Praia da Bata self catering beach location at its best

A wonderful local beach in the great holiday town of Lagos

A self catering holiday to the Lagos is not complete without a visit to this landmark Lagos beach on the western end of the Avenida dos Descobrimentos (the main road running along the canal), look for the fortress. Beside the fortress you enter to the beach. It can be entered through the small slipway marina or continue up the road and there is a flight of steps down to the beach. It is incredible and beautiful place to sit and relax the day away. The white sandy beach and clear blue water are nestled within this wonderful Algaravian town is not isolated as its 10 minutes walk from most areas of the town but its surrounding huge buttress walls and adjacent cliffs make it seem like an intimate retreat. Continue along the beach to its western edge you ll come to Praia dos Estudantes (students beach). On our website wonderful self-catering accommodation can be found on to far from the beach.

The sheltered cove attracts thousands of visitors every year. There are little or no wave’s ideal places for the kids to swim. It is a great location for tourists to sunbath and swim in the crystal blue water. However, the beach and small nearby slipway is also very popular among kayaker and windsurfers as base to launch into the nearby ocean.

The beach Praia da Bata (Potatoe Beach) originally got its Portuguese name from a ship that ran aground in the cove. Need I say it was carrying a cargo of potatoes which in itself creates an alluring mystery that is associated with the beach and adds an extra thrill to this idyllic location.

Lagos is an ancient maritime town with more than 2000 years of history. Historically this beach which is located at the mouth of the river meeting the Atlantic Ocean has seen centuries of invading and conquering forces. Nowadays the only invaders to be seen are sea gulls tracking the small fishing craft loaded with fish for the local markets. Also the local accommodation has changed with nice hotels and hostels and excellent self-catering holiday accommodation. If you have time visit the Fortress Ponta da Bandeira, where you ll get an insight into Lagos treasured history. This beach is the setting for one of the most genuine expressions of the traditional neighborhood, the “Banho 29”, popular festival which takes place on the evening of August 29.

There are toilets on the beach as well as a small cafe which is opened during the tourist season where soft drinks beer and water is served. Also during the holiday season life guards are present on the beach it is important to obey the posted daily flags. If you’re enjoying a self-catering rental holiday we want you to be safe.

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