Porto do Mos Lagos area with 5 star holiday rental accommodation

Porto do Mos Lagos area with 5 star holiday rental accommodation

When you arrive in Lagos on a holiday and locate your holiday rental accommodation or hotel the next step is to familiarize yourself with the area. Most will do have searched on the internet and located popular places of interest.

Map of the Algarve showing Lagos, Alvor and many other locations
 Map of the Algarve showing Lagos, Alvor and many other locations

Places like the beach at Meia Praia a pristine stretch of sand extending from the causeway at Lagos town right up to Praia de Rocha albeit with the odd river and inlet at Alvor in between the two points. In between you ll find what we come to recognize as typical Portuguese beaches. Edges of sand area with coastal vegetation protected with timber walkways. Then flat well maintained sometimes very hot sand descending slowly down to the water. The customary sunbeds and faded grass covered circular sun shades. The yellow and red clad lifeguards in season are another familiar sight. Abundance of floatation boards and the odd quadbike parked at their stations. We have all given them at glance at time to make sure they are alert.


Early Morning in Lagos
                                        Early Morning or Late Night in Lagos

When you getting you bearings for Lagos it would be worth while checking out the beautiful beach of Praia do Porto de Mos. It’s the second largest beach in the Lagos area after of course the pre-mentioned Meia Praia. It is the only beach in the Lagos area that hasn’t shelter from the Atlantic. All of the others have the shelter of the headland at Ponta da Piedade.
The area at Porto do Mos is located about three miles south west of the center of Lagos. It is a quiet residential area comprising of many large luxurious villas. A number of these would be used as holiday rental, self-catering accommodation. Also in the area is the 5 star Cascade Wellness and Lifestyle Resort and the 4 star Belmar Wellness & Beach Resort both locations provide holiday rental accommodation.

Praia do Porto de Mos
                                                               Praia do Porto de Mos

Finding Porto do Mos

If you have hired a car it is very easy to drive there is adequate parking adjacent to the beach. The local bus service drops you on the beach front and picks up again during the day at regular intervals.
At either end of the small promenade in front of the beach you ll find two very good and well place restaurants. The O Antonio and the Campimar both serve a full menu of excellent cuisine. Or if you fancy just a snack or coffee you will be made welcome.
If you have property in this area might be worth while listing with www.goholidaylets.com. All self-catering accommodation has reach a certain holiday rental criteria are welcome to list. As normal the team at Goholidaylets are available to advise you on any aspect of your holiday. Please feel free to post a question or query on any of our social media channels.

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Ancient city of Porto home of the legendary Harry Porter

Ancient city of Porto home of the legendary  Harry Porter

Porto is an ancient coastal city sitting majestically at the mouth of the meandering Douro river, located in northwest Portugal. The Douro river valley with its rich fertile vine growing terraces, makes Porto world famous for it wine and port production. Porto is also popular for it’s splendid bridges traversing  the Douro river. The character of this great city resulted in it being chosen by author J K Rowling as home of the legendary Harry Porter.

Wonderful night view over the ancient city of Porto
Wonderful night view over the ancient city of Porto

Where to stay in Porto
Self-catering holiday apartments in Porto are easy to find and book using online travel agent like www.goholidaylets.com. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a comfortable home away from home. The holiday apartments in the area range from spectacularly refurbished properties to townhouses and studios in the areas suburbs. No matter what kind of holiday apartments you choose regardless of the amount you will find accommodation that best suits and your budget. If you book early you can get a discounted price other than booking when your travel dates are nearing.

When to visit
The best time to book a holiday to Porto is during the months of April to September when the sun is shinning and the temperatures are favourable. The off peak seasons months too are a great time to book holiday apartments in Porto since the temperatures are still favorable and there are deals on holiday apartments. No matter what time of the year you book your holiday apartment in Porto, your holiday home will be your home base during an unforgettable holiday in this vivacious Portuguese city.
Here are some of the things as a traveller you can visit while at your stay there.
Having a cup of coffee at the Majestic cafe. This café was founded several years ago and its situated in the heart of downtown Porto, this is a must on the list of things to do for all visitors. The café is a symbol of the city and you can pop in for morning pastries, lunches and dinners.

