4 Albufeira Restaurants Reviewed for self catering holiday makers

4 Albufeira Restaurants Reviewed for self catering holiday makers

Quick Guide to 4 restaurant in Albufeira .

The Quick Guide basically tries to give you a feel for the various options you have available in relation to Albufeira  restaurants.   Maybe encourage  those of you that havnt book online apartments in Albufeira before to research the area you intend to visit.

A Portugal Holiday rental can be a great choice for a sunshine holiday and  villas in Algarve and particularly  villas in Albufeira are no exception to this rule. Try a short stay apartment in Albufeira Old Town.

Take a quick look

Review of 4 Albufeira restaurants

Ok!! we are not restaurants reviewers. We are a holiday rental website www.goholidaylets.com. Visit our website and find unique listings.

Our blogs review it, look at, investigate, relate all things interesting (or at least we think interesting) in and around the locations we are advertising for self catering holiday homes.

On this occasion we are looking at 4 restaurants in Albufeira. Albufeira is a well-known tourist resort in the central part of the Algarve in Portugal.


So instead of reviewing the restaurants we decided to review the reviewers. Our first port of call was to put Albufeira Restaurant into Google search menu and of course up tops Tripavdisor.

Now it has its pro and cons, and a lot of folks are questioning its motives, mainly because Tripadvisior has huge commercial interests in the hospitality industry. But I am not A A Gill writing for the Sunday Times and I have looked at other websites pertain to review food and drink outlets for instance Virtualtourist which made me yawn just looking at homepage. So for the purpose of this exercise I am sticking with Tripadvisor.

Lets search restaurant reviews Albufeira Algarve.

Ranked #1. Restaurante Dom Carlos, Rua Alves Correia Tel No 351289541224

Reviews …. 539

Excellent …. 452

Poor …. 13

Reviews “excellent “ most recent.

Reviewer (Ireland)

1. Dom Carlos is a hidden gem. Everything about the restaurant is simply faultless. The room itself beautifully decorated, owners delightful, and the food just amazing.

Reviewer (Omagh, Northern Ireland)

2. Pricey but worth it.

Reviewer (Clonmel, Ireland)

3. Peter and Anna are brilliant hosts and customer service is excellent. Peter explains all the courses and will gladly offer some items not on the menu if available. Take his advice and arrive hungry! On our second visit.

Reviewer (Yorkshire, UK)

4. There are a few restaurants of a good quality which serve local dishes such as Cataplana and black pig and are well worth a visit. Then there is Dom Carlos.

Review “Poor” 13 in all

Comment: Hats off to Dom Carlos Must be doing a lot of things right to get Ranked #1 on Trip Advisor of Albufeira

Reviewer (Glasgow)

1. Having dined at some of Glasgows top restaurants we thought number 1 in Albufeira would be fantastic, how wrong we were, pretentious, arrogant is the way I describe it, its a set menu and that’s it with limited options, 5 courses and not very good at that, don’t believe the hype, way over priced,

Ranked #2 Os Arcos Restaurant

Rua Alves Correia, 25, Albufeira 8200, Portugal Tel No. 289 513 460

Reviews …. 377

Excellent …. 307

Terrible …. 009


Reviewer (Manchester)

“Not No. 2, It’s a Number 1”

We had the Sea Bass. What was it like? Well let’s say we eat a lot of fresh fish,but this was the best.

I have limited knowledge of Portuguese Vinho. If you are unsure, ask the owner as he knows his stuff.

Comment: The Sea Bass on the Algarve is excellent

Reviewer (London)

“Very family friendly- a homely local restaurant”

Because we have a 5year old and a 1.5 year old we tend to eat early and they opened at 6.30pm

The owner welcomed us and provided a high chair. The owner helped us heat up some baby food but he still wasn’t having it. Ultimately we gave him some chips.

Comment: Portugal has a tradition of family friendly holiday. Albufeira is the ideal place to place to book a holiday rental.

