Flying for the first time on holidays with an Infant

Flying for the first time on holidays with an Infant

The key to flying with an Infant is preparation both long and short flights have its advantages and disadvantages.

What to pack flying to holiday destination with an Infant.

Flying both short to places like Portugal and Spain or long haul to the US or Thailand for instants with an infant is nowadays very common. But it takes preparation and planning. Ok planning and preparation is a common task of any mother of a young child, it is just that flying creates a slightly more unusual scenario. Such as queuing to board not having your trusted stroller, operating your normal mothering functions in a confined space. Remember budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet don’t make any exceptions for mothers travelling with young babies, unlike accommodation providers like hotels or self catering apartments. So preparation is key. There is an amount of information to be found I have listed a few keys points here. I have also so included a few comments as someone who has travelled with babies. The tips are for the situation when you are travelling alone meant to get you thinking about process rather that a definite guide.

Timing is the key to a smooth journey. If you are carrying a stroller, label with your name, personal address, phone number or email address. During take-off and landing give your baby a bottle, a pacifier, candy or cookie to avoid earaches. And make sure you have the proper documentation for the baby before boarding the plane.

If your child is receiving medical treatment or suffers from travel sickness, please remember to bring his or her medical record and medications.

1. Get to the airport early. Give yourself time to park your car and get your luggage together, ideal solution would be to get dropped to terminal and accompanied to baggage drop-off.

2. Book online. Taking advantage of Booking Online facility is a must. If you arrive at lets say Gatwick or Heathrow or less busy airports like Cork it will make the task much less stressful.

3. Preparing for security: Remember like the rest of us even though you have a infant in arms you will still be seen as a security risk. But if your conscious of the process and a little prepared it relatively stress free. Remember stroller and all your remaining baggage will have to go on the belt and through the scanner. Don’t be concerned about bottles and Babies feed. Security staff put them through a separate process and it should be all complete in a matter of minutes

4. Am going to list a checklist of items that you need to pack for the baby as follows:-

* Diapers: carry plenty of diapers to change the baby, preferably enough to change after an hour and a half.

* Pad to put under the baby while changing the diaper: you can get them at a baby store.

* Plastic bags: to put the soiled diapers, baby clothes etc.

* A small blanket: to cover the baby when asleep, while nursing etc.

* Wipes: you can get a whole packet.

* Diaper rash cream: applying before putting in a clean diaper.

* Bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion.

* Clothes, socks, and booties or shoes.

* Feeding bottles: one with clean water for the baby to drink. As for the dad, make sure you have a bottle of milk for the baby

* A stroller: Be sure it collapses quickly. Remember someone will have to hold baby when your doing this task.

* Carry the baby’s favorite toy: this is good when the baby is fussy and when it’s asleep.

* Have contact details of your doctor in case your baby is feeling sick during or after travel.

One more thing, do not forget to pack a swimming costume for the baby, you do want the baby to have fun as much as you do? Right?

We are a holiday rental portal website but offer our self catering visitors as much travel advice as we can. Feel free to contact us for advice.

We welcome any suggestions and comments.

Barcelona International Airport

Barcelona International Airport

It was acts as a Catalonian hub to the rest of the world.

Barcelona International Airport (also known as El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto or Aeroport de Barcelona) is situated 13 km South West of the city centre. The airport abbreviation is (BCN). This abbreviation is often referred to by online flight reservations services and will be most likely printed on your airline ticket.

A number of airlines fly in and out of Barcelona each day. Vueling and Spanair have their operational base in El Prat. The following are some of the routes Ryanair to Brussels, Delta Airlines to Rome, Tap to Istanbul, Iberia to Paris, Vueling to Paris, Aeroflot to Rome, Turkish Airlines to Istanbul.

Nowadays this airport helps connect the Catalonia region with the rest of the world particularly Europe and the Mediterranean area.

It was acts as a Catalonian hub to the rest of the world. The basic connections of ‘Barcelona El Prat’ today are mostly European cities, with a couple of representation at other intercontinental airports. This is the local Governments ambitious target of world expansion. The most active route from Barcelona is the called “Air Bridge” that in Spanish is ‘Puente Aereo’ that connects Barcelona and Madrid with 971 operations during the week until 2008. The construction of the new high speed train AVE has reduced the number of flights every day, but still being the most used air connection of Barcelona airport.

As well as the national operations, the new fever of low cost flights brought to Barcelona airport a couple of years ago different foreign companies like Easyjet, Ryanair or WizzAir among other national and international companies. It is also one of the goals of Barcelona to keep the tourism of the city emerge, helped with these connections, bringing people from all over the continent.

Additionally it has been a lot of recent changes at the facilities of the airport very significant for its future but still has to improve with upcoming projects at the following years. Apart of the 2 existing Terminals it is being planned to build an additional T1 space called T1s (Terminal Satellite) and will increase the passenger traffic to 15 million more each year which means a total of 70 million every year, this would set Barcelona among the first 5 busiest airports of the world in passenger traffic.

At the Airport itself once you go through security there are small coffee shops in both departure lounges ,where you can purchase drinks and snacks.- Once in the departure lounge please listen out for announcements.

