How to Discovering the delights of Faro in 48 hours

How to Discovering the delights of Faro in 48 hours
Faro : An intro to the Algarve
Faro is a very relaxed and tranquil  city. Very often the transit point where visitors arrive and move on to holiday in the Algarve or other parts of Portugal and Spain. In this article we try to show you what you can expect to find in a 48 hour stop over here. Some day we hope you ll return to this beautiful location and book a exclusive holiday apartment, or holiday villa, from one of the many holiday rentals in this area.
Faro Fishing Fleet
Fishing vessel in Faro
Faro is not just the capital of  Algarve but it’s an extra special city, full of history and culture and surrounded by idyllic island beaches and the stunning Ria Formosa nature reserve.  Praia de Faro which we will talk about later is in this area.  The number 16  Airport bus runs here every 30 minutes.
During the 9th century Faro was the capital of a short lived princedom, ringed with defensive walls and later the name changed to Santa Maria then to Harune.
Wasn’t until  the middle of the 13th century Faro finally became a Portuguese territory, completing the Christian reconquest of Portugal. In 1540 Faro was made a city and in 1577 became the site of the Episcopal Sé when the Bishop of the Algarve moved from Silves to Faro.
Sculturals in sand
Sand sculturals
Faro has a glorious, almost rain-free summer climate , with temperatures in the low seventies tempered by sea breeze. Visitors can get rid of the bulk of the summer arrivals, and can enjoy the medieval passageways and streets in relative peace.
Start your 48 hours.
To start your 48 hours, visit Igreja do Carmo with its twin bell towers proudly perched at the centre of the square. This 18th-century church features the earliest example of Rococo architecture in the Algarve.
In the area behind the church which is a garden  Calepa dos Ossos is located.  This area was used as a burial ground for the monks and human skeletons can still be found.
Followed by this, carry on past Jardim Manuel Bívar and step into the Vila Adentro which is the old town through the monumental Arco da Vila , one of the three gates leading into the city’s oldest quarters, and a striking neoclassical structure in its own right.
You can make your way up   Rua da Municipio until you see the medieval Se Cathedral , with its gloriously ornamented golden altar from the 17th and 18th centuries and a grand pipe organ. The building was partially burned down in 1596, during the invasion of the English troops under the Earl of Essex, and rebuilt in the 18th century. Down the side street from the Cathedral is the Museu Municipal, tracing the city’s cultural heritage, from its Roman rule and Muslim occupation to the Christian conquest in the 16th century.
Make a right as you exit the museum and take a break to soak in the old-town atmosphere, sipping a Super Bock or a light Vinho Verde.  Pass the archway and turn right onto Largo de São Francisco, skirting the remains of the ancient walls that once enclosed the city.
Algarve coast lighthouse
Light house
Praia de Faro
The city’s main beach, Praia de Faro (Faro beach) is a good relaxing point to enjoy the cool sea breeze. This area is a good choice for  villa holidays. There are many  holiday villas similar to the typical Algarve villas dotted along the coast.  Most with there own private pools. You can also explore the city centre and peruse the chic boutiques and shops along Rua de Santo António and neighbouring streets.
A former 17th-century Jesuit college turned tiny Italianate theatre, Rua de Lethes doesn’t need a ticket to browse the inside of the theatre, as long as there is no performance. Then take a cappuccino, overlooking the marina.
 Faro fine dining
The city is full of fine dining restaurants candlelit wine bars. You can enjoy a classic Portuguese cod dish with sautéed onions and potatoes or got for romantic dinner.
Faro’s night life thrives from the fact that it it full of night clubs. The bustling party scene thrives along Rua de São Pedro, Rua Conselheiro Bívar and Rua do Prior. But for something a bit more laid-back, try O Castelo in the old town, a new live music bar with extensive views towards the Ria Formosa.  I hope you enjoyed your 48 hours here and will be tempted to return here for a more extended holiday.
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4 Facts that will make you book hоlidау rental in Vilаmоurа, Pоrtugаl

