been ranked as Spain’s top in living standards, Navarra makes a perfect place for a holiday lettings and rentals accommodation. Visiting the town would be a fulfilling experience with the plenty of self catering apartments available. The fairly priced amenities with good views of the city that has been called Green Spain give you a chance to enjoy either a long or brief holiday all the same. The vineyards are extensive and the waterfalls are surreal.

View of the countryside in the Navarra Region

Getting to Navarra could be through flights to Noain, by bus, or by train. A train ride from Madrid Alocha for instance takes four and a half hours while the same from Barcelona lasts six hours; it depends on how quick you need to get there. Renting a car is more personal with plenty of time to see the beauty and the sights.
A holiday in Navarra will get you to experience Spanish traditional festivals and cuisine. The most renowned festival is the ‘running of the bulls’ festival in San fermin every July in the city of Pamplona

Its picturesque beautiful towns like Artajona full of medieval walls, Estella, Olite, formerly seat of Navarre’s kings, Tudela and Roncesvalles always a worthwhile visit.
Navarrese Carnivals with their typically unique Zanpantzarrak.

                                         Plaza del Castillo Pamplona

The town of Olite was once home to the kings of Navarra and is now the wine making capital; the vineyards are beautiful with a combination of rivers and mountain ranges. Top wine makers like Julian Chivite, Guelbenzu, Castillo de Monjardin and Bodegas Ochoa all of whom make quality cabernet, merlot and tempranillo. During a stay in Navarra, a wine tour will be of great help in expanding your wine pallet and at the same time enjoy the cuisine. Fresh from the pasture and green land, the food if full of natural spices and herbs full of flavor. The markets are filled with natural fresh produce which you can prepare in your own self catering suite in your preference.

University of Navarra
The University of Navarra

Navarre is a great holiday rental destination with plenty of culture, history, cuisine and rich wine. Take a look at plan book your holiday rental and enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Marbella one of the top places to visit in Spain

Marbella one of the top places to visit in Spain

Marbella, a city in Andalucía south of Spain, is very popular with international tourists mostly from the United Kingdom. It lies on the Mediterranean coast with beautiful beaches and sights to visit. The city has existed since the 7th century and one of the municipalities of the Costa del Sol. Since then, it has drastically grown and modernized but still preserves most of its prehistoric sites and buildings. This makes it rich in culture and Spanish history.

Home 760

The cosmopolitan city, renowned for the rich and famous, has attractive, warm and welcoming residents so much that it is renowned as one of the top visited cities in Spain.  Those of us on budgets can easily afford any of the apartments to rent in Marbella.
One of these sights is El Casco Antiguo or Old Town, Remains old Roman civilization are still present. Places of interest on a trip to Marbella include School Street, Murallas Del Castillo, Villa Romana (green river), the town hall, the mayor’s house and the old Roman baths at Guadalmina. In all these areas you can find wonderful Marbella apartments that you can book online. There is the famous chapel of Santiago and the Remains of the Arabic castles. Connecting with the old town is a garden with fountains and sculptures from Alvenida del mar that leads to the beautiful beach. These old places blend in with the new Marbella even the type of Marbella villas that are built blend with surroundings.  Villas in Spain are hugely popular for holiday accommodation particularly this part of Costa del Sol.

Home 770 Mabella
Home 770 Marbella Spain

Basilica Vega Del mar was an early Christian church and burial site near the Guadalmina River. Built in the 16th century, it has significant Spanish history where Emperor Constantine’s tombstone was discovered. The site is free entry for all at any time and the keys are either at Marbella or San Pedro tourist offices.
At the Roman villas and baths, an ancient site at Rio Verde whose floors are covered with black and white mosaic stones, the famous medusa’s head covered with snakes is also one of the mosaics . it is said to be an ancient scarecrow to warn intruders that the gods were watching.


On the west of Marbella is a beautiful stretch of luxurious villas to rent in Marbella suburbs and in estates on the mountain and seafront. It is so beautiful that King Fahd of Arabia chose to build his palace here in the beautiful surrounding. Spending a getaway one of these holiday rental Marbella Villas is a great first-hand experience of the beauty of Spain, the scenery is breathtaking.
Marbella is a destination where you can combine a Costa del Sol villa  holiday with a round of golf, an excursion, visit art exhibitions as well as authentic Spanish cuisine. A visit to any beach provides opportunities for sailing, water jets, amusement parks visits, beachfront restaurants and clubs. There are plenty of Michelin star restaurant with both Spanish and continental cuisine; good enough for the late king of Saudi to spend 80 million Euros on his guests just for one summer holiday. Los Cuchillos walk is strips filled with great restaurants, bars and shops or enjoy a ride on a catamaran ferry. Boat rides and daily cruises at relatively cheap tickets.

