On a Self-catering holiday visit the Saturday Farmers Market in Lagos

Well worth a visit if stay in Lagos, on Western Algarve.

The fruit and vegetable market in Lagos Portugal is well worth a visit. It is located across from the EVA Bus Station on the Avendia Dos Descobrimentos.

If you have wisely chosen Lagos as a self catering base the local Saturday market is a must visit place. It has old world charm, coupled with fresh veg and fruit grown by healthy looking farmers. Note the tanned weather beaten faces and huge hands a product of toiling and tilling the earth in a strong sun for decades.. The men with the check shirt denim trousers and flat cap the women with aprons in place over their dresses. Preservatives and prickles bottled and presented on stalls for sale by bohemian Europeans that have discovered the charm of the Algarve country life.

If you’re staying in Patio Do Convento which is self- catering holiday apartments advertised on www.goholidaylets.com it is only ten minutes’ walk away.

Farmers Markets have become very popular in England and Ireland in the last 10 years. Unfortunately at these markets nowadays you would have to search to find an actual fruit of vegetable grower displaying their own produce. They instead have become more a food market than their Portuguese counter parts

The Farmers Market in Lagos though less sophisticated was created out of high ideals that were similar I have no doubt to the ideals that created the original Farmers Markets in England and Ireland many years ago.

After the revolution (as they say) in 1974 the Portuguese authorities created farmer markets concept to enable the smaller market gardeners and farmers trade their produce direct with the public.

The Lagos Farmers Market is an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience. Every Saturday the local Farmers come out early and set up their stalls which fill the area with their fabulous goods and produce and a fresh aroma. You can get anything and everything here from live chickens, to olives, to fruits, to hot chilli chains, to eggs, to homemade sweets, to flowers freshly picked by old women in the fields that morning.

Local organisations and clubs also use it as a means of collecting funds. You’ll find young girls and boys that have set up cake or craft stalls where they offer you some small item in return for a donation. They are all worthwhile causes which support the local communities.

If your staying in a local hotel or hostel or one of www.goholidaylets.com nearby self-catering apartment you should visit this market. When you visit this market take a while to get the sense of the whole place.

Nowadays they are doing fine they’ll charge you the same as local supermarket. At least the head of lettuce your handed was probably grown by that person or their family or neighbour. In the case of the supermarket lettuce it could have travelled from Northern Spain in a plastic bag hundreds of miles with thousands of others.

It all smacks of times nearly forgotten all over Europe when times were less hectic and less complicated.

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