The Port Wine Lodge
The Port Wine Lodges or Cellars is situated in Vila Nova de Gaia, the place continues to be an important center for visitors because of the wine tastings and there are guided tours with multi lingual. Some of the wine tastings are free while others will charge a small entrance fee.

Porto s architectural heritage can be seen in it magnificent buildings
  Porto s architectural heritage can be seen in it magnificent buildings

Cruise tours
If you would like to have a spectacular view of the area is by taking a cruise sailing by the river, there are a number of cruises that are available from the bridges in Vila Nova de Gaia and eastwards of the port wine vineyards.
Enjoying the sunset from the beach

Porto has a good climate and is conducive for sunbathing, beach walks along the beautiful beaches. The beaches are perfect for enjoying the sunset and admiring the Atlantic Ocean while sipping a drink during the afternoons.
Enjoy a late night drink
The Galerias (as it commonly known) is situated in the centre of downtown Porto where there you can find load of open air bars, the area is the centre of night life in the city with different activities going on in the bars since most of them are open air. Most of our self-catering accommodation is located centrally.

Grapes from the Douro Valley play huge part in Porto commercial life.
     Grapes from the Douro Valley play huge part in Porto commercial life.

The Lello Bookshop
If you are a book lover, The Lello Bookshop is one of the most beautiful book shops in the world and makes another must see in Porto. The Bookshop was opened in the 1900’s and it has maintained it original carved ceiling, stained glass window and painted curved central staircase. In their you can find different genres of books and travel guides for those who want to learn more about the area, and while doing your book tour there is a coffee bar on the 1st floor. Feel free to list your holiday rental property with us www.goholidaylets.com for free.

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Take a Romantic Trip on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Take a Romantic Trip on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful and renowned stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Province of Salerno in Southern Italy. Tourism is the key commercial venture in this area, hence a major employer to  locals, and be rest assured most of the people you meet can communicate in English and will always do their best to help you decrease any language barrier  encountered.

Positano by night
 Positano by night

When is it suitable to visit the Amalfi Coast?

Spring is always the best to visit the coast of Amalfi during the months of July and August during the high season, the weather is usually hot then (this makes it a good time for exploring the area) and due to the high number of people visiting the coast there may be a challenge in securing a parking for their vehicles.

It is usually not advisable to visit during fall (especially the month of November) and its raining during the winter hence during those months there is nothing much to enjoy. The Ravello Festival which is usually an annual event takes place in throughout in summer in the town of Ravello. The splendor of Southern Italy’s Amalfi coast is famous and many of the living artists, writers and musicians were inspired by its beauty. The beautiful Isle of Capri immortalised in song, can be seen from the coast.

Some of the areas of interest in the Amalfi coast are:-
Museo Correale
 Touring the Villa Cimbrone
 The Sant’Antonino Festival
 Sagra del Tonno
 Africana Club
Shopping at Antonello della Mura
 Touring Duomo

Amalfi Coast
Birds eye view of Amalfi Coast

Self catering villas and apartments in the area are mostly complete with swimming pools, close to the sea and are air conditioned. You can choose your villa or apartment online from the many websites like www.goholidaylets.com or with the help of an agent that best suits you and ensure that you enjoy your holiday in style. Most of the holiday self-catering villas and apartments are modern with heating, Wi fi, washing machines, dish washers, microwaves, blender, toasters etc.

The public transport along the coast is cheap and fairly efficient.
Ferries connect to the resorts of Amalfi and can be much quicker than buses. Incase you decide to use a ferry there is always tourist information office where you can get a timetable to catch the boats and this is a much more comfortable mode than a bus.

Amalfi Road
Amalfi Road to a wonderful holiday rental accommodation

Alternatively buses can be used, you can buy a ticket online or queue and pay as u enter the bus, no need to book in advance but incase you want to be sure especially during the peak season you can call the bus companies and make an enquiry.