Marbella Image_201397_132416107

To get around the city, walking is the easiest means. It is the best and quickest way to get around the narrow busy streets while sightseeing the old town. To get the real tourist feel, horse-drawn carriages can take you on a relaxing ride around the town. They can conveniently take you places where cars wouldn’t and are a romantic way to enjoy a couple’s holiday. Taxis are also available especially when coming from or going to the airport. Car rentals are easy with a wide variety in prices and car preferences convenient for trips around Andalucía.
In Marbella, you cannot help but shop in the array of boutiques with brands like Zara & Mango, Habitat, Marks & Spencer, and many more for clothes, shoes, jewellery and souvenirs to bring back home. After a good shopping spree, wind down with a visit to the rich Spanish culture displayed in museums such as the Bonsai Museum and the Ralli Museum. Ancient artefacts are displayed and provide information about the past. Another way would be to explore one of the ten golf courses spread out through Marbella with a view of the mountains that surround the city.
In Benalmadena, a town between Torremolinos and Fuengirola, a large number of tourists go to see the nice beaches, castles and the 33 meters tall Buddhist Benalmádena Stupa which is the biggest in Europe.
For a great quiet relaxing Spanish adventure, Marbella is a good place to enjoy and a learn a few thing about the Spanish culture. Goholidaylets are well established here with quality Marbella apartment luxurious Benalmadena villas and other holiday rental properties. List your property for free with today.

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Visit Spains Region of Andalucia

Visit Spains Region of Andalucia

Once Spain´s poorest region, Andalucia – and specifically the provinces of Malaga, Granada and Seville – is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, thanks to its sandy beaches, beautiful countryside, spectacular mountain ranges, fabulous monuments and high-spirited people who live life to the full and are well known for their exuberance, warmth and hospitality.

Andalucia is also home of flamenco and bullfighting, which can be best enjoyed at the region´s countless ferias and romerias.

But perhaps the most unique feature of this enchanting region are the remnants of its Moorish past. The Moors were a mixture of Berbers and Arabs who crossed into Spain from North Africa by the Straits of Gibraltar and occupied the peninsula – which they called al Andalus – for more than seven centuries, dating from 710 when they first landed in Tarifa. Within a mere four years they had virtually conquered the entire country, although they soon withdrew to the southern part of the peninsula, where they established, in the towns of Cordoba, Seville and Granada, one of the most sophisticated civilisations of the Middle Ages. Each of these Andalucian capitals boasts spectacular remains of their monuments, the most unforgettable of which is, undoubtedly, Granada’s Alhambra palace.

Andalucia has 500 miles of coastline and of which 70% are sandy beaches. One of the most spectacular is the beach at Marbella. The Mediterranean seaboard is graced by the Costa de Almeria, Costa Tropical and the glamorous, cosmopolitan Costa del Sol, while the Costa de la Luz lies along the Atlantic shore to the west of Gibraltar.

As well as Andalucia´s fascinating cities and dazzling shores, the region is sprinkled with tiny unspoiled villages and whitewashed towns – the famous pueblos blancos – which tourists often overlook, even though they are of easy access, such as Casares, Gaucin and Frigilana.

Andalucia, then, is a region of startling contrasts and great charm. Yet, this mysterious corner of Europe is easy to reach, with hundreds of charter flights arriving each week at Malaga´s Pablo Picasso International Airport, which lies midway between Malaga, the main city of the coast, and Torremolinos, the region´s most legendary resort.

A visit to this region is a must for any intending holiday maker. Our website has a number of self catering apartments and villas in this area particularly in Marbella.

Whats on July 2014 Marbella

Whats on July 2014 Marbella

Snapback Tuesday’s at TIBU Banus is Marbella’s number one night for RnB and Hip Hop with DJ’s spinning the freshest jams with breakdancers and street performers.

• Type : Nightlife

• Dates : 1 Jul 2014

• Location : TIBU BANUS

• Tel : +34 952 810 918

Warehouse at Tibu Banus

Warehouse hosts Tibu Banus every Wednesday, Marbella’s number 1 deep house night.

Led by Max St Croix and special guests.

• Type : Party

• Dates : 2 Jul 2014

• Location : TIBU BANUS

• Tel : +34 952 810 918

K:Miss performs Jazz Soul Live at C’est La Vie

Local singer K:Miss performs the smooth sounds of jazz and soul live. Music from 8pm, but why not head down a little earlier for a bite to eat first!

• Type : Live Music

• Dates : 2 Jul 2014 at 20:00

• Location : C’est La Vie Restaurant & Lounge

• Tel : +34 952 783 394

Marbella Luxury Yacht Charters

Yacht charters every day of the week with options to suit all tastes and budgets from 12ft power boats to 94 foot luxury yachts. ..

