Easy guide to beaches of Benalmadena in Spain ?

Benalmadena is a one of Spain Holiday rental resorts that everyone has visited at some stage.  Its on the Spanish south coast in the Costa del Sol. Part of the region of Andalusia. You can book the perfect holiday here. The whole area has been developed to cater for the European and world tourist.  The wonderful Benalmadena Puerto Marina is an excellent example of tasteful design.   An area well worth a visit if you get the opportunity.  Benalmadena apartments surround this area and are very reasonable priced.  Book a cheap apartment in Benalmadena with www.goholidaylets.com.

The Benalmadena is known for its gorgeous beaches though there are other loads of attractions that you can indulge yourself in while holidaying there. Here are some of the beaches of Benalmadena that you engage in and have some fun.



Carvajal beach is good for hanging out with family and it can get busy considering there are lot of activities going on.  There are beach bars and amenities to explore; the beach is accessible by train to Carvajal.  There are many high rise building and there are shops, restaurants, Benalmadena holiday apartments and holiday rental villas within.  It’s a very clean beach therefore, ideal for small kids too. The facilities

Beaches in Spain
Spain’s Beaches

are excellent with the villas to rent in Spain that you find dotted around this beautiful coast


This beach is busy, but huge enough to accommodate lots of beach goers.  The beach is located in a central area making it easily accessible by foot, bus or road.  If you choose to drive there is a secure car park, including a spot for the disabled too.  There is a team of Red Cross volunteers who are always standby in case of an emergency.

The Nautical Club is beside where you can hire boats or take advantage of the many water sport facilities. You can get sunbeds, sunshades & beach showers for hire.  Easy to find suitable  Benalmadena holiday apartment here.



Playa de Spain
Spanish Beach

Its high standards of cleanliness and excellent facilities have been recognised by the European Blue Flag award.  There are some exquisite villa Benalmadena type properties most with their own private


This is a beach where the whole family can have fun. Boats and jet skis can be rented out. There is even a beach football pitch set up, complete with goalposts. Whether as player or a spectator, the football adds to the lively, family atmosphere. Volleyball is another option on this lively beach. You can also try windsurfing and sailing or try your hand at fishing.

There are several beach bars and restaurants to chose from and other amenities include; car parking, sunshades and beach beds, showers, public toilets, a children’s’ park and facilities for the disabled.

At the end of a relaxing day at the beach, Benalmadena becomes a great place for nightlife. Whatever kind of cuisine you are looking for, you are sure to find a restaurant that will suit your tastes .  Book a villa rental in Andalusia today online with www.goholidaylets.com.  Go holiday with a villas Spain holiday.

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An area worth exploring 

Ok its not the most popular Algarve holiday rental destination.  Booking a holiday in a Algarve Villa type property in nearby Tavira would be more popular.  Never the less Vila Real de Santo Antonio is a stunning holiday location.  It is located on the Rio Guadiana; which is the river that divides Algarve from Spain.  If you stand on the far eastern edge of Vila Real on the side of the street you can easily see the Spanish coastline and the bridge that connects the town to Spain.

Gold in Eastern Algarve
Tavira golf

Charming place

Vila real is a relaxing and very peaceful town and it’s ideal for everyone who like the quiet side of life, or have a different holiday away from home. The place is charming with a lot to see and do.  Especially those who like learning about the local culture.  It is also ideal for taking walks and cycling since the area is flat.

Sandy Beaches

Vila Real has a gorgeous open sandy beach, which stretches for several kilometers.  There is a narrow road that is used to access the beach. There is plenty of parking if you decide to drive to the beach.

Lots to explore

There are lots of places to explore around Vila Real but one to make top of your agenda is Cacela Velha. It is a very small village with a handful of typically Algarvean whitewashed houses around a Church and a fort situated on the waterfront just past Manta Rota.  There isn’t a lot to do there it has to be said, but the village and the views are truly delightful. There are a couple of restaurants if you want to linger for a while – the one on the right just as you come into the village has an upstairs terrace giving great panoramic views across the beaches of Manta Rota and Monte Gordo to Vila Real all set against a backdrop of lush green countryside. About the only sounds ‘disturbing’ the total peace and quiet are from the birds and a few chickens!