Bear in mind that the buses may not stop close to your self-catering accommodation, and streets can be steep, or no more than staircases. Ask your hotel for precise directions, and if necessary carry the address in your hand, and ask the first locals you see. Some holiday rental accommodation offer their own minibus service for pick-ups, trips down to the beach etc.; find out about this if your hotel is one of them. Our team at Goholidaylets and always available to assist you enquiry. Please feel free to call us on 00441213149153
This is one destination for a holiday or a romantic get away for those may be who want to propose to their partner by the beach or just spending

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Getting around Rome can be easy the self catering way


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Getting around Rome can be easy the self catering way

Getting around Rome can be easy the self catering way

The eternal city of Rome attracts thousands of visitors each year. They will be traveling from all over the world. All coming for various reasons, cultural tours, religious pilgrims to the Vatican and to see the Pope or just to savior the delights of the Italian capital. But most will have similar concerns and problems. How will we get there and how will we again get around while visiting Rome.

Roma Terminal
Roma Termini

Short stay accommodation or holiday accommodation have a wide selection of choice. For your transportation needs here under we have listed a few options.

Rome has two airports – Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) and Ciampino.

Fiumicino. This is Rome’s main airport and is well-connected with the centre during the day by an express train.

You can buy Roma Pass online and benefit from various discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy Rome.

The historic centre is not particularly large and so is easy to visit on foot, as most monuments are to be found in the same area.

Rome Tram System
Rome Tram System


Rome‘s bus network is extensive and functions quite well, but the metro is much simpler for the short-term visitors to master.

Public transportation Tickets must be purchased in advance from tabacchis, newsstands, bars, or vending machines (exact change only!) at metro and major bus stops.


The Roman metro (called Metropolitana by residents) goes round rather than through the historic city. It has only two lines, A (red) and B (blue), which cross at Termini Central Station.

Trains run approximately every 7-10 minutes, from 5:30am until 11.30pm every day (until 0:30am on Saturdays).

Metro Map of Rome
  Metro Map of Rome


There are hundreds of bus lines, running from 5:30am till midnight. All buses and trams travel in both directions.


If you need a taxi, remember to look for the official metered white or yellow taxis. There are taxi ranks in many locations throughout the center, but is nearly impossible to hail one driving down the streets, particularly at night. Make sure your taxi is metered; insist on the metered fare, rather than an arranged price.


Although most of the sights in Rome are within walking distance or accessible by public transportation, two wheels will give you the freedom to see exactly what interests you, and in less time.

To really “do as the Romans do”, you have to drive around on a Vespa. You’ll have no trouble finding rental places all around the city.

Grab a Scotter
Grab a Scooter

The main thing is enjoy your stay and if you rent self catering accommodation in Rome we would love to here your feedback.    Check out www.goholidaylets.com


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On Your Bike Down In An Amsterdam Canal

On Your Bike Down In An Amsterdam Canal

A visit to Amsterdam is a great choice of holiday or short break location at any time of the year. The city is welcoming and organized to accept and accommodate large numbers of guests. There excellent hotels, hostels, and self-catering rental accommodation to suit all budgets. Then you have to plan how you intend getting around Amsterdam.

Tulips from Amsterdam


Walking is an option as city centre is relatively compact. But by far cycling is one of the best ways to get around Amsterdam. You will not leave without experiencing the city’s world famous bike culture. You normally associate Asians capital cyclists riding to the streets in large numbers. A typical Amsterdam street scene sees countless cyclists heading to or from work, transporting young children to school, or carrying anything from groceries or house pets or even bulky furniture. There is no doubt cycling is part of everyday routine in the lives of Amsterdamers. The Dutch are well known for their organizational no nonsense approach to every day life. This certainly show in the organization of cycling routes and paths around Amsterdam. It has taken years of good planning to get them where they are today. Plus a substantial investment from Government funds.

Why go the Bike Way
Cycling is a win win form of transport and a great opportunity for the casual visitor to experience the fun. Many place you can hire a bike when you book a self-catering accommodation insure they have a place to keep your bike safely. As there is no value in rent a bike for a few days. It’s a very efficient and uncomplicated way of getting around Amsterdam. Its all part and parcel of the Amsterdam experience. What you need to know about cycling in Amsterdam

If your in Amsterdam ask your friends to guess how many bikes in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam alone here are over 800,000. There is a huge sense of freedom cycling around the canals and city centre. The planning of cycling routes has been meticulous, it has an unbeatable network of cycle routes and flat landscape. Cycling is nothing new to Holland it was an natural source due to its flat landscape and natural cycling paths.