• Type : Party

• Dates : 3 Jul 2014 – 7 Jul 2014

• Location : My Destination Marbella Luxury Yachts

• Tel : +34 692 007 921

MadHatters Film Camp

Reynard Productions presents the MadHatters Film Camp at Sotogrande International School. Create your own movie; writing, directing, acting, filming.

• Type : Film

• Dates : 5 Apr 2014 – 18 Jul 2014

• Location : Sotogrande International School

• Tel : +34 673 505 838

Summer Camp at Manolo Santana Racquets Club

The Manolo Santana Racquets Club summer camp is back! The place where children and teenagers from 3 to 16 years enjoy summer practicing the best sports in Marbella.

• Type : Sport

• Dates : 30 Jun 2014 – 29 Aug 2014

• Location : Manolo Santana Racquets Club

• Tel : +34 952 778

• Intensive Tennis Course @ Puente Romano Tennis Club 30 June to 30 August from Monday to Friday.

• Starts : 30-06-2014

Ends : 30-08-2014

Location : Puente Romano Tennis Club

Marbella a Spanish Jewel

Marbella a Spanish Jewel

Picturesquely located on Spain’s glorious Costa del Sol, where Andalusia meets the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella stands out for its unique combination of adventure, entertainment, spectacular shopping, five-star dining and fashionable beach life. Popular among jet-setters from all over the world, the city has already established itself as the swankiest Spanish resort, offering both the ultimate in glitz and glamour, as well a taste of quintessential Andalusia.

Marbella is situated bet ween Malaga and the Gibraltar Strait. In 2012 the population of the city was 140,473 inhabitants, making it the second most populous municipality in the province of Malaga and the eighth in Andalusia.

There’s an endless supply of world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, spectacular golf courses, fashionable shops, a lovely marina and a vast number of lively bars and clubs to keep you entertained till sunrise.

Marbella may be the most famous place on the Costa del Sol but there are numerous other areas that are well worth a visit! There is a wealth of things on offer in the surrounding region with each destination offering its own individual qualities. You can visit the ‘white village’ Mijas and wander the cobbled streets, dine in the mountains at Benahavis or go down to Gibraltar to see the rock and the monkeys that reside there..

With the N340 coastal motorway traveling right across the Coast it is extremely easy for those that are unfamiliar with the area to navigate their way around the Coast! All the areas listed are within a two hour drive of Marbella.

Marbella property is famous for its stylish opulence. None more so than is Mediterranean villas mostly painted in a deep rich array terracotta and orange colours. Giving an authentic Spanish atmosphere.

At we have listed some of these Villas for your benefit. Search self catering villas or apartments and click on We have a wide range of Marbella accommodation to choose from depending on the sige of your travelling party and your budget.

If you do get an opportunity to visit Marbella an elegant Spanish resort, make sure you take time to visit the charming Marbella Old Town. The picturesque maze of narrow streets that comprise the city’s Casco Antiguo revolves around a delightful Castilian renaissance square – Plaza de los Naranjos. Here, a number of pavement cafes and restaurants litter the romantic enclosure, serving traditional food and beverages in the shade of fragrant orange trees. This is a wonderful place to indulge in Andalusian delicacies, cool off with a cold drink and watch the world go by. If you’re lucky, you can also spot an al fresco flamenco show or a bohemian artist playing its rusty Spanish guitar.

After a tasty meal in the beautiful Plaza de los Naranjos, take a stroll through the delightfully narrow streets of Marbella Old Town, shop for some original souvenirs and traditional products in the old-fashioned boutiques and marvel at the gleaming white-washed architecture that lines the alleys, giving the area a rapturous Arabian feel.

Some of our self catering Villas are nearly by If you make the decision to book with us you can have this elegant area of Marbella on your door step for the duration of your holiday.

On a visit to the area there are a number of places you have to visit. On the coast road from Malaga to Marbella is Nikki Beach – one of the most exclusive beach clubs in the world. Between June and August you can enjoy a good lunch, music and expensive champaign lying on a white sunbed enjoying the sun. In the evening there are beach parties that last until sunrise. If you continue on the highway towards Marbella you’ll find Funny Beach, with a lot exciting activities that attract people of all ages from the entire Costa del Sol. Here you can race in go-carts, rent a jet ski or a speedboat or simply relax in the sun.

In the event of you booking with us we have included a numbers as a reference that could be useful to you.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday Remember search self catering villas Marbella

Emergency Numbers

• Local Police                                        092

• National Police                                  091

• Civil Guard                                         062

• Fire Brigade                                       080

• Ambulance                                         061

• State Hospitals

• Marbella                                             951 976 669

• Benalmadena/Fuengirola              902 505 061

• Torremolinos                                   952 386 484

• Malaga                                               951 290 000

If you need to report a crime call 902 102 112 or visit the website Reports can be made in several languages. You may also anonymously report any crime by sending an email to