Booking a holiday in one of stunning villas in Algarve is always a good choice.   Booking one near Vila Real is an excellent choice.  Nearby Tavira apartments are always in demand.   As are the wonderful East Algarve Golf courses.


The pretty Spanish town of Ayamonte, on the opposite bank of the Guadiana is fun to visit for a tapas lunch and maybe a spot of shopping! To save driving, a ferry regularly crosses between the two towns – the journey takes around 15 minutes. Just remember that Spain is an hour ahead of Portugal!

This is a great place to explore with family too as there are Ayamonte holiday apartments and Spanish villas situated close by most of the exciting places that you intend to visit.  This makes movement easier and with ease.

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Eat what  the locals eat.

If you are planning a trip or already planned for a holiday in Portugal, booked online a villa Algarve or apartments in  Albufeira.  Next thing to do is go online and research activities and restaurants.  Push it a step further and check out Portuguese cuisine.  You can  plan ahead of time what to eat and where to eat it while there. Perhaps you will ask what is Portuguese food like? What are the traditional dishes? In this article we look at the superb  food you can have while in Portugal in some  great restaurants.  Most of supermarkets and restaurants will supply meals and foods as takeaway. So while lounging in the sun at the pool in one of the many luxurious Algarve Villas enjoy a meal el fresco.


Bacalhau which is salted and dried cod fish is something you will always find in the Menu in most Portuguese restaurants. There is no specific way to cook this dish, its believed the recipe changes everyday. Bacalhau is more like lasagna with layers of co fish, onions, diced potatoes and cream.

This is a must try dish while in Portugal.  Always reasonably priced and very available.



There is plenty of sea food in Portugal. The most popular being cuttlefish a dish with chocos.  This is the seafood you have to try, its unique and can only be found in Portugal – Percebes, the creatures are the size of a thumb, tube shaped and the shells are small, but once you bite them you want stop, you will eat and look for more.  Mostly found in restaurants close to the sea.  If you choose a villa to rent in Albufeira for instance you ll fine this dish locally.

Salad based on fish
Fish salad


Most countries eat soup and bread as an accompaniment.  The Portuguese enjoy making soup with bread.  There are two different version of bread soup or Acorda. In Lisbon the bread is mused and cooked with shrimp. It is a delicacy. Tried it once in an Lagos restaurant didn’t  particularly like it.  Maybe I ll give it another go.


Then there is Alentejana, where olive oil and garlic is spread over the slices of bread and topped with a poached egg. Very Portuguese.


The popular Cataplana fish stew is a must to have  while on a Portugal holiday rental holiday. A signature dish from way back. The ingredients differ from region to region and restaurants.  The ingredients of white fish, seafood, potatoes, peppers and some chili will always remain the same. Eat it straight from the pot with warm crusty bread. When you go to Rome do what the Romans do.  Most of our Portugal Apartment, Villa’s in Portugal are located close to  restaurants that serve these dish.  To be fair you can say this about all of Portugal.  The one thing the Portuguese have in common is they like their food and like to enjoy good company while doing so. To enjoy all these dishes book online a holiday rental on www.goholidaylets.com.  We have a number of excellent location to choose from . Have a look at one of the excellent Lagos villas most with private pools.  Or apartments  in Albufeira depending on your requirements.  Book early as villas Portugal is a very popular search topic.

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A taste of Spain for all to enjoy.

We have written a brief introduction to the wines of Spain to encourage you to research a little more and ultimately to go and explore the taste.

We came across a few wine slogans and thought it would be interesting to share :    “a wine with its own style”, ” pure Spanish character”.

