How to discover the taste of Wine in The Western Algarve

How to discover the  taste of Wine  in The Western Algarve

Wine Production in The Western Algarve


The Algarve has been phenomenally popular with visitor from Northern Europe for a few decades.  Golf in particular has been a huge attraction and to cater for the demand challenging golf courses and golf links have been developed. Sunshine is the main attraction as Portugal has very few days without sunshine.   To provide accommodation for these visitors created a secondary business opportunity was created  and the likes of apartments to rent in Albufeira had to be also been developed.  Not alone Albufeira but apartments to rent in Lagos and Villas to rent in Alvor and other places sprung and are  great value in excellent location.  Some luxurious hotels also were added to the mix.

Next  the Portuguese had to add food and excellent restaurants popped up serving local food accompanied by excellent Portuguese Wines.
Today we would like to give you a short introduction to the Algarve as a wine producing region. Normally when we think of The Algarve a few memories and  places come to mind smooth sandy beaches, golf course with carpets of emerald green grass, luxury Algarve Villas, and apartments Algarve style. Wine yes of course in relaxing restaurants no awareness of the fact some are produced from vines grown a few miles from the villas in Albufeira you might have rented.
Wine Regions Wine Types of the Algarve



Quinta de Miradoura
Quinta de Miradoura


Quinta do Miradouro – Álamos, 8200-443 Guia, Albufeira   Location map
Tel 968 776 971 When villas in Albufeira or any Western Algarve villas this vineyard or winery is easily reached.    Tours can be arranged contact their Tel Phone or website for details

Quinta do Francis
Quinta do Frances

Sítio da Dobra Odelouca
Cx P 862H
8300-037 SILVES – PORTUGAL  Location map

Located in the hills above Silves in the valley of the Odelouca River The vineyard covers an area of 8 hectares.   Because of it location it is near most Apartments Algarve for holiday rent.  They area would have a lot of holiday villas.  Tours are welcome.

Quinta do Morgado da Torre
Quinta do Morgado da Torre

3. Quinta do Morgado da Torre, Sitio da Penina, 8500-156 Alvor Location map
GPS N 37º 10′ 06”W 08º 34′ 45s   They brand some of their wines as Alvor

They have Syrah and Chardonnay wines  Located near the Penna 5 Star Golf Resort. A base at Alvor apartments would be ideal for a visit here

Monte Castelja
Monte Casteleja

4. Monte da Casteleja
Cx Postal 3002-I, 8600-317 Lagos, Portugal  Location map
phone. / fax: (00 351) 282 798 408 mob. bookings: (00 351) 91 782 90 59

You could travel here from any apartments algarve that you have rented Most suitable for those that rent in lets say Alvor apartment a villa in Lagos or a Praia da Luz villa

Open all year round for tours.

This winery is produced on an organic bases.  It takes a lot of work from the owner

This region produces fresh white wines, though it is known to many the wines of the Algarve is usually red. The wines are produced by a small number of cooperatives. With wineries like those listed the production is now widespread to other individuals. The Algarve wines are known to be of high alcohol content because of the warm climate. If your Algarve Villa is close to these regions perhaps you can pay a visit to the yards and see how the process takes place. They are a number of websites offer various wine tours. But chose wisely as they vary in cost and some might turn out expensive for a family.
The Vitis Vinifera Vine flourishes well here in the Algarve. The climate is best suited for the vines long term need, since wine is produced over a long period. The bright sunshine, the warm fresh air, the cool sea breeze is what the grapes want for producing wines, of high quality.
When in your holiday rental at Algarve Apartment enjoy the fresh air the breeze from the sea too while enjoying the tasty alcohol from the great local vineyards.
The climatic conditions quicken the vine growing season, this enables the grapes to attain a certain juicy capacity. The grapes are able to get a sugary taste as they continue to ripen so by the time the season ends the grapes have attained the needed sugar content. The soils here in the Algarve vary in content, some have limestone, sandstones and more sandy stones especially those along the coastline. This is beneficial for the vineyards. It’s a good a place to rent your Algarve villa if you are the kind of person that loves the sandy beaches.
The grapes that are commonly used are Arinto, Malyasia, Siria, Chardonnay Viognier and Alvarinho the named category is mainly used to produce white wines. Castelao, Negra Mole, Tourga, Nacional and Trincadeira is mostly used for red wines which is most common in the Algarve region. If you are really into wine and perhaps visiting the Algarve, choose an Algarve Villa or Apartments algarve that is close to the vineyards if you want to learn more of how its produced, the history behind the wines. Enjoy the Algarve wines and carry some back home for your folks more so grab a bottle enjoy it in your apartment before leaving the wine region.

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