Shopping on an Algarve self-catering holiday

Shopping in the Algarve is a very enjoyable experience.

On a self-catering holiday in the world it is enviable that you will have to shop at some stage.

Essentially you will want kitchen and bathroom cleansing items. Then some small its to have around the kitchen for breakfast and maybe a snack. The restaurants are so good in places like Lagos and Albufeira that most people eat out. I personally like to try and cook the local cuisine such as bacalhau Portuguese salted dried cod. Or to try the various local wines and not have to pay restaurants prices.

Apart from groceries and drink the ladies in a group will want to survive the local fashion. Whether you on a self catering holiday or stay in a local hotel this can be easily arranged in the Algarve.

My only shopping advice will extend to listing the names and locations of the various supermarkets and shopping centres in the Algarve near your self catering accommodation.

Food and cleaning items the following supermarkets are first class.

All these supermarkets will improve your self catering experience in any of the resorts listed:

Pingo Doce is a Portuguese company with a number of supermarkets in the Algarve. They provide an excellent selection of food stuffs are very reasonable prices. Great value for fish and meat on different days of week.

Be prepared to adjust to Portuguese brands most don’t stock English/Irish type sausages or bacon/rashers. But can be got in other location alternatively a proper breakfast is not expensive and easily located.

Speaking of food in some Pingo Doce outlets and adequate lunch can be purchased for a very reasonable €4. In all outlets coffee and cake counters are provide, this is a Portuguese way of life. If your on a self catering holiday take the time to have a Galao is the signature Portuguese style coffee that is most similar to a latte or cappuccino. Served in a tall glass, it is rich, milky, and sweet. It is the most popular drink seen at a Portuguese coffee or pastry shop. Perfect for breakfasts or brunch, while serving in typical Portuguese style with a savory or sweet pastry on the side.

Ok where do I find this supermarket:

In Alvor, Estrada de Alvor -Urbanização S. Pedro Lavaredo Lote C 2850-087 Alvor

2850- Alvor.

In Lagos, Av. da República, Rossio de São João – 8600-643 Lagos

In Albufeira, Avenida dos Descobrimentos – Urbanização Bela Vista, 8200-127 Albufeira

Another excellent grocery shopping experience in Algarve is the French supermarket Intermarche. Check out their range of fine wines at reasonable prices you can fine a number of them in the Algarve.

In Lagos, Rua da Pedra Alçada, 8600-000 Lagos, Portugal

+351 282 780 760+351 282 780 760

In Budens, Rua da Pedra Alçada, 8600-000 Lagos

Estrada Armação De Pera, Alporchinhos,Porches, Faro

In Carvoeiro, Estrada do Poço Partido, s/nº, 8400-552 Carvoeiro

All these supermarkets will improve your self catering experience in any of the resorts listed.

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