The Major regions of wine in Spain are in the northern part of the country the Rioja and Ribera Del Duero.  The latter you ll find will be associated with Portuguese wine  as the valley of the Douro river produces great wines in both regions.   Neither areas in Spain are renowned for their tourist numbers.  Though its possible to book online line  splendid villas in Spain from where you can visit these areas.  Of course goes without saying you ll get to taste wonderful Spanish wine.  Later on in the article we will suggest places locate and enjoy a wine tour holiday.

Wine research

Spain has many brands of fine wine. Needless to say Spain has much more to offer in than just wines.   But wine is so much part of the local cultural its worth while to take a brief look and some research.   We find our guest include wine discovery and taste as one of the benefits of a holiday rental in Spain.   Apart for the magnificent taste great value can be had in supermarkets that stock superb wines.

Classic Wines

Spain has also a number of old classic perhap we write another time about them.  It’s said the older the berry the sweeter the wine right.  Or is that the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune.

What to look for

Spanish wine grapes
wine grapes


Just two hours north of Madrid by car, you will find one of Spain’s most renowned wine regions.  It is said nowhere else in the world does the Tremranillo grape variety grow to higher heights, making wines with great taste, colour and excellent quality. This area could be visited by booking online a villa in Spain rural areas or one of the villas in Portugal which is nearby.  You could drive from Porto to this area.  A good online search option would be any apartments in Porto of one of the superb villas in Porto.   Ryanair fly here regularly from many locations



This wine region is a small area in the south west of Spain, South of the great city of Barcelona.    It is now one of world’s newer regions for bold red wine.  In this region you will find amazing rich in taste red wines made from Garnacha and Carigan which are two of Spain’s native varieties. The area may sound not wine related but its wine are very rich in flavor. A apartment in Barcelona or any of the many villas in Barcelona would be ideal locations as base to explore this region

PENEDÉS: is in Catalonia, is also south of Barcelona. It’s the home of most Spanish sparkling wines, known as Cava. Penedes is also a large producer of both red and white wines.  Villas in Barcelona would be a good accommodation base for here.

RÍAS BAIXAS:  In the Galicia area north of Portugal.  The region is in the north west of Spain, next to the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal.  The area is now becoming familiar due to its tasty white wine the Albarino which is made from the Albarino grape family.

NAVARRA: This is an area northeast of Rioja that is well known for its dry rose wines, this region has strong red wines.  The Navvara red wines are least expensive than the more famous Rioja wines.

TORO: This region is in Castile and Leon  north west Spain. it is growing fast and it’s becoming one of Spain’s best red wine regions.  The climate is conducive and the soils are ideal for in producing red wines; mainly from the Tempranillo grape variety.

RUEDA: A region west of Ribera Del Duero, produces one of Spain’s best white wines from the Verdejo grape. The wine is clean and fresh, has good fruit character, and is inexpensive.

You ll note Spains wine producing regions are in the North East and North west where climate landscape and soil are conductive to the productions of fine wines.  From the outline of the wine regions you can tell Spain has great and rich wines.  Pick a bottle or two, enjoy at the pool side in the comfort of your  holiday rental Spain apartments or  Spanish villas, and remember to tag some bottles along with you back home.

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The ancient historic town of Silves is the  perfect holiday rental location.  It’s a very relaxing and tranquil are of the Algarve.  Its rich historical heritage is everywhere to be seen.  Silves Castle stands as  a constant reminder of the rich and famous past as a Moorish capital. It is a charming town with orange and lemon trees standing on the banks of the Arade River.  You find the cathedral, cafes,  Silve holiday apartments and villas Algarve type properties throughout this area.  There are boat trips from Portimao to Silves along the Rio Arade, a nice way to explore the area of Silves.

Silves has always been considered an ideal place for a memorable holiday. Numerous enticing restaurants some of which are within reach of very well equipped Algarve Apartments with shared pools.  All the renowned restaurants  where you can dine and wine on excellent Portuguese cuisine and Portuguese wine.   Silves is a great location to explore the beauty of the surrounding Algarve.