Hire a bike in Amsterdam
Hiring a bike is made is easy. If you take a look at Mikes Bikes Tours you ll see that a lot of thought goes into the Bike Hire Holiday market. Mike Tours go so far as making sure you don’t stand out as a tourist on their bikes. To be fair its up to you to not act like a tourist. Ok biked is hired you are ready to go. Think safety be seen check out rules of the road in relation to cyclists. Most bike hire companies will look for a credit card deposit. They will hire the bike with or without Insurance.

Bike Power
Bike Power

Guided bike tours in Amsterdam
There are a number of companies offering guided tours of Amsterdam. More often than not those groups hiring bikes will also offer guided tours of the city. They will have a limit on their numbers and stop every so often to outline Amsterdam visitor attractions. Our self-catering accommodation is well located to bike hire outlets. When making an enquire via www.goholidaylets.com ensure your are located exactly where you want to be.

Dont forget to give the Bier Bike a try

Drink and Ride Amsterdam Style
 Drink and Ride Amsterdam Style

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Eating by Michelin Guide in Lagos

In order to provide you with the accurate information.  We become virtual tourists from time to time on your behalf. Some of the information we can be verified first hand by eating in that restaurant (if its pricey just check menu) or driving, walking or visiting that location.
But more often than not its virtual information we have compiled for your information. This means we check it out as much as possible. In relation to weather or transport times we will list where we have found the information.

As sources we use various websites to glean information. Most of these sites like ourselves have a commercial agenda. We at www.goholidaylets.com and we promote self-catering holiday accommodation. Tripadvisor are in the same business so they will get that message out there as well.
That’s not to say both our content and verifications is not accurate and useful.

Dom Sebastiao Lagos
Dom Sebastiao Lagos   Portugal

Today we have to take a look at restaurants in Lagos in Portugal’s Western Algarve.
A quick look at the prestigious Michelin Star Guide shows up one or two treats in the centre of Lagos. Being in the Michelin Star Guide you expect them to be in a certain price range.
In Lagos where restaurants most restaurants anyways are relative cheap those appearing in the guide might feel a little expensive. But to be fair the ones listed are good maybe a little over rated Sorry MICHELIN. You should update your statnav there are a few excellent restaurants you didn’t include.
Most holiday visitors that come here to self-catering accommodation eat out every night or at least most nights. That’s the benefit of going self-catering.
MICHELIN Guide restaurants are not for eating in every night. We would keep for that special occasion

Dom Sebastião
Rua 25 de Abril 20, 8600-763 Lagos
Cuisine Traditional
From 20 EUR to 39 EUR
We would agree an excellent restaurant, but a little over rated, have personally experience of same.
MICHELIN Guide says:
“Highlights include the rustic style décor and two dining areas, one outside and one in the courtyard. Traditional Portuguese menu and an open wine cellar with a good selection of port. “
We didn’t visit the wine cellar but we agree the décor is rustic Portuguese splendidly done. It is very similar to a lot of Portuguese restaurants.
MICHELIN guide has included and additional information points. We have put our comments in brackets.
• A particularly interesting wine list.
• Meals outside
• Air conditioning
( Point 1 to 3 are the norm for this level of restaurant)
No dogs allowed (surprised at this comment, hardly includes guide dogs)
• Private dining rooms ( Nice feature)
• Address Rua 25 de Abril 20, 8600-763 Lagos
• Phone +351282780480

Well known Obrigado building Lagos landmark
Well known Obrigado building Lagos landmark