4 Facts that will make you book hоlidау rental in Vilаmоurа, Pоrtugаl

4 Facts to book that holiday rental in Vilamoura

Being thе biggеѕt рrivаtе tourism rеѕоrt in Eurоре, Vilаmоurа offers a vаriеtу of activities and еxреriеnсеѕ to cater tо аll tаѕtеѕ. Vilаmоurа аnd indeed thе whоlе оf thе Algarve, bеnеfitѕ from lоng hоurѕ оf sunshine уеаr rоund and hаvе thеrеfоrе bесоmе thе еnvу оf their European nеighbоurѕ. Thеrе iѕ a whоlе hоѕt оf асtivitiеѕ tо gеt involved in аrоund Vilаmоurа аnd аll can bе еnjоуеd уеаr round.

Vilamoura Marina Promenade 1
Vilamoura Marina Promenade

Vilаmоurа oozes a ѕоrt of sophisticated charm. Hоmе tо a bеаutiful  Vilamoura Mаrinа linеd with a аrrау оf rеѕtаurаntѕ and bars, you will find the perfect ѕроt tо eat, rеlаx and аdmirе the bеаutiful уасhtѕ in thе 1,000 bеrth Vilamoura mаrinа… don’t be ѕurрriѕеd if уоu spot a сеlеbritу!  Stunning Vilamoura villas align the area adjacent to the marina.   You will also have the opportunity to book  a wonderful Vilamoura apartment nearby.

The Old Village, Vilamoura
The Old Village, Vilamoura

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the best places that’s enough reason for you and your family to go on holiday at Vilamoura in Portugal;

  1. As mentioned the large Vilamoura mаrinа, which hаѕ mаnу a shopping сеntrе with mаnу restaurants. They rаngе frоm lосаl diѕhеѕ аnd many other international diѕhеѕ fоr more vаriеd tаѕtеѕ. Of соurѕе thеrе are рlеntу оf рiсkѕ from thе rеgiоnѕ diѕhеѕ- dоminаtеd bу fish аnd ѕhеllfiѕh, but thеrе аrе other сhоiсеѕ of meat аnd vеgеtаblеѕ. Thе mаrinа аlѕо hоѕtѕ vаriоuѕ bоаt triрѕ. They have various еxсurѕiоnѕ аnd аlѕо big gаmе fiѕhing. In 1993 thе world’s lаrgеѕt blасk marlin саtсh frоm a boat сhаrtеrеd frоm thе mаrinа. It wеighеd 737 kgs аnd wаѕ 3.65metres in lеngth.
  2. Thеrе аrе аlѕо ѕеvеrаl championship gоlf courses to bе еnjоуеd.  The Pinhal Golf  Course was built in 1976 and originally designed by Frank Pennink. Fоr thе mоrе аdvеnturоuѕ there iѕ parasailing аnd сlау pigeon ѕhооting рluѕ mоrе trаditiоnаl рurѕuitѕ such аѕ tеnniѕ, horse riding, ѕаiling and lawn bоwling.
  3. Vilаmоurа iѕ hоmе to Portugal’s biggеѕt аnd mауbе bеѕt known nightclubs, Kаdос, with a сарасitу оf 7,000 visitors. DJ’s frоm all оvеr thе world flосk tо this spot tо show оff their tаlеntѕ.
  4. Aссоmmоdаtiоn is рlеntiful and ranges in рriсе. Vilamoura apartments, рrivаtе Vilamoura villаѕ, and luxurу hotels аrе еаѕу to find.

There iѕ аlѕо thе Cеrrа da vilа museum аnd аrсhаеоlоgiсаl Sitе. Thе Vilamoura аrеа hаѕ bееn inhabited for thоuѕаndѕ оf уеаrѕ – as rеvеаlеd bу Brоnzе Age grаvеѕ discovered in thе Cаѕãо vinеуаrd – the Rоmаnѕ wеrе the firѕt tо settle at Cеrrо da Vila, аѕ from thе 1st сеnturу AD. Lаtе-Rоmаn, Visigoth аnd Mооriѕh colonies were also еѕtаbliѕhеd here аnd each реriоd has left unmiѕtаkаblе trасеѕ оf diѕtinсt сiviliѕаtiоnѕ at thе site.

