Take a Walk on the East Side of the Algarve

Take a Walk on the East Side of the Algarve

When you think of Eastern Algarve Beaches what exactly comes in mind? I bet a beautiful image of warm calm waters, pine trees,  clean sandy  beaches. Coupled with energetic  beach walks, relaxing while enjoying the sun, water sports. Being able to gather to dine in the restaurants around the beach fringes with family and friends. While staying in a beautiful Algarve apartments or in one of the villas in Algarve that are within reach of a beach, allowing you to have breath of fresh air from the unlimited ocean. Eastern Algarve beaches will give you all that you are looking for and more.

Have your sunglasses with you in case of the hot sun and sunscreen to avoid sunburns, your bikini and other essentials, and its now time to go have a memorable few days at one of these gorgeous beaches.



Map of Praia da Barrinha
The beach is located on Ilha de Tavira, it’s about 18km long.  Barril being in the centre beach.  This beach is huge and favoured  by children because of its small train. Most of the buildings there have been transformed into cafes, restaurants and other facilities to suit the tourist needs. You will also find newly built Algarve Villas in case you wish to stay close to the beach. The beach is usually busy during the summer because of the favorable climate.


Praia das Cabanas

The Cabanas is located approximately 7km east of Tavira. If you like fishing this is the ideal place for you to be. There is a walkway or boardwalk that you can use to take walks or choose to relax on the seats or in the sunshades while listening to water splashing around the boats. You can choose to have a short boat trip and see the lagoon and if you are a strong swimmer  you can swim across. A good way to keep fit.


Praia de Fabrica
Praia de Fabrica   

Praia de Fabrica
You can reach the Fabrica Beach by the water taxi especially if your Algarve Villa or Apartment in Algarve is closeby.  If you have a car look for somewhere to park then take a walk down the slipway to the left of the waterside restaurant and wait for the arrival of the next boat.  It’s just a short crossing when there are low tides. You can then walk into the sand dunes on the wooden path and go down to the beach.  Doesn’t it sound idyllic. !!!
FARO ISLAND Praia de Faro


Praia de Faro
Praia de Faro

Map of Praia de Faro
This island has a beautiful blue flag beach. If you are the kind of person that enjoys  sun, sea and sand Faro Island is a paradise for you wait to get here. The Island is mainly linked to the mainland by a road via a narrow bridge. The island has a cluster  of typical modern Algarve Villas.  The beach front restaurants are of a high quality and with easy reach of sand and water.
There are a number of other beaches that you can explore at the Eastern Algarve, and capture great pleasurable moments, the important thing is to have a beachy holiday at the Algarve.

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Golf in the East of the Algarve

Golf in the East of the Algarve


When you think of the Eastern Algarve in Portugal what often comes in mind is golf and its magnificent golf courses.  This landscape describes itself the moment you arrive, you can see its a golfing zone. The natural undulating hills on slush green fairways protected by Portuguese natural scrub land you will also find the links course adjacent to pristine sand dunes covered in various coastal grasses.  Therein add bright sunshine and adequate natural water supply and you have an idyllic location for golf.   Villas in Portugal are an ideal accommodation for a golfing holiday even if only a quick golf break with friends.  The area is considered one of the best golf destinations in Europe, you can tell from the number of visitors that tour the area through the year and probably because of the good climate thus bringing the players from everywhere around the world.

Depending on your destination, and where your Algarve apartment is you have a wide range choice of Golf Courses to choose from:


Benamor Golf Course
Benamor Golf Course


The Golf Course is located roughly 7km East of Tavira, Benamor.  The course is a 18 hole course.  The course is rippling but not very hilly and has lovely views both to the north and south of the mountains and the Atlantic. Here water perils and trenches are located strategically to test the golfers’ strategy and accuracy. Benamor Golf has that come back feeling, its easy to make scores here.  Any of our Algarve Villas or Algarve apartments in the Eastern would be suitable as a accommodation for this golf course.