Cantinho Algarvio
Rua Afonso de Almeida 17-21, 8600-674 Lagos
Cuisine Portuguese
From 14 EUR to 33 EUR
Another excellent restaurant very near the Dom Sebastião
Has described it in the following terms “simple yet authentic”, the Cantinho Algarvio is located in one of the most popular tourist streets in Lagos. It offers a traditional menu with daily suggestions, including grilled fish and savoury rice dishes. We agree its in an excellent location
The guide inspectors has stated the following:
Simple standard.
Far be it from us to this agree with Michelin but its our blog so we can. But think you might be accused of lacking a little bit of flare in your reviews.
If you come from Northern Europe and you can sit out on the side of the street in Lagos and eat fresh fish on a November evening I don’t think there is anything simple about the occasion.
But I respect the fact Michelin has to stick to a ridge criteria.
Meal prices
• Menu 14/19 € – Carte 22/33 €
Additional information
• Meals outside
• AC
• No pets allowed
The above points are normal
Useful information
• Address Rua Afonso de Almeida 17-21, 8600-674 Lagos
• Phone +351282761289

Dos Artistas Restaurant Lagos, Portugal
Dos Artistas Restaurant Lagos, Portugal

The second last listing in the Guide is the Dos Artisas Has to be said as restaurants go Dos Artisas is the Crème de la Crème of Restaurants in Lagos. But time is everything and they have a few contenders following close behind.
• Here is what the MICHELIN Guide restaurant had to say:

• Dos Artistas
• Rua Cândido dos Reis 68, (in the centre of Lagos) 8600-567 Lagos
• Cuisine international
• From 27 EUR to 70 EUR
• The Dos Artistas boasts a pleasant terrace and a well-appointed dining room in a classic-colonial style. There is an international-style menu including imaginative dishes, myriad combinations, and several set menus.
Their Guide Inspectors listed it as Good Standard Which coming from them I am guessing means excellent. Or worth a try.
Sense which is in Rua do Canavial, 8600-282 Lagos
Straight away it has to be declared Senses is located in Cascade 5 Star Resort. Its location over looking Ponta da Piedade to be fair is a place you can see in a dream. Not over priced it has to be said. You can also experience Afternoon Tea.

From 25 EUR to 66 EUR
Meal prices
• Menu 53 € – Carte 25/66 €
Good to know
• dinner only
Additional information
• Interesting or extensive view
• Park or Garden
• Meals outside
• Tennis
• Wheelchair accessible
• Air conditioning
• No dogs allowed
• Parking
Useful information
• Address Rua do Canavial, 8600-282 Lagos Address Rua Do Canavial
• Phone +351282771500

Artista Lagos Portugal
Artista Lagos Portugal

• We at Goholidaylets have some splendid self-catering holiday villas in this location and nearby Praia da Luz.
As always feel free to contact us about any aspect of your future holiday.
We are also about to initiate our new voucher scheme.

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Visitor Attractions Amsterdam

Visitor Attractions Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city and most the most crowded city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It also the home of Hague where international criminal trials are investigated and heard are conducted Amsterdam has a high population within the city and much highter in the metropolitan area. The city is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country, and is also North Holland’s largest city. Dutch is the language that is highly spoken (which most people find it hard to understand or learn).



For accommodation you choose to have self catering accommodation if you are the kind of person that wants some privacy, or home made foods incase you don’t want to dine in an hotel for some reason. The apartments are neat, spacious and you can choose the type you want depending on the number of people accompanying you. Some of them are located close to the city amenities where you can easily access other facilities; the apartments are fitted with internet connection. You can book prior to your arrival or with the help of an agent who are always there to attend to your queries.



Amsterdam at Night

The old part of the city is mainly built using canal rings, which gives ample space to move around and generally a peace of mind if you are the kind of tourist that doesn’t like much interruption while enjoying a quiet time. Walk through the canal streets to have a clearer and understanding view of the area which you might by pass while on a boat or a cruise incase you want finer details.




This is the largest museum and most attractive museum in the Netherlands. The museum is a host to many visitors every passing year. If you have a fetish for painting this is the place to be to learn more about the history and the culture of the Dutch people.




This is the most modern museum in the Netherlands. Inside the museum you will find some few painting and sketches showing Van Gogh describing all his moods in artistic way, in there you will find some letters written by Van Gogh in his time and some specials from his friends. The collection is the pillar of this museum.