Vilаmоurа is a bustling resort but it аlѕо hаѕ many сhаnсеѕ to relax. So if уоu аrе a ѕроrtу tуре or juѕt wаnt tо rеlаx on thе beaches or itѕ mаnу саfеѕ you аrе catered fоr. There iѕ аlѕо plenty of ѕight ѕееing аnd itѕ lосаl history, dishes and сulturе to tаkе in at уоur lеiѕurе.  Book online that Vilamoura villa or Algarve villa today with

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3 Of The Best Restaurants in Albufeira, Portugal

3 Of The Best Restaurants in Albufeira, Portugal

Best of Albufeira
Known as the gateway to the Algarve the resort is located in Central  Algarve in Portugal, Albufeira is one of the major holiday lettings destinations in Portugal presently. Albufeira villas are a fantastic and very well located. The apartments to rent in Albufeira are second to none as are the hotels.

Albufeira Old Town beach
Beach scene in Albufeira


There is scuba diving, site seeing with boat trips and so much more. One can also have an amazing aquatic experience. With all of that, what makes a place best for visiting is the Portuguese food together with the natural beauty. This is definitely the sunny pearl of the Portuguese Algarve.    The Eurovision singer Bonnie Tyler I am sure will agree as she has a home here.

Route map Albufeira
Map of Albufeira bus route

Three of the best restaurants in Albufeira are:

Restaurante Palacete:

Restaurante Palacete is one of those restaurants where the visitors go to get a taste of the delicious of  Portuguese cuisine. It is one the most traveler friendly restaurants in Albufeira as even their menu is in five different languages. They have a different children’s menu. Restaurante Palacete is known worldwide for their main courses. They master in steaks and kinds of seafood. It is the kind of place for an enjoyable dinner.
One of the tourists’ most favourite is the classiest dining place in Albufeira is Alquimia. This restaurant was also awarded the title of Best Newcomer in 2014. Just after they had launched, their fine dining quickly gained fame. While on holiday, everyone loves a place where they could sit down, eat and relax. Alquimia has the serene ambiance with one of the finest dining in Portugal. They too, like

Alquimia has the serene ambiance with one of the finest dining in Portugal. They too, like Palacete, master in main courses which includes juicy Portuguese steaks and seafood. Their seafood menu has some amazing fish and lobsters that are worth a try!
Vila Joya:
Vila Joya is yet another name on the priority list of the visitors to Albufeira in Portugal. It is run by the famous Austrian Chef Dieter Koschina. Not only the food at Vila Joya is fantastic, but the scenery and view around the restaurant are also outstanding. This restaurant has made to the list of World’s Fifty Best Restaurants in 2014.

Enjoy Albufeira book your holiday rentals early as there is normally huge demand.  Go for  villa holiday or book an holiday apartment locally they are all good quality.



Albufeira Old town
Oldtown Albufeira

Three Best Restaurants in Albufeira, Portugal
Was compiled for Goholidaylets by  Rabia Abdullah

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An area worth exploring 

Ok its not the most popular Algarve holiday rental destination.  Booking a holiday in a Algarve Villa type property in nearby Tavira would be more popular.  Never the less Vila Real de Santo Antonio is a stunning holiday location.  It is located on the Rio Guadiana; which is the river that divides Algarve from Spain.  If you stand on the far eastern edge of Vila Real on the side of the street you can easily see the Spanish coastline and the bridge that connects the town to Spain.

Gold in Eastern Algarve
Tavira golf

Charming place

Vila real is a relaxing and very peaceful town and it’s ideal for everyone who like the quiet side of life, or have a different holiday away from home. The place is charming with a lot to see and do.  Especially those who like learning about the local culture.  It is also ideal for taking walks and cycling since the area is flat.

Sandy Beaches

Vila Real has a gorgeous open sandy beach, which stretches for several kilometers.  There is a narrow road that is used to access the beach. There is plenty of parking if you decide to drive to the beach.