Quinta Da Ria  Golf Links
Quinta Da Ria Golf Links


This is also another stunning 18 hole golf course located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park.  The area is flat such that it gives you a beautiful view of the sea.  The Golf course is said to pose a lesser challenge that its relative course at Quinta da Cima. The beautiful lakes in the course are also used as water reservoirs for irrigation purposes. You can view the mountains and the sea from any point of the course.  The surrounding orange orchards and vineyards contribute largely to the beauty of the course.  There are well maintained Algarve villas located in the vicinity of the course too.


Quinta de Cima Golf


This Golf Course is considered to be a more challenging track than Quinta Da Ria. This advertised as  a peaceful course and you can also view the sea and mountains which obviously are capturing to the human eye. For those golfers who love to be close to nature this is the ideal golf course .

Whichever of the courses you choose, the courses green fees, tee time booking services for all the courses that are available online.  If your are thinking of booking a villa in Portugal and are interested in golf this area will suit you.  You can check green fees rate from their websites rates.


If you want to play golf on a regular basis then its advisable that your Algarve Villa or  rented Apartment in Algarve  is located near a golf course for easier access to and from the courses.  Most holiday rentals in Portugal are near a golf course.  Have wonderful golf Eastern Algarve golfing experience.

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Religious Services Western Algarve

Religious Services Western Algarve

This is a brief outline of religious services in the Western Algarve . Most of them can be found on Google with directions to travel.
Portugal is still known as a Roman Catholic country but like a lot of the Western World church attendance has fallen.
You might not want to attend a regular service but young English and Irish couples regularly get married here so basic contact information is worth filing. Havn’t got into much detail of any of the churches but some of the churches have great historical stories .

To avoid confusion Igreja = is a Portuguese word referring to church.


Lets start with Lagos which is well known among visitors through Europe and very popular for weddings. Its have great tourist accommodation Lagos Villas and apartments in Lagos are renowned.
The RC church here is the beautiful St Marys of the Assumption. The present PP is a friendly man but speaks very little English. All church services are in Portuguese and he takes his time so be prepared for a long service. Beautiful wedding location as its adjacent to the centre of Lagos.  In the case of a wedding there is excellent accommodation here Lagos villas and apartments to rent in Lagos are in huge demand book online early if possible.

Igreja de Santa Maria
Igreja de Santa Maria

Igreja de Santa Maria
No reviews · Church
Praça Infante D. Henrique, Lagos, Algarve

St. Mary of Assumption
Santa Maria, Praca Infante D. Henrique
Lagos, 8601 – 901 Portugal

Praia da Luz

Next is Praia da Luz a very popular tourist resort. Praia da Luz villas and Apartments in Praia da Luz as holiday accommodation are equally important.

This beautiful church which was built in medieval time is called Our Lady of Light Nossa Senhora da Luz it was originally constructed in and around the year 1521. Due to the devastation of an earthquake in Portugal in 1755 the church received severe structural damage it was restored in 1874 . Once again it received server damage in a violent storm and the earthquake of 1969.
The Church today has a unique position as it belongs to the Portuguese Roman Catholic Church, but the St Vincent’s Anglican congregation can use the church and is part of the Church of England, Dioceses in
Europe and the Anglican Communion. Services are in English and everyone is welcome to worship at the Church.

Contact: – 282 789 660 to check for times.
Praia da Luz Portuguese RC – Sunday at 09.30

English Anglican – Sunday 08.00 and 11.30.

Check times on board outside church.

Phone: 282762723 | Fax: 282762723
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Diocese of Evora
Travessa de S. Pedro,
Portimao, PT 8500–759
Phone 282414515

Sunday Mass 11am.

Alvor Parish Church
Alvor Parish Church
Saviour of the Sea Church Alvor
Saviour of the Sea Church Alvor


Alvor seems to be the number one location for Irish Weddings in the Algarve Padre Max has celebrated many over the years.

His diary is continuously full. It is not surprising as Alvor has many Irish visitor. The holiday rental Alvor apartments and Alvor villas are known to be well located and in pristine condition.
The Patron Saint is the Divine Savior of Alvor (São Salvador). The church is celebrating is 500 year anniversary this year.
The Igreja de Alvor has 6.00pm Saturday Evening (English) Alvor Church, Portimaõ 10.00am Sunday Morning (Portuguese) Alvor Church, Portimaõ.