Barcelona, the city

Barcelona has many ways to be visited from all over the world countries. It is basically known as a business and tourism point, which means is a city with many needed infrastructures to provide to all kind of visitors the best services.

It is essential to have an appropriate airport to keep Barcelona involved on this commitment of world expansion. Its own personality and the variety of markets that the city takes part are becoming itself as one of the worldwide meeting points.


Barcelona Airport is only 14kms far from Barcelona city center, the passengers are able to use a rented Car, Taxi, Bus or Train services.


There are two Terminals. T1, is the main Terminal, and T2 is mainly unused, except for some low cost carriers.


Barcelona airport is a busy airport and its activities keep increasing day by day. Barcelona is a great city to visit at have some excellent serviced apartments located there.

Faro Airport Guide (FAO)

Faro Airport Guide (FAO)

Faro in the south of Portugal is the gateway to the Portuguese Algarve and western parts of Spain.   Thousands of families staying in holiday rental properties and hotels fly into Faro each year.

This Faro Airport guide includes contact details as well as information regarding airport facilities, public transport and nearby hotels.

Faro Airport Guide (FAO)…..Faro Airport serves Portugal’s popular Algarve region, with regular flights operating to destinations throughout Europe. This Faro Airport guide includes contact details as well as information regarding airport facilities, public transport and nearby self-catering apartment and hotels.

Information: There is an information desk in the public area of the terminal building, which has details of flights, disabled facilities, opening hours and public transport timetables. Tourist information is available from the Portugal Tourism desk in the arrivals hall.

Public transport rail: Rail: Trains (tel: +351 707 210 220; run from Faro’s central station to destinations along the Algarve coast, with long-distance services linking the city with Lisbon and other destinations in northern Portugal. Buses connect the airport to the train station.

Terminal facilities Money: There are ATMs in the arrival and departure concourses. A bank branch and a bureau de change are located in the public arrivals hall.

Communication: A post office is located in the public concourse. Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport (free for the first 30 minutes) – internet access points for non-Wireless enabled devices are also available. Public telephones are positioned in key areas.

Food: There are several snack bars, cafés and bars at Faro Airport, both airside and landside. These include a burger and grill restaurant and a pizza outlet in the boarding area.

Shopping: There are newsagents in the public area and more in the departures concourse where there is a large selection of shops, from fashion boutiques and gift retailers to a delicatessen selling Portuguese food products. Duty-free and tax-paid outlets at Faro Airport offer a wide variety of goods.

Luggage: There is a lost property desk near the meeting/information point. Lockers are available for baggage storage. Porters are on hand to assist with luggage.

Other: Other facilities at Faro Airport include several travel agencies and a pharmacy.

Airport facilities

Disabled facilities: Passengers requiring wheelchairs or assistance should inform their airline at the time of booking. Lifts and disabled toilets are located throughout Faro Airport. Disabled passengers can park in reserved spaces in the car park opposite the terminal building.

Car parking: Short-term parking is located in car park P1 (in the departures area) and car park P3 (in the arrivals area). Car park P2 offers long-term parking and is located behind car parks P1 and P3. Further parking information is available from the parking office.

Car rental: Car hire companies at Faro Airport include Avis, Budget, Europcar, Guerin, Goldcar and Hertz. Counters for these operators are located in the arrivals area and hire cars are picked up and dropped off at a car park a short distance from the terminal.

There are no hotels at Faro Airport, with most accommodation being either in nearby Faro city centre or spread along the Algarve coastline. Information about self-catering accommodation and hotels is available from the Airport information desk.


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The Beauty of Diani Beach Kenya

The Beauty of Diani Beach Kenya

Rated by Tripadvisor as the 3rd best beach in Africa.

Diani Beach is a major beach resort on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya (in eastern Africa). It is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of Mombasa, in the nearby Kwale County.

The beach is about 10 kilometres (6 mi) long, from the Kongo river to the north and Galu beach to the south (the southern point of reference is an old Baobab tree). It is adjacent to the town of Ukunda, the population of which nears 100,000 inhabitants.

A small airstrip is located between the beach area and the Mombasa-Lunga Lunga road. The water remains shallow near shore, with some underwater sandbars near the surface which allow wading with a clear view of the sandy bottom. Inland from the beach, there is extensive vegetation including numerous palm trees which cover the coastal areas, unlike the dry acacia trees of the mountainous Kenyan Highlands. The Mwachema River flows into the sea at Diani Beach. The general area is known for its coral reefs, black-and-white colobus monkeys, and for the closely located Shimba Hills National Reserve, a wildlife reserve which looks out over the Indian Ocean. Diani Beach has high-class restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and several shopping centres. Diani Beach is also a popular kitesurfing location.

Diani Beach has a large 10 km stretch of uninterrupted white sand overlapped with an opal-coloured ocean. Many of the hotels along the beach are located in parts of the Jadini forest. Animals that previously had their home here in large numbers still occur to a lesser degree, such as the very shy and rarely seen leopards, the brutal velvet monkeys and the arrogant colobus monkeys. In addition to the hotels there are private houses, some available for rental, and some self-catering cottages. Most water activities are available, including windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing and deep sea fishing.