Silves is not located far from the coast; hence you can have a share fair of the country and seaside. If you are holidaying with children you ll find Algarve water parks slide and slash nearby.  Zoo marine is superb place to visit and  you can pop in for some shopping at the Algarve Shopping mall too get a few presents for your family or friends back home.  There is the Zoo M which has a great food court.

Here are some of the Algarve attractions that you can visit while staying in Silves:




Situated overlooking the town below Silves Castle the castle is considered the best preserved of the Moorish castle in Portugal.


Igreja do Divino Salvador, Matriz de Alvor (Church of the Divine Saviour) dates back to the 16th century, as does its best feature, the Manueline styled doorway.


The sea cliffs on the western edge of Lagos create the fantastic rock formation of Ponta da Piedade. Access to this group of caves and sea arches is via hundreds of steps cut into the cliffs.

There are beautiful beaches in the area too that can explore in Lagos.   Book a villa in Algarve or an apartment in Silves and make sure there is a pool.  They say you can never get enough of Portugals Silves.  Book a five bed Algarve villas nearby and find out for yourself.  With trusted reviews book online with www.goholidaylets.com.

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The surrounding of orange trees and dining in chilly nights with a bonfire creates a gorgeous atmosphere for eating.  This is a set up you find in Silves.  Most of the foods you find served in the restaurants is fresh no additives. This makes the restaurants worth visiting and you will always find new cuisines every week.

Lets look at some of the restaurants you can chill out have a good meal and sipping some of  Douro wines, great wines by the way.


The restaurant is located in a country farmhouse. The restaurant has a outside garden dining area that provides a relaxing ambience. If you prefer dining with a lit fireplace beside you the inside has such a setting especially when the nights are cold.  In the menu the traditional baked wild fish is top, the Mirandesa too.

There desserts are to die for, mouth watering (some are gluten free).  There is wine made by the owner of the restaurant which you can try out.


The restaurant is located in Mercado Municipal de Silves. It has excellent customer service, who are quick to serve your meals. If you like the outside set up the shades provide a cooling atmosphere for enjoying that well made chicken which happens to be the signature dish here.  There is lots of salad to choose from as accompaniment and a wide choice of drinks to choose and enjoy them while enjoying the whistling of the birds that relax under the shades.

For sea food lovers, this is the restaurant to be, it’s located at Rua Comendador, Vilarinho.  The restaurant is very popular with tourist and locals too.  Make a reservation or get there early to secure a table as the restaurant is jam packed with people enjoying the grilled sardines.

From the number of diners here, you can tell this is definitely a great seafood restaurant that you should try.

These are not the only restaurants that you can dine in while at Silves.  There are a great number of them offering variety of cuisines to choose from.



The delights of Seville

If an opportunity ever arises to visit the wondrous city of Seville in Spain Andalusia region makes the most of it.   You will not regret visiting this ancient vibrant Spanish city.

Home to ascetically pleasing architecture, on the hand the ancient Seville Cathedral on the other the Modern Mushrooms  Metropol Parasol.

Wonderful Spanish resort of Ibiza
Ibiza Spain

Because it is both a tourist and student city locations for eating and drinking and plentiful and exciting.   On our first visit here we discovered the bucket of beer.  A small beer branded bucket complete with ice and four or five bottles of beer.  Primary aimed at student market but available for all to enjoy in company of others.  Most likely served in a bar which also supplies its patrons with reasonable priced tapas.    Being in Seville as a holidaymaker and having booked your holiday rental in Seville be it a holiday apartment or a stunning Spanish villa, lets look at some of the restaurants that you can dine in.

Faro Fishing Fleet
Fishing vessel in Faro


The restaurant is owned by the Becerra family.  The restaurants serve pure Andalucía food since way back in the 70’s.   It is located in a building from the 17th century; its marble columns were derived from Italics.  Enrique Becerra has a huge wine cellar filled with local wines.  If you are a wine lover then this is the restaurant to be.