Oude Kerk is the home to the protestant church with mini houses attached on the sides; it also situated at the most exciting areas of the Red Light District. If you are the kind of person that enjoys walks in the nights this seemingly interesting area to have a stroll.




So your hectic day is over and it’s that time to grab a bite or a drink (either soft or a beer), Amsterdam has various old cafes commonly known as brown. But be warned these cafes are usually overcrowded but let not that put you off because the ambience is unique, and the people in the places are easy to interact with, easy to make a friend or two incase you are alone. The fare prices too will you give you a wide choice of foods, drinks, coffees which you can sample, so adjust and fit in like you are one of them. You will enjoy it!



Shows and Exhibits

Most of the tourist visiting Amsterdam come here because of most popular attractions that are showcased in the area and those that will make there stay in Amsterdam worth it or visit or even do referrals to friends and families. The activities show cased are ideal for both adults and children making it more flexible.

If you are a traveler, indeed Amsterdam must be in your bucket list.


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Down the TUBE on London Bakerloo Line

Down the TUBE on London Bakerloo Line


The Bakerloo line in London started in the 1960’s providing train transport through Baker Street and Waterloo.  The Baker Street & Waterloo line was said to be inspired by cricket fans from Westminster who wanted a quicker means to get to watch cricket after work. This was one of London’s first deep level tubes It runs from central London to the North West suburbs. The tube runs partly on the surface and partly underground while serving 25 stations from central to North of London. It is a busy place with arranged schedules carrying passengers in hundreds of millions every year. A lot of extension, development and modernization have occurred since it initially opened. Adjustments have been made to adapt to new technology and the expanding volume of passengers.

The trains are distinctively painted red, white and blue with seats either laid out transversely or longitudinally. Baker Street is well known for being home to fictional character Sherlock Holmes whose books and films captivate audiences the world over. Other fictitious characters such as Danger mouse, James Black and Basil the great mouse detective have also resided here. A lot of history has occurred on this street; noticeably the first wax museum opened here. Other famous people associated with Baker Street are James Fillan the famous sculptor, musician Dusty Springfield, brilliant novelist H.G Wells and Arnold Bennett both had mansions on the block. The Beatles owned a boutique on 94 baker street same as Marks & Spencer, one of United Kingdom’s largest retailers. Musician Gerry Rafferty made an a music album in praise of baker street as have a couple of other artists.

Madame Tussaud

On the east of this street, the famous Planetarium is quickly recognizable from its big green room and the small ringed planet on the top of the dome. Astronomy lovers enjoy the scene. Its green copper roof is instantly recognizable Madame Tussaud’s is next with incredible wax figures of celebrities. The Bakerloo line then moves on to Regent’s Park which has beautiful villas, the scenic central lake that connects to the Thames River through the city of West Minster.

Oxford circus station

Oxford circus station opened in July 1900 on the corner of Oxford Street and Argyll Street. Noticeable stores around the station include H&M, Shelly’s shoes, Top shop, united colors of Benetton, Miss Selfridge, Schuh and Nike. The current grandiose of this location comes from the modern facades created by new retail outlets such a cafes, travel agents, cloth, toy and shoe stores.

Piccadilly Circus Underground Station

The Piccadilly Circus station was originally located on the corner of Coventry Street and Hay market then expanded downwards to the underground. It heads up on to Trafalgar square. Enroute, you get to see the Theatre Royal, her Majesty’s Theatre for opera Lovers.



Another underground station in London between Waterloo and Charing Cross in Bakerloo; and also traverses Westminster and temple. Its distance from the Charing Cross is walking distance through Northumberland Avenue. A ride in the tube from here to Waterloo takes about 5 minutes. Nearby, you will find the famous Cleopatra’s Needle, the Royal Air force Memorial, Victoria Embankment Gardens, Savoy chapel, Savoy Hotel and the Playhouse theatre. All full of history and culture. The line platforms have plenty of food outlets such as Crispy Crème, Delice de France and other small individual cafes.

