On Your Bike Down In An Amsterdam Canal

A visit to Amsterdam is a great choice of holiday or short break location at any time of the year. The city is welcoming and organized to accept and accommodate large numbers of guests. There excellent hotels, hostels, and self-catering rental accommodation to suit all budgets. Then you have to plan how you intend getting around Amsterdam.

Tulips from Amsterdam


Walking is an option as city centre is relatively compact. But by far cycling is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam. You will not leave without experiencing the city’s world famous bike culture. You normally associate Asians capital cyclists riding to the streets in large numbers. A typical Amsterdam street scene sees countless cyclists heading to or from work, transporting young children to school, or carrying anything from groceries or house pets or even bulky furniture. There is no doubt cycling is part of everyday routine in the lives of Amsterdamers. The Dutch are well known for their organizational no nonsense approach to every day life. This certainly show in the organization of cycling routes and paths around Amsterdam. It has taken years of good planning to get them where they are today. Plus a substantial investment from Government funds.

Why go the Bike Way
Cycling is a win win form of transport and a great opportunity for the casual visitor to experience the fun. Many place you can hire a bike when you book a self-catering accommodation insure they have a place to keep your bike safely. As there is no value in rent a bike for a few days. It’s a very efficient and uncomplicated way of getting around Amsterdam. Its all part and parcel of the Amsterdam experience. What you need to know about cycling in Amsterdam

If your in Amsterdam ask your friends to guess how many bikes in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam alone here are over 800,000. There is a huge sense of freedom cycling around the canals and city centre. The planning of cycling routes has been meticulous, it has an unbeatable network of cycle routes and flat landscape. Cycling is nothing new to Holland it was an natural source due to its flat landscape and natural cycling paths.

Hire a bike in Amsterdam
Hiring a bike is made is easy. If you take a look at Mikes Bikes Tours you ll see that a lot of thought goes into the Bike Hire Holiday market. Mike Tours go so far as making sure you don’t stand out as a tourist on their bikes. To be fair its up to you to not act like a tourist. Ok biked is hired you are ready to go. Think safety be seen check out rules of the road in relation to cyclists. Most bike hire companies will look for a credit card deposit. They will hire the bike with or without Insurance.

Bike Power
Bike Power

Guided bike tours in Amsterdam
There are a number of companies offering guided tours of Amsterdam. More often than not those groups hiring bikes will also offer guided tours of the city. They will have a limit on their numbers and stop every so often to outline Amsterdam visitor attractions. Our self-catering accommodation is well located to bike hire outlets. When making an enquire via www.goholidaylets.com ensure your are located exactly where you want to be.

Dont forget to give the Bier Bike a try

Drink and Ride Amsterdam Style
 Drink and Ride Amsterdam Style

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