PRAIA DA ROCHA: is just one (albeit the largest) of the beaches along this stretch of Portimao coastline.  The others are

Praia dos Tres Castelos,

Praia do Amado,

Praia dos Careanos,

Praia do Vau and

Praia do Barranco das Canas (Alemão)

All within easy reach of each other


This beach is on the corner if viewing from Portimao marina.  This is a beautiful beach with the golden sands, the beach is not only long but also very wide and during summer time too there is plenty of room for beach goers.

There is a wooden walkway running the entire beach with a section of cafes, restaurants, Praia de Rocha Holiday Apartments  behind it making it easy for families to have easy access to the beach.  Towards Alvor you will find wonderful Algarve villas dotted alone the coastline.

The beach has several access points along is dimensions. There are several lifeguard stations along the dimensions with first aid post.  During summer visitors can rent sunshades and there are sports like jet ski, windsurfing, pedaling. There is lot of competition that takes place during summer.

The beach is under supervision hence safety is guaranteed.


The beach is in the west of Praia da Rocha. It has various outcrops and curving cliffs and its larger than it appears at first sight. The beach derives its name from the isolated rock formation in the sea which is typical of the coastal landmarks.

You can access the beach on foot from the western end of Tomas Cabreira Avenue, where there is a wide paved walkway running along the cliff top above the beach, you can access by climbing down the cliffs.

If you are accessing the beach by car, there is some parking space near the beach just after the fountain roundabout. The beach has sunbeds for hire and there are bars and restaurants incase you want to relax and have some food or a drink. The beach is supervised during the beach season.


The beach is just to the west of Praia da Rocha and has a lovely, sheltered position beneath the red and ochre coloured cliffs. There is a small car park just off the Fountain roundabout on the main dual carriageway just before Praia da Rocha if you are lucky enough to find a parking space!

For pedestrians there is a wide paved walk way along the cliffs from the end of Tomas Cabreira Avenue, this is the best way to view the area while going to the beach. Access to Amado beach is by way of fairly steep wooden steps down the cliff from the car park so perhaps not the easiest place to get to for families with young children.

Praia do Amado is a supervised beach during the bathing season. The good thing about these beaches most of them have holiday villas or holiday apartments situated nearby.

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