Many hotels have their own water sports center, but there are also independent centers to meet the needs of those on a self-catering holiday with an interest in water sports.. Throughout the year one can fish along the entire coast of Kenya, with the exception of May, June, and part of July. The main center for deep-sea fishing is at Shimoni, which is located over 100 kilometers south from Mombasa and very close to the Tanzanian border. Shimoni is also the base for visits to the Kisite and Mpunguti Marine National Parks and reserves where Kenya’s most remarkable underwater world can be seen. Always these areas can be visited while stay in a self-catering holiday accommodation.

There is a beautiful golf course for golf lovers in Diani. If you decide to have a game, the course serves as a lovely walk for those interested. Diani has a selection of restaurants and nightclubs with good quality food and entertainment. Along the coast, groups of reef fish can be seen and with no more than a mask and snorkel and maybe with some flippers you can see the beauty of the underwater world. The coral which build the reef together with the countless fish are perhaps the world’s most spectacular architects. It is no wonder that this amazing home attracts so many sensational tenants.

The south coast has many beautiful beaches between Tiwi and Diani, on a stretch of 21 km and located about 20 km from Mombasa city. The south coast is usually associated with Diani Beach, because most hotels and resorts are located here and since this is also the most developed area. Kenya has developed into a great location for a self-catering holiday.


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April 2015 activities in the Algarve

April 2015 activities in the Algarve

Something for all the family from football to food

Eurocopa Youth Tournament

A brand new youth football tournament known as Eurocopa Youth has kicked off in Albufeira on Monday the 6th of April 2015.

It is reported that up to thirty-six football teams will taken part in this inaugural completion. Age groups ranging from Under 9yrs to Under 14 yrs will take part. Stakeford Juniors from Sunderland Tyne & Wear are sending up to six teams in total. It is believe a hundred young players are planning to make a journey to the Algarve together with 130 family members and friends. Northern Ireland will also have representation in the sunny Algarve when Carniny Amateurs FC from Ballymena arrives with an Under 13 team.

The lads from Northern Ireland arrive in Faro on Sunday evening from where they will be taken by coach to their 4 star hotel in Albufeira. The Ballymena boys plan to play three matches. They will be up against strong opposition with teams from Portuguese side Guia FC, Immortal DC and Quarteirense CD-R. On Tuesday the opposition is Stakeford FC from Sunderland and Benfica Academy. Wednesday is their last game against First Division Portuguese side Guia FC.

Local interest in the tournament will centre around teams from Portimao Albufeira, Olhao, Faro and Loule. The completion will take place over three days and matches will be held at Estadio Nora Complex at Ferreiras and the Albufeira Municipal Stadium Complex. If your in the Algarve maybe on a self-catering holiday this could be a great way to spend a few hours with family and friends.

Further news for the Algarve

There is a planned return of the 5th Annual Chefs Week to the Algarve. The event is scheduled to take place between the 26th of April and the 3rd of May 2015 in participating hotels. It will bring together ten of the top executive chefs in the Algarve who head up the top restaurants and five star hotels. It will be an opportunity to sample the culinary fare of these participating artisan cooks. All will use local fresh produce to create their edible master pieces.

The event organizers will launch a recipe book at the start to commemorate the events fifth year anniversary. It will feature dishes created during the events lifetime over the last five years. The participation chefs in this year’s event will be Chef Andrew McGuie (Louro Restaurant, Conrad Algarve), Chef Bruno Rocha ( EMO Restaurant Hotel Tivoli Victoria) Chef Jan Stechemesser (A Terra Restaurant, Praia Verde Boutique Hotel) Chef Vitor Monteiro is a renowned Portuguese Chef who at 33, has a professional curriculum which highlights its leading role as Chef in reputable restaurants and national hotels.

As his professional background he worked in the kitchens of the Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon; Dunes Resort Golden Beach Club in Almancil; Hotel The Lake Resort in Vilamoura, among others.

Chef José Leitão has a professional career with expertise in national and international cuisine, including fusion cuisine and molecular gastronomy.

Passionate about creative kitchen and determined to provide and reinventing the dining experience, he is currently the Executive Chef at NAU Group Hotels & Resorts, within his responsibilities lies the responsibility of managing the different cuisines of the hotels Palace and Salgados Salgados Palm Village Apartments & Suites, highlighting the Moonlight Restaurant & Bar.

Chef José Leitão, uses the ingredients, the techniques, the recipes and the gastronomic concepts to raise the best of regional and international cuisine on a platter able to stir up emotions and make you travel through different places and breathtaking landscapes.

His career has 25 years of vast experience in the kitchen of hotel chains such as CS Hotels, Golf & Resorts, Royal Hotels, passing also by the Hotel Almansor in Carvoeiro Club Méditerranée in Albufeira.

There are a number of other excellent chefs involved in this year’s event check out their website for details.

All the chefs menus will be available on the hotel or restaurant menus. Menus cost €30 per person excluding drinks. €1 from each meal is given to CASA Association for the homeless.