12 noon Sunday (Portuguese) St Andrew’s Church, Penina, Alvor

6.00pm Every evening, Church of St Francis Xavier until Dec 8th and from then Portimão main Church, both near the shopping street, Portimão

9.00am Every morning, Church of St Francis Xavier until Dec 8th and from then Portimão main Church, both near the shopping street, Portimão

10.00am Sunday morning, open air, St Catherine Church, Fortress, Praia da Rocha Ph: 919 273 441.

Alvor M Pantilla Apartments
Alvor M Pantilla Apartments


Another great holiday location is Albufeira very popular with young and old alike At www.goholidaylets.com we have some wonderful accommodation in the locality. All Algarve Villas and apartments Algarve are worth checking out. Villas in Albufeira have always been popular.

For services or weddings check out

Beautiful church in Albufeira
Beautiful church in Albufeira

Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Tv. da Igreja Matriz, 6 – 8200-183 ALBUFEIRA Can easily be found on Google maps or just give address to taxi.
Mass at: Saturday: 18:00, 22:00 (Summer), Sunday: 09:30, 11:00, 19:00 (Summer) Tel Ph: 289 585 526

Please take note of the following:
International Christian Fellowship

11.00am Sunday. Just off Ave. 25 de Abril, Portimão in “The Bridge” room Cedipraia Shopping centre.

Ph: 282 461 985
International Community Church

They are a gather from the community of various nationalities and many different walks of life, with a common religious interest.

10.30am Sunday, No. 5 Travessa de Santo Amaro, Lagos Ph: 282 697 546
International Evangelical Church of The Algarve

10.30am Sunday Vale Judeu , En 125.

Ph: 289 328 635
Lagoa Christian Fellowship
11.00am Sunday, EN 125, Porches Retail Park, Vale de Lousas, Alcantarilha.
St Vincent’s Anglician Church
Sunday Services

9.30am Igreja N. Sra. De Fatima, EN 125 between Quatro Estradas, Almancil

St Luke’s: Anglican church at Monte Palagueira This is a dedicated Anglican Church The chose the location to make it reachable for a sizeable congregation in the area in Tavira, Faro and the surrounding areas.
There is a Sunday Eucharist each Sunday morning at 11.30 am.

Church of England Service in the Algarve
Church of England Service in the Algarve

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Fish Soup Portuguese Style

Fish Soup Portuguese Style


Whether you chose Portugal for its holiday villas or wonderful weather and coastline you’re always guaranteed of mouth watering foods. That is served in great restaurants serving delicious traditional food. A holiday in one of the splendid Algarve villas is all about fine dining. After settling in at your chosen holiday villas it will be time to enjoy the local cuisine. One suggestion would be to try a Portuguese fish soup. We think you will not be disappointed. Let’s give you an insight into the ingredients of the soup.

This fish stew consists of :
1. fish stock,
2. cabbage.
3. ripe tomatoes.
4. extra virgin oil,
5 potatoes,
6.white wine,
7. sausages cut into small pieces,
8. shell fish
9. fish fillets.
From the ingredients you can tell it’s a tasty soup
If you or family have rented a holiday villa in Algarve anywhere here are some of the restaurants that you can visit for a taste of the famous Portuguese soup



If in one of the Villas in Albufeira this restaurant is in Av. Dr. Francisco Sa Carneiro, 8300 Albufeira, Portugal Top end of strip, Albufeira, Portugal. The fish soup served in this place is incredible; it is served with an accompaniment of rice.

Restaurante A Ruina
Restaurante A Ruina

You can stay in an Albufeira apartment and can find this restaurant at Cais Herculano, Praia Dos Pescadores, Cais Herculano, Albufeira 8200-061, Portugal. You can have your soup while on the beach or at the terrace, the location is great.


The restaurant is situated on Evaristo Beach in Albufeira, here you choose your fresh fish and the soup is made while you wait at your table.