In conclusion, these tube stations have been part of London for over a century; they are reliable, quick, fun, and fairly priced. One can us them to move around even while on holiday as part of blending in and adapting to life in London. A good way to save money too.

Visit to a Lady in Red on an Amsterdam Holiday

Visit to a Lady in Red on an Amsterdam Holiday

As an online travel agent to various locations that contain excellent self-catering accommodation we write via blogs about our locations and resorts. We give details of where you might enjoy visiting. We have written a number of articles in the past about Amsterdam mainly because Amsterdam is a beautiful city and we are just lucky to be able to provide top grade holiday accommodation there.  Our Amsterdam holiday rentals are excellent.

Map of central Amsterdam
Map of central Amsterdam

But there is a side to Amsterdam Travel Bloggers like myself not maybe totally avoid but somewhat circumvent. Of course it’s the sex tourism, Amsterdam Red Light District is glaringly obvious for all to see. So we decided to stay on the guide objectives and point out certain facts that the visitor will or should find interest or even useful. Firstly remember there is a lot to see there from the brothels , to sex shops and area museums. There really is nothing left to the imagination. The area is close to Centraal Railway Station in an area known as Centruum. Very easy to find on Google maps etc. I think if its your first time in the Rossbuut “Red Light District” be prepared to be shocked. Most adults nowadays will have heard of the Amsterdam Red Light district and will be curious to see what it entails.

Ok everyone will have their reasons for visiting. The majority will just have a visitor curiosity of normal kind in relation to any new area and its unusual city attractions. Like the groups of Asians with their cameras off loading from buses. But be warned not in the direction of the female entertainers its strictly banned. Of course hen and stage parties will always be around excitedly laughing. Others will be there to enjoy the fruits of the individual men or women that are displaying themselves for service.

Amsterdam Arena
Amsterdam Arena

You ll find women there of all nationalities plying there trade on show in red clad window displays. The Dutch as a group of people don’t take things likely and area notably well organized and as such monitor the traders or entertainers of the area legally and medically, as a visitors you should also behave with a level of respect to those working there even if your watching from a distance.
They are of course many other aspects to Amsterdam life and all well worth seeing. The Jordaan area where www.goholidaylets.com has some wonderful holiday rentals is well worth a visit. A Dutch website describes it as similar to the Cockney area of London, not a comparison we can give but understand the significance.

Winter on the canal in Amsterdam
Winter on the canal in Amsterdam

Another area is the Spiegelgracht.!!! It is a canal in the centre of Amsterdam, located near the Prinsengracht. Built in the 16th century, it is a part of the Canals of Amsterdam which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We also happen to have self-catering accommodation sited there.

Blogs related to Amsterdam

On A Short Stay Visit To Amsterdam And Its Attractions

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London Eye of Attraction on a Short Stay Holiday

London Eye of Attraction on a Short Stay Holiday

This blog is accredited to Anne Mapesa.

London without doubt is a wonderfully city.  Possibly because the attractions are all so familiar mainly due to watching the BBC coverage of various events.  Some of this coverage is beamed around the world  drawing international audiences.  Therefore when you arrive here on a short stay holiday and have chosen quality centrally located self-catering accommodation it feels like home.

Here we have listed a few London attractions worth a visit.

London Eye

London Eye a view from the Sky
London Eye a view from the Sky

This magnanimous multi award winning Ferris wheel opened in 2000 and gained accolades from all over the world. It is located on the south side of the Thames river in London with the uniqueness of only being supported on one of its sides. Most people call it their most exciting 30 minute experience. At 443 ft tall and 394 ft wide, it is described as the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and the fourth largest in the world.  Seeing as it is the tallest Ferris wheel in London, it has become the most paid for tourist attraction and even receives more visitors annually than the Taj Mahal. It has 32 capsules that can carry up to 800 people at a time and you get to enjoy the ride at a leisurely 26 cm per second.
The ride gets very exciting some people keep count of how many times they have taken the ride and strive to beat other people’s records. Some celebrities like the model Kate Moss and actor Jessica Alba have taken the ride over 25 times. It is very easy to get to the London eye because it is close to the major tube stations in London. You can walk from Westminster, Embarkment, Waterloo and Charing Cross stations as you enjoy the sites on the streets, the cafes and bistros and antique shops.
The London Eye has provided memorable events for its visitors. Many have been proposed to while on the ride, serenaded, gotten married, gone to concerts and received special dinners from celebrity chefs all at a price. For the spectacular view and thrill, the London Eye is a spot not to miss while on self-catering holiday.
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Place official residence of the Queen
Buckingham Place official residence of the Queen

