On A Short Stay Visit To Amsterdam And Its Attractions

On A Short Stay Visit To Amsterdam And Its Attractions

Amsterdam is a unique city. Despite the obvious presence of thousands of visitors, its life remained real. To observe it is enough to stroll along the canal streets or to sit for a while in one of Amsterdam many cafes. Nevertheless, there are places in the city you should not miss during your visit. Here is our list of the best of the best.

Becareful what you ask for in a Coffee Shop
Be-careful what you ask for in a Coffee Shop


The city old center is formed from canal rings, which give you the feeling of space, freedom and peace. Walk through these canal streets or better – take a trip with a boat by boarding one of the tourist cruises or by renting the boat yourself.

The Rijks museum is the largest and the most attractive museum in the Netherlands, with more than one million visitors each year. These marvelous paintings reflect history and character of the Dutch. Unique sculptures and various antiquities as traditional furniture, Delftware, silver, ship models and doll houses complete the show.

After its renovation The Maritime Museum is a captivating place to visit, especially with children. With a sail ship at its quay, packed with modern multimedia attractions exhibit and rich collection of fine paintings, old maps and remarkable ship models, this colourful and enjoyable museum will help you understand the history of the Netherlands – a small nation which was centuries ago one of the world’s greatest sea powers.

A quiet stroll by the canal
A quiet stroll by the canal


This modern museum houses some 200 paintings and 550 sketches showing Van Gogh in all his moods. This biggest in the world collection, combined with hundreds of letters by Van Gogh, and selected works by his friends and contemporaries, form the core of the museum’s collection.

This huge old protestant church with little houses clinging to its sides remains a calm heaven at the heart of the feverish Red Light District. Its buildings, especially the Gothic-renaissance style octagonal bell tower, were used by sailors to get their behavior. For some adults, an evening walk in the nightlife area around the church might be interesting.


After a busy day of walking enjoy a simple meal or just a coffee or beer in one of many Amsterdam old cafes called brown. At first it will seem too much from the past and too crowded, but the atmosphere is unique, people are famously friendly, Amsterdam accommodation is family friendly prices low. Relax and watch most of people around will be locals. Feel like one of them, the real Amsterdammers.

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Visit to world famous Shrine of Fatima in Northern Portugal

Visit to world famous Shrine of Fatima in Northern Portugal

Fatima is a town and Parish located 142 km (88 miles) North of Lisbon near the large town of Leira.

Splendid vaulted celling
Splendid vaulted ceiling

You can fly into Porto or Lisbon with Ryanair from many parts of UK and Ireland. By coach it’s an hour and a half journey from Lisbon with frequent departures and costs only approx €9.00 each way with Rede Express www.rede-expressos.pt but in Portuguese only. Seats should be booked in advance.The train station called Fatima is miles from town . So going by train is not much of an option.

Fátima is a civil parish in the municipality of Ourém, in the Portuguese Santarém District.
Fatima is one of the most important catholic shrines in the world dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Fatima’s Sanctuary welcomes millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Fatima’s fame is due to the vision of Our Lady of the Rosary that appeared to three shepherd children Lucia dos Santos and her two younger cousins, Francisco and Jacinta. Between May and October of 1917, the three children witnessed several visions. The last one, on October 13th, was confirmed by a miracle witnessed by 60,000 people known in the catholic world as “the day the sun danced”. Fátima also gained fame due to elements of secrets, prophecy and eschatology, particularly with regard to World War II and possibly more World Wars in the future.
Fatima now attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, particularly on the pilgrimage days in May and October. The large torch-light processions in the evening are particularly impressive, often lead by Cardinals and Bishops. The pilgrims gather in Cova de Iria an enormous plaza where a little chapel was built and where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to the children. Around the plaza are a considerable number of shops and stalls selling various religious articles. On the far side of the plaza rises the great Basilica, built in the in neo-classical style, with a central tower, the construction of which begun in the early 1920’s.


It is bordered by row of pillars linking it with the wide convent and hospital buildings. In the basilica are the tombs of two of the three visionaries, siblings Francisco and Jacinta Marto, who died in 1919 and 1920 respectively, and were beatified in 1970. The third seer, Lucia dos Santos, died in 2005.

Fatima north of Lisbon
Fatima north of Lisbon on the A1

Where accommodation is concerned your best option is to stay in Lisbon. Apart from the Shine Fatima is saturated with shops selling cheap religious items that are made in China. Where as Lisbon is a wonderful city older than London.
Accommodation can be provided in convenient location self-catering apartments at reasonable prices. Let your host know beforehand that you intend travelling to Fatima and they will provide you with all the necessary information. Or give the customer care team at www.goholidaylets.com and we will assist with information.
We have a cosy self-catering apartment located in the heart of the Alfama neighborhood. An ideal place for a short stay while on a visit to Fatima.