Casa do Rio Alvor
Casa do Rio Alvor

If you happen to be staying in one of the many Alvor apartments this is a great location for Portuguese fish soup.
You can find this restaurant at  Rua Dom Sancho, Alvor, Tel +351 282 457 443

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Sea adventure
No 1 Sea adventure

Step by step guide to a holiday adventure in the Algarve.

They come for the beer and craic and they stay for the climate. A bit cheesy but it is actually true. Because the climate in the Algarve is ideal for adventure outdoor sport many based them here short or long term to take full advantage of the outdoors. Of course from an accommodation point of view villa Algarve is the ideal solution.  Somewhere you can safe store equipment maybe have available parking for a boat. Base yourself in an Alvor apartment or villas in Albufeira and be within a few minutes drive from Golf or water sport. Kite surfing Alvor wind brigade or Alvor Kite Centre, https://www.google.pt/maps/@37.1239891,-8.5984052,17z?hl=en,     water sport galore or a number of wonderful golf courses. As well if you happen to be in one of the Villas in Albufeira here are some great options.  Get on your hiking boots there are 23 KM of beach walks, in winter months ideal for windsurfing,  and quads or buggies are a big attraction. Also check out website “westcoastlagos”. The Algarve has all the sports you can think of with its long stretches of sands, the warm waters and distinctive towns bring holiday goers into this place. Search for an apartment Algarve  and book a holiday soon.

Try Westcoastlagos
No 2 Try Westcoastlagos for adventure holiday

There are plenty of sporting activities that you can involve yourself in, not only yourself but the activities are ideal for families, and friends. There are lots of activities that are discounted all year round. Lets us look at some of the sporting fun that you can enjoy together.   So after a good time in your apartment or villa you can engage yourself in.

Horses riding is extremely popular here you might not be good at it don’t worry there is tuition available at most riding centers. There are many riding centers they are well equipped for riders of all levels.  It is possible to combine your horse riding with other holiday plans. Staying in an Algarve Villa try the following Sitio ValeFerro,MexilhoeiraGrande,8500-122Portimão  Tel 282 968 444 ideal if in Villas in Albufeira. Or try Vale Grifo, 1677-E Almadena,, Luz, 8600-102 Lagos suit a villa Lagos or villa Praia da Luz holiday.

Book now that villa in Algarve  for a wonderful holiday.


Surfinn Alvor
No 3 Surfing in Alvor Courtesy of Surfinn Alvor

This is a great way to explore other parts of the country that others do not get to see it can be fun or make it a challenging activity for more fun. Kayaking is a fantastic way to see the spectacular sea caves. Freedom Kayaking Praia Grande de Ferragudo,  https://www.google.pt/maps/@37.116144,-8.5216517,17z?hl=en  8400-273 Tel 912 902 646 ideal for apartments in Algarve location


Portugal Explore the beautiful Algarve while cycling down the ancient ways, the woodland paths, the walled towns, good chance to watch the sea sparkling and dolphins diving in the early morning sunshine. Cycling in the rural areas of Portugal gives you the opportunity of meeting locals, discovering hidden gems, you might even get to see some wildlife that you wouldn’t have seen if you are driving because you will be cycling at a much lower speed, well its even more fun that driving. Try the website mapmyroute gives a number of different options Villas in Albufeira or apartment Albufeira would be an ideal base. Also  goodtimeslagos.com

A lovely way to experience life on the ocean wave, is by sailing, you can do this in Lisbon, the Algarve, Porto and Madeira. You don’t have to be an expert in this there are sailing courses in case you want to learn if you are not accompanied by an experienced sailors. Sailing is said to be in Portugal’s soul. You can find guides to sailing which entails boat trips, about yachts, learning to sail, guide on how to charter a boat, river sailing. The Algarve has some wonderful marinas from Tavira to Lagos Marina.   Albufeira Marina has also grown in popularity and you can book online Albufeira villas nearby.
These are not the only activities that you can find in Algarve there are others like fishing, diving, golfing, climbing, tennis etc that you can also get to try.