Buckingham Palace in Westminster London is where the monarch of the United Kingdom resides and performs her royal duties. With all its lavishness, state and royalty occasions are held here often making it a symbol of British celebration and pride. It was designed by William Winde and built in the 17th century by the then Duke of Buckingham. It had several owners over a period of time but eventually King George the 3rd purchased it for his Queen Charlotte. The royal couple had 15 children and all except one came to be born here. In subsequent years it was remodeled, enlarged and made the official royal palace.  Queen Victoria was the first monarch to reside in the palace in 1837 and it was not easy at first with problems such as ventilation, stuffiness, poor maintenance and general organization. Prince Albert decided to fix all that and by 1840 things had gotten better. The now elegant Palace measures 108 meters by 120 meters, is 24 meters (79 ft) high and contains over 77,000 m2 of floor space.  The Ballroom is the largest room at Buckingham Palace. It was added by Queen Victoria and is used for state banquets and other ceremonies. It is said that the palace contains 19 state rooms, 52 principal bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms and a swimming pool.
A visit to the Buckingham Palace will give you a thrilling view of The Queen’s Gallery, built on the site of the former chapel; it is open continually and displays a changing selection of items from the Royal Collection. A large number of garden parties and banquets are held in the summer, which is the perfect time to visit.


Trafalgar Square

Christmas scene at Trafalgar Square
Christmas scene at Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square came up in the early 1800s as an open square for cultural celebrations, commercial events, rallies, demonstrations, filming and photographic shoots. It hosts magnificent statues and fountains such as the Nelson’s column in honor of Admiral Nelson for his victory in the Battle of Trafalgar. The five meter granite statue stands on a four panel bronze platform made from old guns; the four lions on it symbolize protection of Nelson’s column.
Another great feature in the square is the fountain with mermaids and dolphin figures. Visiting this site brings out a sense of bravery, courage and love of country.
There are four plinths in the square and on three of them stand statues of General Sir Charles James Napier Major General Sir Henry Havelock on the southeast plinth and King George IV on the northeast plinth. These national heroes bring together people from all walks of life to visit a place that honors the good works of others. A tour to the square counts as time well spent to gain knowledge about past struggles that made the royal family as great as it is.
The fourth plinth, in the northwest of the square, was empty for many years. It is now programmed by a Commissioning Group Panel of specialist advisors appointed to guide and monitor the commissions for the plinth. The content presents world-class contemporary artworks in the public realm.
To get these places one can use the trains from all major cities, buses, take a walk on the streets of London or even cycle if you are up for more adventure.
Houses of Parliament

House of Commons
House of Commons

They are also known as Westminster Palace and are located on the banks of the Thames built between 1840 and 1870. The premises holds the House of Commons and the House of Lords. It was originally built in the 11th century though reconstructed in the 18th century after a fire. It then was destroyed during world war 2 and built again in 1950. It is a world heritage site. The building has four floors: the ground floor has offices, meeting rooms and river front houses. The first floor on the other hand has chambers for the two houses and libraries for research while the second and third floors hold committee rooms. The fourth floor is private for the speaker and the Lord Chancellor.
There is a large clock tower famously referred to as Big Ben on the north side of the palace. It is the second largest four faced chiming clock in the world and has become so famous that it appears in movies. As of this years it is 156 years old and always reliable. It has a large bell that can be heard from further away distance and is quite a site to see while in London.

These are but a few of London’s world famous attractions.  From time to time we will list a few more and give you directions to our nearest quality self-catering apartments.  We have serviced apartments and private owned short stay.  All conveniently located to London Attractions.  Enjoy your stay!!!  Enjoy our London Collection.!!!!

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