Lots to explore

There are lots of places to explore around Vila Real but one to make top of your agenda is Cacela Velha. It is a very small village with a handful of typically Algarvean whitewashed houses around a Church and a fort situated on the waterfront just past Manta Rota.  There isn’t a lot to do there it has to be said, but the village and the views are truly delightful. There are a couple of restaurants if you want to linger for a while – the one on the right just as you come into the village has an upstairs terrace giving great panoramic views across the beaches of Manta Rota and Monte Gordo to Vila Real all set against a backdrop of lush green countryside. About the only sounds ‘disturbing’ the total peace and quiet are from the birds and a few chickens!

Booking a holiday in one of stunning villas in Algarve is always a good choice.   Booking one near Vila Real is an excellent choice.  Nearby Tavira apartments are always in demand.   As are the wonderful East Algarve Golf courses.


The pretty Spanish town of Ayamonte, on the opposite bank of the Guadiana is fun to visit for a tapas lunch and maybe a spot of shopping! To save driving, a ferry regularly crosses between the two towns – the journey takes around 15 minutes. Just remember that Spain is an hour ahead of Portugal!

This is a great place to explore with family too as there are Ayamonte holiday apartments and Spanish villas situated close by most of the exciting places that you intend to visit.  This makes movement easier and with ease.

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You Deserve A Break Book Albufeira Today.

You Deserve A Break Book Albufeira Today.


Having booked your  apartments to rent in albufeira or go for villas to rent in Albufeira  whatever best suits your holiday lets have a review of what you expect in this great holiday location of Albufeira. Choose a area that is best for you if you are going to party till wee hours of the night, a self-catering apartment close or where you can easily get a cab to take you home.

Olhos de Agua
                                                 Olhos de Agua Albufeira

The Albufeira Strip is packed with bars, restaurants, clubs, shops and numerous other entertainment activities. Albufeira has become very famous with thousands of holidaymakers visiting each year. This this area has everything needed to make the perfect holiday in the sun.

If you are the kind of person that is looking calm relaxation then the Strip is not for you but if you crave fast tempo and late nights and party hard till the cows home then the Strip is definitely your kind of place.

Bars and restaurants on the Strip

The owners of these of the venues on the Stripe are friendly and welcoming and make you feel at home, enjoy friendly conversations, watch sports and making new friends from all parts of the world.

Libertos Nightclub
                                                          Libertos Nightclub

Where to party

Nightlife in Albufeira is lively, late and carefree, with bars, clubs and eating options focused around the Albufeira strip.

Want to try the bucking bronco?  Either way, you are sure to enjoy the trip on Albufeira’s mad nightlife. Algarve nightlife happens very late and many clubs do not open their doors until 12 or 1 am. Relax, adjust your body clock and go with the flow!

Let me show you the way to the best bars and clubs and all of the main attractions of the nightlife in Albufeira.  Take a walk around and you ll see and whats on offer.  It’s all here in Albufeira night life and our guides on the ground know what is happening!

Matts Bar
                          Matts Bar

Albufeira Strip Bars and Clubs party from dusk to dawn

Full of bars and clubs, all roads lead to the strip after dark in Albufeira. Things happen late so you are more likely to enjoy a famous Algarve sunrise than sunset.  In the Albufeira strip area you’ll find the best bars in Algarve,  Matt’s Bar, Seitima Onda, Wild & Company, Libertos, Erin Isle are just a few.

For all party lovers!!!!  Well I bet this is a place you will book a holiday again and again.  Right????

Wild & Co
                                                             Wild& Co

This article is written by Hilda and I am inhouse blogger with the  We are a platform for the global holiday rental accommodation.  We hope as a team of bloggers to provide you with interesting content.  We write about various items we think you ll find interesting and useful.  We carry out research on your behalf and from time to time comment on results.  Pub, restaurant and transport fashion and food are researched online and reviews and number of time submitted are often published.  We look at recipes you can use at home or on holiday.  We will show you interesting food and drink associated with the various areas you might visit. Ok we suggest you search our website using keywords villas to rent in albufeira,  self catering albufeira,.