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Take a stroll in the Algarve

Take a stroll in the Algarve


You have booked that villa in Vilamoura or apartment in Albufeira or maybe you have a huge crowd and booked Villas in Albufeira. It is now time to get them all out and enjoy the beautiful walks in the Algarve.  To catch  a breath of fresh air then you definitely are in the right place.  In this article we would to show you a few locations in the Algarve that you and friends or family can enjoy a walk with beautiful scenery.  Take your  hat and sunglasses with you in case the sun is hot.


Alvor Board
Boardwalk at Alvor courtesy of Portuguese Resident

We like Alvor as a holiday rental location one of the reasons is the Alvor boardwalk is stretched across the sand dunes and moves toward the beach. It is located in area that the Portuguese Authorities have declared a National Reserve.  Here you will find the kite surfers and you are able to see the kites sailing over the bay which is a beautiful scene to watch.  It is well worth an hour or two stroll around here. You can do some jogging while breathing fresh air from the ocean.  Some excellent Alvor Villas and apartment in Alvor are located near the boardwalk. You can use the keyword Alvor apartments also to search for accommodation.


Praia da Rocha Boardwalk
Praia da Rocha Boardwalk

Just up the road you will come across the Praia da Roche Boardwalk. This walk runs on the edge of the beach and is flanked by  restaurant and bars  in Praia da Rocha.  Here the average walk time is between an hour and half.  This is a nice place to take a walk as you can stop over for a drink or grab some lunch in any of the beach restaurants located along.  It ends on its western location at Portimao Marina where you can sit and have a relaxing coffee.  We have some excellent apartment in Praia da Rocha indeed we have great apartments Algarve and Algarve Villas to search for throughout the Algarve



This is a place that will take you breath away apart from the scenery if you get a breeze from the sea in the morning a walk here will truly wake you up. This walk takes you along the cliff tops and gives you a spectacular views of the coast, you can also view the sinkholes and ocean scenes.  Have  your camera to hand as you can take pics of the beautiful cliffs and take some drinking water since there are no shops around this area. Just take the pics of the cliffs but not go too near.  A morning walk is good for this place. Once again Carvoeiro is excellent location for  holiday villas.  Carvoeiro villas are wonderful, apartments in Carvoeiro are located in the centre of town.



The walk starts in the village of Caldas and makes its way up to Monchique.  You follow the stream along the way. This is a perfect place for a picnic on the old stones tables that are along the way.  You can take the walk up the small stream.  This walk is based in the area of the town of Monchique which is at a high altitude over looking the Algarve coastline.  It is a wonderful area to explore and local free maps can be had from various locations.    Bring a light jacket as at times Monchique s temperature can be lower than the coastline.  If you have rented a villa in Lagos, or apartment in Praia da Luz it is quite easy to get to Caldas.


Salagados Walk Albufeira
Salagados Walk Albufeira

The Salgados walk is located in the Albufeira area.  Is located over a wetlands area and at one end you have Praia Gale.This is a lovely place to walk while watching the birds that is if you love the sight of birds.  There is a wooden boardwalk that lets you enter the local habitat without causing any damage.  Worth researching the birds of the area so you can identify them as you walk.  Great fun for all the family.  If you chosen Albufeira as your base is this ideal place for a relaxing walk.  There are some great holiday rental here.  Albufeira apartment and villas in Albufeira are always in huge demand.

Have fun doing the walks, the good things about walks  in one cannot tire from taking them every now and then. Its also a good way to relax your mind and enjoy a wonderful holiday in  serene surroundings.

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Enjoy the Craic in an Algarve Irish Pub

Enjoy the Craic in an Algarve Irish Pub



Are you planning to party in the Algarve  for a fun filled night with  friends and family or newly found friends while on  holiday in the Algarve.?  So you have booked that beautiful villa in Vilamoura or a family get away in an apartment in Alvor.  There are always options a general keywords would be Algarve Villas.  Now accommodation sorted.   Here are a few suggestions for night life Irish Style.