Reviewer (Portarlington Ireland)


We visited Os Arcos on two nights during our holiday. On both nights the food and service was outstanding.

Reviewer (Sunderland)

The other extreme. Terrible

“Not friendly”

On two occasions we tried to get a table, both times they were tables with no reserved signs on the tables, we started to think he didn’t like the look of us, so we gave up trying to get a table, so we kept going back to o’Manjar’s (round the corner) and Bistro restaurant, next door.

Comment: Maybe just a simple misunderstanding. I do note the owner didn’t reply. Might have been too busy getting rave reviews.

We moved in the interest of variety to the:

Ranked #4 The Indian Sizzler

Lt E Lj 14 | Bellavista Commercial, Above #McDonalds, 351 920 522 599

Reviews …. 32

Excellent …. 29

Poor …. 1

Reviewer …. (Dundee)


We had a take-away from the Indian Sizzler and I have to say “Wow!” From the moment we entered the restaurant we were treated extremely well by the owner Jay.

Comment: Ideal takeaway if someone is enjoying a self catering holiday in Albufeira.

Reviewer (Edinburgh)

“Best Curry I ever had!”

My husband and I braved a thunderstorm to go to the Indian Sizzle

based on the fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor and it was worth getting soaked! The owner was so friendly and welcoming and had no problem with us drying off in the bathroom before sitting down. She gave us poppadums and sauces on the house, which were delicious,

Comment: Definitely worth a visit

Poor review

Reviewer (Kildare)

Was really looking forward to an Indian meal at this restaurant & all seemed very promising in terms of customer service, location and ambiance. The food I ordered arrived promptly and with a smile, however, my main course was sooo!!!!!! Disappointing in terms of appearance and taste had originally ordered a Phall, but was dissuaded by the waitress to have a Vindaloo…

Reply from Owner Jay E, Owner at The Indian Sizzler

Thank you for your review, Something clearly went wrong with your meal on the night and we would like to offer you a sincere apology. I serve all tables and had this been brought to my attention at the time, I would have done my best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction and if that was not possible, you. would not have been charged for the meal. We regret that we are unable to offer you any explanation, but if you can reply to my private message I will arrange a refund for you.

Comment: Hats off to Jay owner of The Indian Sizzer

Ranked #7 Shalom II Rua Da Liberdade, 23, Albufeira, Portugal +351 922 015 364

Reviews …. 415

Excellent …. 294

Very good …. 91

Average …. 22

Poor …. 6

Terrible …. 2

Reviewer (Kildare)


Try the “Ribs”, you will not be disappointed. Great restaurant and fab food, well worth a visit. Exceeded our expectations.

Comment: I know Albufeira is a great location for self catering holidays and Shalom 11 might be the right place for you to eat. Let us know how you get on.

Reviewer (Newbridge)

“A Must! Fab dining experience”

came here on a rainy night on recommendation from family, there was a group of us and there was no problem pre-booking a table to fit our party. Which was 11. The ribs are the best!! And you can fill up on as many as you want, “more ribs” “yes, please”. I had a linguini dish, the flavours were delicious,…

Comment: Another happy client.

Reviewer (Birmingham)

“Ribs !”

We went on 3 occasions in a ten day holiday. 1st night we had ribs 2nd we had a shared mix grill 3rd i had steak. Ribs were fab. Mixed grill for two was stunning. The ribeye steak (normally a personal favourite). I wouldn’t order it again. Not bad, just not how i like my steak. Paid about €30 -€35..

Comment: Ribs seem to be a winner

Now to the other extreme Terrible reviews.

Reviewer (Scotland)

“Worst ribs in town!!!”

They have a sign saying best ribs in town and they are all you can’t eat but that’s rubbish, ribs were full of garlic and when you start eating them all they slow down or ignore you, the staff were too busy talking to each other to serve and they were slow, partner had a curry that looked right out of a birds eye box.