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4 Albufeira Restaurants Reviewed for self catering holiday makers

4 Albufeira Restaurants Reviewed for self catering holiday makers

Quick Guide to 4 restaurant in Albufeira .

The Quick Guide basically tries to give you a feel for the various options you have available in relation to Albufeira  restaurants.   Maybe encourage  those of you that havnt book online apartments in Albufeira before to research the area you intend to visit.

A Portugal Holiday rental can be a great choice for a sunshine holiday and  villas in Algarve and particularly  villas in Albufeira are no exception to this rule. Try a short stay apartment in Albufeira Old Town.

Take a quick look

Review of 4 Albufeira restaurants

Ok!! we are not restaurants reviewers. We are a holiday rental website Visit our website and find unique listings.

Our blogs review it, look at, investigate, relate all things interesting (or at least we think interesting) in and around the locations we are advertising for self catering holiday homes.

On this occasion we are looking at 4 restaurants in Albufeira. Albufeira is a well-known tourist resort in the central part of the Algarve in Portugal.


So instead of reviewing the restaurants we decided to review the reviewers. Our first port of call was to put Albufeira Restaurant into Google search menu and of course up tops Tripavdisor.

Now it has its pro and cons, and a lot of folks are questioning its motives, mainly because Tripadvisior has huge commercial interests in the hospitality industry. But I am not A A Gill writing for the Sunday Times and I have looked at other websites pertain to review food and drink outlets for instance Virtualtourist which made me yawn just looking at homepage. So for the purpose of this exercise I am sticking with Tripadvisor.

Lets search restaurant reviews Albufeira Algarve.

Ranked #1. Restaurante Dom Carlos, Rua Alves Correia Tel No 351289541224

Reviews …. 539

Excellent …. 452

Poor …. 13

Reviews “excellent “ most recent.

Reviewer (Ireland)

1. Dom Carlos is a hidden gem. Everything about the restaurant is simply faultless. The room itself beautifully decorated, owners delightful, and the food just amazing.

Reviewer (Omagh, Northern Ireland)

2. Pricey but worth it.

Reviewer (Clonmel, Ireland)

3. Peter and Anna are brilliant hosts and customer service is excellent. Peter explains all the courses and will gladly offer some items not on the menu if available. Take his advice and arrive hungry! On our second visit.

Reviewer (Yorkshire, UK)

4. There are a few restaurants of a good quality which serve local dishes such as Cataplana and black pig and are well worth a visit. Then there is Dom Carlos.

Review “Poor” 13 in all

Comment: Hats off to Dom Carlos Must be doing a lot of things right to get Ranked #1 on Trip Advisor of Albufeira

Reviewer (Glasgow)

1. Having dined at some of Glasgows top restaurants we thought number 1 in Albufeira would be fantastic, how wrong we were, pretentious, arrogant is the way I describe it, its a set menu and that’s it with limited options, 5 courses and not very good at that, don’t believe the hype, way over priced,

Ranked #2 Os Arcos Restaurant

Rua Alves Correia, 25, Albufeira 8200, Portugal Tel No. 289 513 460

Reviews …. 377

Excellent …. 307

Terrible …. 009


Reviewer (Manchester)

“Not No. 2, It’s a Number 1”

We had the Sea Bass. What was it like? Well let’s say we eat a lot of fresh fish,but this was the best.

I have limited knowledge of Portuguese Vinho. If you are unsure, ask the owner as he knows his stuff.

Comment: The Sea Bass on the Algarve is excellent

Reviewer (London)

“Very family friendly- a homely local restaurant”

Because we have a 5year old and a 1.5 year old we tend to eat early and they opened at 6.30pm

The owner welcomed us and provided a high chair. The owner helped us heat up some baby food but he still wasn’t having it. Ultimately we gave him some chips.

Comment: Portugal has a tradition of family friendly holiday. Albufeira is the ideal place to place to book a holiday rental.

Reviewer (Portarlington Ireland)


We visited Os Arcos on two nights during our holiday. On both nights the food and service was outstanding.