The Punter Vilamoura
The Punter Vilamoura

In this article let us give you an idea of what happens in the Algarve Irish Pub scene where you can chat, sing to Karaoke songs, drink beer and laugh through the night.  The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to be in Ireland to for you to have the feel of Irish bars atmosphere. Because the Algarve is the home to some amazing and great Irish bars. Here is some of them pubs that you can explore record  good holiday memories.

In the Western Algarve in Alvor you will find The Black Stove . It is located in R. Dom João II 26, 8500-012 Alvor.  It hosts live music some nights in high season. The pub itself has large screens where you catch all your sport actions with decors of different flags that decorate the ceilings.  In may the Black Stove hosts traditional Irish music week with guest musicians from other regions and of course Ireland.  The Black Stove has a lovely atmosphere that stands out from the rest of the pubs. The Black Stove also has nice holiday rental apartments in Alvor.  Try Alvor apartments for a great holiday.

The Blackstove Alvor
The Black Stove Alvor

Vilamoura the home to magnificent golf courses also known as the location for its magnificent marina and  yachts   Here too you can find relaxing Irish bars to visit. The Punter which is located just off the Marina and being the newest in the area and it’s a very cool place.  The internal decor was shipped direct from Ireland. It has a welcoming touch from  the moment you set foot in side the door.  The ambience itself assures you of a great time, it’s not about the music or the sports showing in the screens it’s the relaxing atmosphere, a good place to catch up with friends over a drink and probably make new one’s.

De Barra Irish Bar
De Barra Irish Bar

If you prefer a more modern pub less crowded pub to have a quiet drink at the heart of a chic resort of Quinta do Lago you will find de Barra’s Irish bar, located in Quinta shopping in Almancil Portugal.  The bar has one of the best decks around and it a pub visited by many celebrities, food is served here all day incase you want to have a bite, this is one of the most popular venues in Quinta do Lago. Just a short trek from some excellent villa rentals in Algarve.

If you are looking for a beach bar and a restaurant at the same time, you will find that at the Fins Beach Bar , Urbanização Vale do Lobo 70 Phone:914 050 007.

  This is a place you can enjoy your meals or a drink with your feet feeling the beach sand, awesome place to be right! There are other pubs you can enjoy from you can never go wrong about holidaying in the Algarve, be it apartments Alvor or Vilamoura, Villas Albufeira, villas Lagos, and Praia da Luz these are fun filled beautiful places that you will always find whatever the kind of fun your looking to enjoy including self-catering apartment or just holiday villas.  You simply can never get enough off these places.

Fins Front Deck
Fins Front Deck

Ok holiday coming to an end your leaving the Vilamoura Vila or Alvor apartments don’t forget the great memories your bringing home.

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St Paddys day in Lagos Portugal

St Paddys day in Lagos Portugal

You might be living there or visiting friends or spending a few days in the excellent apartment rental Lagos or villa rentals Lagos. Its really doesnt matter as St Patrick’s Day in the Algarve is a little bit like Ireland a bit of craic with friends and of course a few drinks and the odd bit of traditions music.   It’s quite interesting because all nationalities join in the celebrations.  As with all our blogs we want them to be useful and help you search for those ideal holiday villas.   We achieve from time to time by inserting  keywords that can be used to search for various items on the internet. This is a brief look at Paddys Day in Lagos.   But places like Alvor with beautiful Alvor apartments should be kept in mind. Algarve villas or apartments Algarve  is always a good search and then break down search to places Villas in Albufeira.   Ok onto to the pub crawl in Lagos.

Lets kick off the list of events with  at the Marina Bar, Marina de Lagos Lote 30, 8600-780 Lagos
Phone:282 789 701

The Marina Bar Lagos
The Marina Bar Lagos

Live music from 2pm to 6pm

Guinness  at €3 .00 a pint all day

Special of the Day will be Irish Stew.

Derry from Tralee and his beautiful wife Ana will be there to look after you.

Fancy a wee bit of Craic?

Next alone the Marina near the Marina Holiday apartments is The Quays restaurant on Paddies Night for €15 they are offering a 2 course meal plus live music.