Alternatively many visitors fly into Faro have a holiday in Albufeira, Alvor or Lagos and travel to Fatima and return to Algarve holiday.

Afternoon Tea London Style

Afternoon Tea London Style


The concept of Afternoon tea is traditionally a light meal of cake and cucumber sandwiches typically eaten between 4 pm and 6 pm. It originated among the wealthy classes in England in the 1840s.

World famous landmark

World famous landmark

Some very hotels in London like The RITZ made the tradition very popular. By the end of the nineteenth century, afternoon tea developed to its current form and was observed by both the upper and middle classes.

When you are out and about with your friends or family of on a short stay or self-catering holiday in London, and feel like having a cup of afternoon tea to catch up or just relax, here are some of the places you can sip tea with comfort.

The historic Brown’s Hotel, is the place where Queen Victoria used to take her tea, so curiosity took us in there to feel the ambience, the menu consist of sandwiches, including smoked chicken with a spoonful of guacamole, they are light but satisfying.. Scones might be the only glaring omission, but you won’t miss them too much with healthier treats such as flourless – but flavorful – dark chocolate and zesty yoghurt-topped orange cakes. The meal pairs nicely with the silver needle white tea, a delicate infusion of cucumber, melon and other fruit flavours.


It is apparent that tea, and the meticulous ritual around creating the perfect brew. With not less than 18 teas to chose from it’s hard to know where to start, but the black lychee variety proved a delightful and tasty choice.
The self-boiling kettle on each table is essential when you consider the tiny size of the traditional tea pots and drinking cups, but the Chinese culture is based around having just enough to drink in the present moment and nothing extra


Afternoon tea in The Ritz has been served here since they opened and its part of their heritage one of the reasons why it remains so popular today. Served with care in the hotel’s flamboyant Palm Court, the tea includes the requisite finger sandwiches with smoked salmon, roast ham, alongside fresh raisin and apple scones and cakes on a tiered cake stand. You need to book in advance to secure a sitting spot since the place is usually packed to capacity.

Afternoon Tea in The Ritz
Afternoon Tea in The Ritz


If you are the kind of person who likes having a traditional tea with sightseeing, you should embark on this most genteel of cruises. It is a river boat, fitted with open windows; the cruise usually sails five afternoons a week and takes passengers on a merry outing from Tower Bridge as far as Westminster, doing a sweeping turn outside the House of Commons before heading back. The cruise is guided and there is a large, open-air deck up top, with plenty of space to stretch your legs, feel the wind in your hair and take photos. This is one exciting place you surely would love to enjoy your afternoon tea.

Another world famous landmark
Another world famous landmark

At www.goholidaylets.com we have some excellent self-catering accommodation for London where locations for Afternoon Tea can be accessed with ease. Flights for London can be got from all over Europe with Easyjet,Ryanair and British Airways transporting large numbers each day. So if your on a short Stay or self-catering London has it all. Enjoy your tea.




Fairtrade black and green tea grown in Kenya

Kenyan tea is some of the best quality black tea in the world. Tea from Kenya has won international praise for its taste and aroma. Kenya tea is so popular that it is the beverage of choice served in restaurants and cafés across Kenya and other parts of the world.




Kenya is one of the world’s top producers and exporters of tea. Kenyan tea is also the top foreign exchange earner for the Kenyan economy, followed by horticulture, tourism and Kenyan coffee. Because pure Kenyan tea is very superior in quality compared to other teas of the world, most tea exported from Kenya is sold in blended form – it’s used for blending with other teas to produce some of the popular blends available in grocery stores across the United States, Europe, Asia and other markets.

Tea growing areas in Kenya

Most Kenya tea is grown in the highlands west of the Rift Valley, Kericho region, in particular, is where most of the large-scale tea plantations are found. Other tea farming also takes place in the highlands east of the Rift Valley as well as in central Kenya.

Rich in Antioxidants

In its purest form, Kenyan tea has gained recognition in markets across the world because it has been proved to have higher levels of antioxidants compared to teas produced in other parts of the world.

Kenyan black tea is known to have higher levels of antioxidants compared to teas from other parts of the world. The quality of black tea depends on the number of top young leaves harvested, the mode of harvesting, and the care with which the green leaves are handled. Only the upper young leaves and a bud are handpicked and skillfully processed. Kenyan tea has a distinct bright color and aromatic flavor, thanks to the country’s tropical climate and rich volcanic soils.


Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

Kenya black tea production process

Black tea is processed from young, soft leaves, buds and stems which are then fermented before being rolled and dried.

Tea processing is accomplished through the cut, twist and curl (CTC) process, where all the leaves, buds and stems are crushed/ground to equal sizes, mostly dust and fanning’s, yielding stronger, thicker and brighter teas and ensuring a higher number of cups of tea per unit measure. Most of the teas packaged in tea bags are produced using the CTC method.

On the other hand, the approved method of processing tea is a traditional method of Kenya tea production that involves rolling leaf into smaller particles, suitable for multiple infusions. It production uses only top quality leaves and buds that produce strong, robust flavor resulting in higher quality and better tasting tea.

Green tea from Kenya

Kenya is not only winning acclaim for its black tea, but its green tea is gaining an serious edge. Due to the anti-oxidants and health benefits derived from green tea, Kenya is now producing and packaging green tea, white tea for the health-conscious consumer.

Unlike the production process for black tea, green tea is processed without fermentation in order to preserve the nutrients that contain the health benefits. Freshly cut, young, downy leaves are steamed and then rolled and dried to make green tea. White tea, on the other hand, is made from tea buds.

The buying and selling process of Kenyan tea

About 60 percent of the tea in Kenya is produced by small-scale farmers. These farmers then sell their produce through the Kenya Tea Development Authority, the body in charge of collecting and processing the tea leaves, who in turn sell it to the outside market through the auction process or by direct sales and other private factory offers. Some small-scale farmers also sell their teas directly to consumers, private buyers and importers/exporters without necessarily going through the normal auction process.

The remaining 40 percent of Kenyan tea is grown on large, privately-owned farms. The owners of these farms process and then sell their tea through the Mombasa Tea Auction, the second largest tea auction in the world.

Tea from Kenya is bought and exported as straight-line – pure Kenyan tea blended, packaged, loose or as per specific market or customer requirement. All tea bought from the Mombasa Tea Auction or through direct sales and other private arrangements is then exported to Egypt, United Kingdom, Unites States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, India, China and many other international destinations for sale in those markets.


Have a quick cup
Have a quick cup

Where in the world

If you live in apart of the world where you can source Kenyan teas it would be worth a try.

In London for instance Marks and Spencer stock Pure Origin Mount Kenya Teabags well worth trying. You will not be disappointed in how nice a cup it produces. In fact it is hard to make a bad cup of tea with these teabags. I can’t say enough just how amazing the tea tastes. They are also Fairtrade which just makes the tea taste even better.

Just as amazing is Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Kenyan Fairtrade Fine Tea. Try Kenyan tea when you visit London on a short stay break or rent one of www.goholidaylets.com holiday apartments, Kenya is a country famed for its long distance runners…just look at this year’s London Marathon winners. But that’s not the only impressive export from this beautiful East African country. Did you know that thanks to Kenya’s perfect climate along the Rift Valley, the country provides nearly 53% of the tea leaves we Brits drink in our daily cuppa?

Kenyan Tea is at the heart of many of Britain’s favorite teas blends making up the 165 million cups of tea we drink each and every day in the UK.


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Rugby World Cup has a arrived for a Short Stay Again

Rugby World Cup has a arrived for a Short Stay Again

The IRB Rugby World Cup has arrived on our door step once again. This time 2015 England play host to this famous competition.The first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987, hosted by Australia and New Zealand . Since the first tournament, six others have been held at four-year intervals. The most recent tournament was held in New Zealand in 2011, and was won by the New Zealand All Blacks. Twenty teams for various rugby playing countries will take part.

Most you will recognize as the obvious ones: All Black, France, host nation England and Ireland. But other team not just making up the numbers will also take part. Such teams as Fiji, Samoa, The US Eagles will all certainly be giving of their best. You will also have rugby developing countries such as Japan, Uruguay, Romania, Canada.
The competition is centred on 4 Pools with 5 teams in each pool.

Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Fiji, Uruguay.
Pool B: South Africa, Samoa, Japan, Scotland, USA.
Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Georgia, Nambia.
Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Romania

Twickenham  the home of English Rugby
Twickenham the home of English Rugby

At this stage most of the teams will have had a number of challenge matches . These events give the onerous opportunity to the coaching team to choose their final travelling party. These matches also bring injuries problems. Ireland lost the presence of flanker Tommy O Donnell. He dislocated his hip in a World Cup warm up against Wales.

The Munster player, was taken off on a stretcher in the 75th minute of Ireland’s 35-21 win in Cardiff. He was hoping to play in his first World Cup. A double injury crisis occurred to Wales in their Warm up round against England. Leigh Halfpenny, the full-back and points-kicker ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament. Not only but Rhys Webb sustained ankle ligament ­damage, and also an injury to his knee.