Reviewer (Sunderland)

The other extreme. Terrible

“Not friendly”

On two occasions we tried to get a table, both times they were tables with no reserved signs on the tables, we started to think he didn’t like the look of us, so we gave up trying to get a table, so we kept going back to o’Manjar’s (round the corner) and Bistro restaurant, next door.

Comment: Maybe just a simple misunderstanding. I do note the owner didn’t reply. Might have been too busy getting rave reviews.

We moved in the interest of variety to the:

Ranked #4 The Indian Sizzler

Lt E Lj 14 | Bellavista Commercial, Above #McDonalds, 351 920 522 599

Reviews …. 32

Excellent …. 29

Poor …. 1

Reviewer …. (Dundee)


We had a take-away from the Indian Sizzler and I have to say “Wow!” From the moment we entered the restaurant we were treated extremely well by the owner Jay.

Comment: Ideal takeaway if someone is enjoying a self catering holiday in Albufeira.

Reviewer (Edinburgh)

“Best Curry I ever had!”

My husband and I braved a thunderstorm to go to the Indian Sizzle

based on the fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor and it was worth getting soaked! The owner was so friendly and welcoming and had no problem with us drying off in the bathroom before sitting down. She gave us poppadums and sauces on the house, which were delicious,

Comment: Definitely worth a visit

Poor review

Reviewer (Kildare)

Was really looking forward to an Indian meal at this restaurant & all seemed very promising in terms of customer service, location and ambiance. The food I ordered arrived promptly and with a smile, however, my main course was sooo!!!!!! Disappointing in terms of appearance and taste had originally ordered a Phall, but was dissuaded by the waitress to have a Vindaloo…

Reply from Owner Jay E, Owner at The Indian Sizzler

Thank you for your review, Something clearly went wrong with your meal on the night and we would like to offer you a sincere apology. I serve all tables and had this been brought to my attention at the time, I would have done my best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction and if that was not possible, you. would not have been charged for the meal. We regret that we are unable to offer you any explanation, but if you can reply to my private message I will arrange a refund for you.

Comment: Hats off to Jay owner of The Indian Sizzer

Ranked #7 Shalom II Rua Da Liberdade, 23, Albufeira, Portugal +351 922 015 364

Reviews …. 415

Excellent …. 294

Very good …. 91

Average …. 22

Poor …. 6

Terrible …. 2

Reviewer (Kildare)


Try the “Ribs”, you will not be disappointed. Great restaurant and fab food, well worth a visit. Exceeded our expectations.

Comment: I know Albufeira is a great location for self catering holidays and Shalom 11 might be the right place for you to eat. Let us know how you get on.

Reviewer (Newbridge)

“A Must! Fab dining experience”

came here on a rainy night on recommendation from family, there was a group of us and there was no problem pre-booking a table to fit our party. Which was 11. The ribs are the best!! And you can fill up on as many as you want, “more ribs” “yes, please”. I had a linguini dish, the flavours were delicious,…

Comment: Another happy client.

Reviewer (Birmingham)

“Ribs !”

We went on 3 occasions in a ten day holiday. 1st night we had ribs 2nd we had a shared mix grill 3rd i had steak. Ribs were fab. Mixed grill for two was stunning. The ribeye steak (normally a personal favourite). I wouldn’t order it again. Not bad, just not how i like my steak. Paid about €30 -€35..

Comment: Ribs seem to be a winner

Now to the other extreme Terrible reviews.

Reviewer (Scotland)

“Worst ribs in town!!!”

They have a sign saying best ribs in town and they are all you can’t eat but that’s rubbish, ribs were full of garlic and when you start eating them all they slow down or ignore you, the staff were too busy talking to each other to serve and they were slow, partner had a curry that looked right out of a birds eye box.

Comment: Surprised owner didn’t make a reply to comment. In fairness maybe they were too busy to notice. As a team on we know we are not going to it right all the time. But its important to be open honest and transparent.  Let us find the perfect apartment in Albufeira old town for you.

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