Discover the splendour of the Algarve wine region

Discover the splendour of the Algarve wine region

Today we are going to give you a short introduction to the  Algarve as a wine producing region.  Normally when we think of The Algarve a few places come to mind smooth sandy beaches, golf course with carpets of emerald green grass, luxury Alvor Villas, and apartments to rent in Lagos.   Exquisite wine, of course, served in relaxing restaurants accompanied by some great fish dish.   What is not recognised is these superb wines are often produced from vines grown a mile from your villas in Albufeira, or your holiday rental in Lagos.

Spanish wine grapes
wine grapes

Wine Regions



This Vineyard is located a few kilometres northwest of Albufeira.  It’s very well known because it’s owned by Sir Cliff Richard.   It produces fresh white wines, though many the wines of the Algarve is usually red.

Generally, the wines are produced by a small number of cooperatives.   Nowadays like Adega Di Cantor, the production is now widespread to individuals.  The Algarve wines are known to be of high alcohol content because of the warm climate, if your Algarve Villa is close to these regions perhaps you can pay a visit to the yards and see how the process takes place. You could learn one or two things.   You ll certainly get a chance to sample some of the wine.

Quinta de Miradoura
Quinta de Miradoura

Popular Grape 

The Vitis Vinifera Vine flourishes well here in the Algarve climate; the climate is best suited for the vines long-term need since wine is produced now and then.  The bright sunshine, the warm fresh air, the cool sea breeze is ideal for grapes that are producing wines, of a high quality.  When you’re enjoying your stay in Holiday rental in Albufeira of Villa in Vilamoura you should be aware that the sublime wine your drinking is produced nearby.


The Algarve is famous for it hours of sunshine.  It so happens this climatic condition quickens the vine growing season, it enables the grapes to attain a certain juicy capacity.  The grapes are able to get the sugary taste as they continue to ripen so by the time the season ends the grapes have attained the needed sugar content. The soils here in the Algarve vary in content, some have limestone, sandstones and more sandy stones especially those along the coastline.  This is beneficial for the vineyards. It’s a good a place to rent your Algarve villa if you are the kind of person that loves the sandy beaches.

Alentejo red wine
Alentejo red wine

The grapes that are commonly used are Arinto, Malyasia, Siria, Chardonnay Viognier and Alvarinho the named category is mainly used to produce white wines.  Castelao, Negra Mole, Tourga, Nacional and Trincadeira is mostly used for red wines which is most common in the Algarve region. If you are really into wine and perhaps visiting the Algarve, choose a Villa in Lagos, or in the East Algarve an apartment in Tavira that is close to the vineyards.  It will give you the opportunity to learn more about how wine is produced, and the history behind the wines.

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Silves churches
Silves Cathedral

It is in contrast to its historical past in the era of the North African Moors, from around the 700—1200AD.  In those times  Silves was a central city of Moorish activities.  However, in this era, Silves is a quiet town that is well-situated in Western Algarve around the foothills of the Serra de Monchique Mountains.  Fantastic locations for a tranquil holiday.  Stunning holiday rentals nearby.


A Thing or Two About the Silves Town

The town is marked uniquely by the presence of Silves Castle,  with impressive entrance gates and red-coloured brick walls that bear the semblance of ancient forts.  In the distance Silves Cathedral.

In this age, it would be inaccurate to talk about Silves as a place of a hurry. It is characterized by far lesser activities than the coastal area of the Algarve. However, there is one thing that the town is renowned for its number of tourists and visitors, especially for those who have a thing for history and antiquities.   Check out the accommodation, holiday rentals in Silves are wonderful and plentiful.

Praia do Salgado Albufeira
Albufeira Beach

Why Should You Visit Silves?

If you are in search of a location to find the deep and rich history of Portugal, then you should visit Silves. It represents a view of most of the country’s history. The ambience of Silves town is a unique one, different from what you get in other parts of Portugal. It stands as a heritage from the past that the town has possessed for over five centuries now. Silves has remained immune to the infestation of modern development that has swept across the continent.

Silves Castle
World famous Silves Castle

Archaeologists and historians find a most pleasurable experience on visiting Silves..  Further afield its Arada rivers, mountains, and amazing landscapes are magnificent. Talking about the river, Silves was once a major port from which migrants disembarked from North Africa. Today that river has shrunk in volume and retired from active economic service and is now suitable for only tourist boats. It contributes to the cool of the town overall.   Check out the river tour from the nearby town of Portimao.

Taking a Trip To Silves

You can take a trip through the major tourist attractions of Lagos, Portimão, and Albufeira; and you can do all these journeys at low prices. It would take roughly 3 hours typically to take a tour around all of Silves’ historical sites, although this time can be stretched by the heat of summer.

You can make a trip on foot, but be well prepared to climb the steep terrains that lead from to the castle from the central parts of the town.



Spending Your Holiday at Silves

Some visitors and tourists go to Silves during their holidays to take some time off their hectic routine to relax in the serene embers of history—Silves. Often these visitors enjoy the remoteness associated with the town, as it is roughly 15 km from the closest beach and come along with the buzz you get in Albufeira or Vilamoura or even the other coastal parts of Algarve.

So you would understand when you find more matured nature-loving folks in Silves and less of young couples who wish to have a beach party and rock some celebration.

You can always stay in a holiday rental in Lagos, holiday rental in Albufeira or a villa in Vilamoura all of which are near Silves.

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