But it is all part and parcel of the tournament preparation, and risks have to be taken.

The fact that it is being held in London and other parts of the UK will add to the occasion both for players and supporters.


From our point of view at www.goholidaylets.com we have been busy renting our short stay self catering accommodation London and our excellent self-catering Birmingham.    The excellent transport links be it air, sea, road or rail mean all those involved in this great occasion can arrive with complications.

The venues are well chosen :

Twickenham, London. The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.  Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.  Sandy Park,  Exeter.  Manchester City Stadium, Manchester.   Kingsholm, Gloucester.   Villa Park Birmingham.   Stadiummk, Milton Keynes.   Leicester City Stadium, Leicester.   St James Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.   Wembley Stadium, London.  Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton.

IRB websites will completed travel guidelines for each venue.

Accommodation  spoiled for chose.”

All the venue locations provide excellent accommodation providers.  From highly rated hotels to excellent B&B type accommodation.  Our preference of course is the self-catering route where you can based the whole family or a group of friends in the one service apartments development.  Apart from www.goholidaylets.com they are a multitude of informative websites to meet every need.

May the best team win as long as it is Ireland.



If you are planning to or already have planned to visit Birmingham in the coming months, here are some of the events you can add to your bucket list in case you haven’t figured out exactly what to do during your short stay here.

Birmingham City Nite
Birmingham City Nites


The Moseley Folk Festival returns to Moseley each year.
During the festival visit The Moseley Village’s finest pubs where you’ll find live sessions, dancing and an array of talented musicians.

Bass 15

The Bass 15 band features a program of 10 iconic events throughout the month of October, with major performances in Birmingham and key venues outside the city. Programmed by Punch, Bass 15 will bring unforgettable music experiences featuring specially commissioned new work.

Barclaycard Arena
Barclaycard Arena


Everyone (majority) loves the One Direction boys, this will one event you wouldn’t want to miss.

Following on already announced dates in Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa, One Direction will return to the UK & Ireland this autumn – giving fans the chance to see the band perform live songs from their brand new album ‘FOUR’. This is for the first time alongside all their much-loved hits.

The boys’ will play three nights at the Barclaycard Arena:
• Saturday 10th October – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham
• Sunday 11th October – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

At Goholidaylets we have the ideal location for your Gig accommodation City Nites serviced apartments one of our property partners is located just across the road from the Barclaycard Arena.

City Nites Serviced Apartments
City Nites Serviced Apartments

Birmingham Independent Food Fair

The Birmingham International Food Fair is back, with organizers adding an extra day to take the festival across the weekend of 12-13 September 2015.

The event is dedicated to showcasing Birmingham’s independent food and drink sector, which has seen the addition of many new restaurants and bars in recent months.

More space, more food and more entertainment, as well as growing into a two-day event, the fair will expand across into Eastside Park, with more outdoor stalls and a communal dining area planned to create a street party atmosphere.

The Great British Food Festival

The event returns to Ragley Hall 7 Gardens on Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 September. This year the festival is going to be even bigger and better featuring new additions such as adult cookery classes and hunter guided walks. The recipe for the weekend includes over 80 top local producers, a large serving of hot food, real ale and wine bars, add a dash of craft and gift stalls, lots of activities for children, top Chef demonstrations there will be live music and mix together to make a lovely foodie family day out.

Biddle & Webb’s wine & spirits sale is on Saturday 12 September from 10am. Lots to be sold range from single bottles to full cases. Wines and spirits of all ages, regions and prices to be sold. Biddle & Webb have a dedicated wine & spirits team who are on hand to give you any help and advice needed.


Interior of LG Arena. Big enough to drive a bus.
Interior of LG Arena. Big enough to drive a bus.


Shop from over 350 fashion and beauty shops, watch non-stop runway shows, fashion experts, inside trend reports and receive exclusive style advice. Treat yourself at one of the many bars and cafes and enjoy a luxury beauty treatment in the Pamper Lounge.

For something a little bit special, why not head to the Boutique area of the show for that one off piece you won’t find on the high street. Shop from a selection of carefully selected lifestyle and unique British brands.

Birmingham is a very accessible city with road and rails links to all parts of mainland UK. Birmingham International Airport handles flights daily from all around the globe. Accommodation is also readily available from 5 star hotels to hostels.  Our preference nowadays is City Centre self catering serviced apartments where all the family can enjoy a pleasant stay in this vibrant modern British West Midlands city.

Hope this will calendar visit will give you at least an insight of you will do during your trip among other things that you plan to do.