Call  282761128

e-mail  geral@quaylagos.pt  Facebook: quaylagosmarina

Then its the turn of the Lighthouse Bar.   Pete the new owner tell us that on St Patrick’s Day
from 4pm they will have live music Ephy Clarke.  They are also serving Bacon and Cabbage and there is a suggestion of Colcannon being served

The Lighthouse Bar Lagos
The Lighthouse Bar Lagos

The Lighthouse,
Marina de Lagos
8600-780 Lagos Tel.: 282762115 / 968073449

E-mail: thelighthouselagos@gmail.com


On St Patrick’s  Day in Lagos McCabe’s Bar is worth a visit. Derek and Ursula will give you a warm welcome it is a lovely place with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

There will be music and singing and possibly some dancing as well as eating and drinking (of course!) Come and join in the fun.
Address: R. Dom Vasco da Gama 63, Lagos
Phone:915 280 215

Fools and Horses Lagos
Fools and Horses Lagos

Fools and Horse would also be worth a visit.  Its at  R. António Barbosa Viana, Lagos
Phone:282 762 970  All of these venues can be searched on Google Maps.   They are all near you apartment rentals in Lagos  or a taxi fare away from your villa rental Lagos.

Enjoy your time in Lagos

Remember very little can beat a holiday villas rental in the Algarve with private pool.

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An Easter Egg Hunt in Birmingham

An Easter Egg Hunt in Birmingham


Serviced apartment Birmingham
Serviced apartment Birmingham

Birmingham has always something to offer and Easter is no different.  Because of its central location it is relatively easy to get there.  There are excellent transport links by air, rail or road.  So after having different thoughts on where to spend your Easter holiday and finally settle on Birmingham. We are going to take you through a few events that will be happening in the area while you and your family enjoy your Easter holiday in Birmingham.   Accommodation in Birmingham are  like the transport links  are exceptional.  From 5 star hotel to very good hostels. If your booking with www.goholidalets.com you ll probably boo an exquisite self–catering apartment Birmingham or Birmingham serviced apartment that is sutable for all the family.  All very well located.

Now you ll need to find some to amuse the kids maybe with an Easter theme, we have done some research on your behalf and found the following events.


Resort World Birmingham
Resort World Birmingham

The renown Lindt’s master chocolatier masters will be in Resort World’s atrium on March and 13 this is a special event where you can personalize your Easter eggs.You can have breakfast with you kids with the Easter bunny and bonnet making at Mad Hatter’s tea party and involve in Easter egg hunting activities. You can have fun by decorating Easter eggs, make some chocolate eggs and do some spring crafts. Yes and there is a mini competition in making Easter bonnet and munch mini eggs.   You will Also find Thornton’s icing workshop in the same atrium on Good Friday and Easter Saturday this is an opportunity to add a iced messaged to your Easter eggs.

 Resorts World Birmingham
Pendigo Way
Birmingham B40 1PU
United Kingdom

Ring  0121 273 1200 for more information.

We are just off M45 at Junction not far from the NEC


Cadbury World
Cadbury World

The Worlds biggest Cadbury shop will be opened full of chocolates at discounted prices and gifts, there will also be a selection of handmade Easter eggs, all which will be made and specially decorated on site. On the March 25 to 28th a family fun runs will happen with the Easter Eggtravaganza, the event features egg trail, Easter bonnet completion and there is a high chance of meeting the famous Cadbury characters. Oh and come enjoy an exciting magic show too kids will love it.

If your staying in one of our service apartments in Birmingham here is the address to search.

Cadbury  World
Address: Linden Rd, Birmingham B30 2LU, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 844 880 7667
Thursday 10AM–3PM
Friday 10AM–3PM
Saturday 9:30AM–4PM
Sunday 9:30AM–4PM
Monday 10AM–3PM
Tuesday 10AM–3PM
Wednesday 10AM–3PM


Black Country Museum
Black Country Museum

At the Black Country Living Museum try your hand in a traditional ‘egg-rolling’ competition where contestants will be racing eggs to the bottom of the hill.
Families can involve themselves in all sorts of traditional games where everyone can join in.

The Black Country Living Museum is an open air museum located near Dudley Castle.