This restaurant is best known for sourcing excellent raw materials.  The ingredients are filled with a seasonal menu in a very impressive dining room next to the Jardines de Murillo.  Dishes served here include Cerviche of monkfish and grouper with clams and olive oil, salad with sherry vinegar and spider cram in San Sebastian style. It’s a good restaurant to try out something new and extraordinary.

Salad of chicken
Chicken Salad


La Moneda is a great and reasonably priced restaurant for local fish and seafood. Have the sea urchin eggs or langoustines for a starter, and move on to the monkfish casserole, swordfish in Manzanilla or sea bream in a salt crust.

The ground floor houses a large bar, and the first floor a magnificent dining room with a rustic interior. The food in this bustling restaurant is mostly Andalucian, and its specialities include seafood such as Marqués de Villalúa clams.

There are very many other great restaurants in this area of Seville that serve greatly and well-made cuisines. The good thing there is takeouts that you can order from these restaurants and enjoy while enjoying the sun rays from the comfort of your holiday apartment Seville style or luxurious villas.

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How to experience the ultimate unique Algarve holiday in Salema

How to experience the ultimate unique Algarve holiday in Salema

The unique Algarve experience 

Salema in the western Algarve is a unique holiday expereince.  This popular former fishing village on the coastal area  of the  Algarve it’s just an hour from the main airport in Faro. The area has become a very sought atfer tourist destination. The Salema bay offer clear waters and gorgeous sandy beaches. Though the main enterprise is nowadays not fishing, you will still find some fishing boats in the waters.  Mostly used by fishermen to catch fish to supply to the restaurants.  Any Algarve villas rental holiday is always unique.  Book a villa in Salema to enjoy that ultimate experience


Lagos Marina Boats
Boat Resting near Lagos Marina

This holiday rental resort is a suitable place for everyone no matter the age bracket;. It’s  peace and quietness making it an ideal  holiday location for people looking to enjoy the tranquility in amazing surroundings. Algarve villa rentals in this location having sensational  views either of the surrounding undulating  countryside or vast blue sea.  Salema apartments are located in  serene environment also. The locals are friendly people and once you visit you are assured of a great time They make feel you like you are home and one of theirs.

The high cliffs that surround the beach allow great shelter all throughout the year.  The white painted Algarve holiday apartments and Algarve villas look onto the beach making it a very pleasant view.  It is rarely cold in this area of the Algarve, its just the perfect place to be for that perfect holiday rental vacation.

During the winters, the temperatures are still moderate.  During January and February your find the occasional soul sun bathing.  The waters are slightly cooler but the days are still warm.  The sea off Salema beach  is very secure for families to enjoy and you will find some great water sports for you to take part in.

The village may be small, but like many others in the Algarve, it is perfectly formed. There are shops, bars and restaurants for you to use and if you want to explore further afield hiring a car is very simple. However, everything you will need is in the village, and the locals will love to help you whilst you are staying in Salema.

Some of the locals communicate in English making it easier to strike up a conversation with them.

There are many other places in the Algarve to choose nowadays. Such as apartments in Lagos  however some dont like resort that are busy and built up. If you are looking for the ideal place to unwind, and appreciate the local cuisine and atmosphere Salema is for you. This picturesque village has remained one of the picture post card villages throughout the Algarve.

You’re guaranteed a relaxing holiday and appreciate the simple things in life here. Find your perfect holiday rental.  Book a villa in the Algarve online today on www.goholidaylets.com. You can never go wrong when you book a villas in Portugal type holiday.


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Whenever you have a planned a holiday in a foreign country, at times question like where can one eat some really good food? What kind of cuisines is served in those restaurants?  We all love good food right! Amacao De Pera is home to very great restaurants that make sure your hunger is fully satisfied and ensures that you have that “local” experience. Make sure your holiday rental accommodation has some nice cafes and restaurants nearby.


Here are of some its restaurants that offer value for your money.