Information supplied by Google

Address: 2 Tipton Rd, Dudley DY1 4SQ, United Kingdom
Thursday 10AM–4PM
Friday 10AM–4PM
Saturday 10AM–4PM
Sunday 10AM–4PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10AM–4PM
Phone: +44 121 557 9643


This event from the 25th to 28th March is usually a egg hunting activity. Here you pick up leaflets that are supposed to lead you to the next clue to find the special Shakespeare egg that is hidden within the Theatre. If you solve the puzzle you are in for a Easter treat. You can also decorate an Easter Egg from a character in one of Shakespeare’s plays. This is absolute fun.

To get to the RST  Stratford-upon-Avon is a short drive from Junction 15 of the M40, giving good access to the M42, M5, M6 and M25. They are located in the centre of Stratford, their postcode is CV37 6BB.

Have an “eggexciting” Easter!!!!!!

Bedroom of serviced apartment
Bedroom of serviced apartment

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Portuguese Algarve as a Wedding Venue

Portuguese Algarve as a Wedding Venue


Wedding Algarve
Wedding Algarve

The Algarve has become a very popular wedding venue over with last few years.  The fantastic climate together with stunning scenery has made  it the location of choice for many couples.
A trend has developed over the year for couples  to choose “foreign” locations to celebrate their nuptials. Accommodation has played a huge role in this trend, family groups can book apartment rentals in Algarve other keywords to share with friends would be apartments Algarve or Algarve villas or break it down using location names like Alvor apartments most  places are relatively cheaply.   Hotels in the low season also give great value.

S. Maria s church Lagos
S. Maria s church Lagos

In this article we review the Algarve as a wedding Destination.  We try and show you whats available.  In the Algarve you will find a host of wedding planners.  We can recommend Claudia Da Mota o of Algarve Dream Weddings.  At very reasonable rates Claudia and her team can organise all aspects of your weddings.  If you live outside of Portugal it can be a little difficult planning  and organising the wedding yourself. The wedding planner will introduce and organise your venues, and all your wedding services. At websites like www.goholidaylets.com you can book exclusive villas rental Lagos and apartments Vilamoura for the guests or what ever location you decide to chose.services. For those seeking a luxurious villas in Portugal which are modern and fresh, there is variety to choose from, some with gardens, and others with amazing views of the sea.   Some opt for DIY  wedding  organise it yourself  not easy but can be done.   Even down to booking a church need help give Catherine a call at GoholidayLets  00441211349153.


Wedding Table laid out
Wedding Table laid out

Food to serve to you guests, there are  numerous varieties of food to choose from in Portugal, all sorts of international and traditional.  It can be served in the beautiful grounds of Boutique Hotels like Vivenda Miranda  in Lagos or maybe  on a beautiful   beach front restaurant.  Which ever place yourselves and your guests will have a memorable time.
There are great bars in the Algarve to host your guests in evening parties, with clubs and discos where you can dance to great music till dawn while enjoying great red wines of Algarve.

From boat trips to adrenalin sports, like kayaking, zip wire, spear fish, of course golf, or just relax by the pool or on the beach, or the ladies might like the many spa s located in the Algarve there is always something to do.
Before or after  the wedding day you will find restaurant or outdoor bbq areas that will book large groups. You can choose to have some activities like boat trips that guest can join in the fun together. There are other fun filled activities you can have that involve kids too if they have travelled to the wedding.   Create great memories at your wedding with fun filled adventure.

Now for the practical stuff !!   You will have to do some research if you wish to plan a wedding in the Algarve or any place else.  The use of well chosen good keywords will save your time,  wedding planners Algarve, wedding venues algarve, and so on.  For accommodation it will depend on the location you choose.  Our advice is locate as many of the wedding party as possible in the same location.  Makes for a great atmosphere and memories and friendships will be made for life. Use location specific keywords, hotel accommodation Vilamoura, villa Vilamoura, apartment Lagos, villa Alvor, hotels Albufeira, self-catering apartment Algarve,  villa Lagos, Villas Albufeira,.

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