Fish lovers, this is the restaurant that you should have your meal.  The menu offers sea bass, mackerel and the most deliciously made salmon.  The quantity is impressive, you eat and eat and eat no more. The fish is accompanied by boiled potatoes, bread and tomato salad and still you order the type of accompaniment of your choice. The wine served is outstanding.  Its worth trying it out.

The staff is friendly and attentive to detail. You’re definitely assured of an authentic dining experience. A must visit when in Amacao de Pera.

Peace of advice, get there the earliest you can.


The restaurant is a family friendly restaurant. A great spot.  The owner is a humorous person and great with children.  He, in fact, offers them free lollipops. If you are traveling with young children this is the place to take them.

The scenery is stunning.  It overlooks the beach, a magnificent view while having your meals.

Salad of chicken
Chicken Salad

The service is excellent makes you feel relaxed and welcome.  In the menu, there is mushroom chicken a delicacy, shrimp, squid, lobster, crab and lots of other sea food.  The sea foods are fresh from the ocean caught on a daily basis.

The beauty of this restaurant is that the owner checks on all the customers, ensuring that they are comfortable and enjoying the experience of being there.  This is definitely a place worth visiting.


The Bistro 24 offers a combination of English and Mediterranean with a great success.  The food is all fresh all the time prepared and presented to perfection.

The menu has varied dishes like mushroom risotto which is a signature dish here, tasteful and well creamed, Sirloin steak served with a variety of vegetables, prawns and a variety of salads all served at a reasonable price. There are other greatly made foods on the menu to choose from. The Bistro 24 is a hidden gem. Do not be limited by the mentioned restaurants there are a number of other magnificent restaurants in this region of Amacao De Pera.

Lagos home of good food
Lagos Dine in style

Whenever you plan a trip, ensure that it is your duty to enjoy the experience of the restaurants in the place of your visit.  Great food! Great stay.

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PRAIA DA ROCHA: is just one (albeit the largest) of the beaches along this stretch of Portimao coastline.  The others are

Praia dos Tres Castelos,

Praia do Amado,

Praia dos Careanos,

Praia do Vau and

Praia do Barranco das Canas (Alemão)

All within easy reach of each other


This beach is on the corner if viewing from Portimao marina.  This is a beautiful beach with the golden sands, the beach is not only long but also very wide and during summer time too there is plenty of room for beach goers.

There is a wooden walkway running the entire beach with a section of cafes, restaurants, Praia de Rocha Holiday Apartments  behind it making it easy for families to have easy access to the beach.  Towards Alvor you will find wonderful Algarve villas dotted alone the coastline.

The beach has several access points along is dimensions. There are several lifeguard stations along the dimensions with first aid post.  During summer visitors can rent sunshades and there are sports like jet ski, windsurfing, pedaling. There is lot of competition that takes place during summer.

The beach is under supervision hence safety is guaranteed.


The beach is in the west of Praia da Rocha. It has various outcrops and curving cliffs and its larger than it appears at first sight. The beach derives its name from the isolated rock formation in the sea which is typical of the coastal landmarks.

You can access the beach on foot from the western end of Tomas Cabreira Avenue, where there is a wide paved walkway running along the cliff top above the beach, you can access by climbing down the cliffs.

If you are accessing the beach by car, there is some parking space near the beach just after the fountain roundabout. The beach has sunbeds for hire and there are bars and restaurants incase you want to relax and have some food or a drink. The beach is supervised during the beach season.


The beach is just to the west of Praia da Rocha and has a lovely, sheltered position beneath the red and ochre coloured cliffs. There is a small car park just off the Fountain roundabout on the main dual carriageway just before Praia da Rocha if you are lucky enough to find a parking space!

For pedestrians there is a wide paved walk way along the cliffs from the end of Tomas Cabreira Avenue, this is the best way to view the area while going to the beach. Access to Amado beach is by way of fairly steep wooden steps down the cliff from the car park so perhaps not the easiest place to get to for families with young children.

Praia do Amado is a supervised beach during the bathing season. The good thing about these beaches most of them have holiday villas or holiday apartments situated nearby.

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