Comment: Surprised owner didn’t make a reply to comment. In fairness maybe they were too busy to notice. As a team on www.goholidaylets.com we know we are not going to it right all the time. But its important to be open honest and transparent.  Let us find the perfect apartment in Albufeira old town for you.

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Barcelona Gaudi Camp Nou – self catering accommodation

Barcelona Gaudi Camp Nou – self catering accommodation

When visiting Barcelona take time out to see the Camp Nou home of BarcelonaFC.

Ok on www.goholidaylets.com when we think Barcelona we think beautiful serviced apartments http://www.goholidaylets.com/Spain/1408 located in Fira Sants Montjuïc. We think Fernando, our friend and GoHolidayLets Agent based in Ubrique Spain in the area of Cadiz. We think short term accommodation wonderful weekend trip away from Glasgow and Dublin during cold winter months.

Ok Barcelona is all of the above and much more. It’s a cosmopolitan city on the East Coast of Spain with a welcome for all. But today I want to explore Camp Nou I want to take a look at a giant of a football FCBARCELONA. On its website it says FC Barcelona is “more than a club” in Catalonia because it is the sports club that mostly represents the country and is also one of its greatest ambassadors. I would go further and say it has world appeal.

The slogan “more than a club” expresses the commitment the club has always put forwarded to the citizens of the area in which it is based. This is specifically to the Catalan people. They say sport and politics don’t mix. Unfortunate FCBarcelona is so intertwined with the local population it had no choice but to take a stand on political issues. In the 20th century it lived under dictatorships that persecuted its language and culture. Courageously it has during this period always supported and defended its own language and culture. In 1921 the club drafted its statutes in the language of Catalonia. It was also in this era that in 1918 the club adhered to a petition for a statute of autonomy for Catalonia, which was being demanded from all sectors of the Catalanista movement.

So when on that short stay self catering holiday and you manage to visit the Camp Nou give a thought to the courageously officials that have always been at one with the local population.

To this day the club is one of the only in Europe ran as a democratise.

Getting back to modern time In 2006 the new pavilions at the Ciutat Esportiva FCBarcelona training facility. This is a huge complex that houses a multi sport pavilion for other sports such as handball, basketball and futsal.

Barcelona FC have won it all over the years. Some of its players are the stuff of legends A modern day on is Leon Messi but over the years there has been others such as Carles Puyol , Ronaldo de Assís Moreira ‘Ronaldinho The Brazilian striker was born at Porto Alegre (Brazil) in 1980. In his five seasons at the club he became one its greatest ever footballers and made a decisive contribution to winning two League titles and the Champions League.

So when visiting one of our self catering accommodation partners take a trip to the Camp Nou and maybe take a tour of this history establishment.

Midleton an area full of Interest with 1st Class Holiday accommodation

Midleton an area full of Interest with 1st Class Holiday accommodation

Midleton Heritage tour worth a visit.

Towns like Midleton Co. Cork maintain a very strong link to our past heritage. We sometime over look this as its present day image is a vibrant modern suburban location situated a few mile to the east of Cork City.

It was a prime location to purchase a property during the Celtic tiger period primarily because of its transport links to Cork City. It has an excellent road network with the N.25 providing a dual carriage and in turn motorway link all the way to Dublin. This transport link also includes the newly opened Irish Rail link to Corks Kent Station. Services run from early morning to late evening providing transport to workers and third level students alike.

Midleton has become because of its location an excellent base from where to enjoy a short stay holiday in the surrounding area. The interests of our website www.goholidaylets.com are particularly well looked after by locations like The Paddocks Holiday Village and Fota resort.

Self catering is an ideal way of exploring what this interesting area has on offer. But today I would like to concentrate on Midleton’s past that is preserved in its historic preserved structures and buildings

I was recent surprised but encouraged to list a list of such building and structures compiled by Cork County Council in 2013 http://www.corkcoco.ie/co/pdf/484970484.pdf.

I give a sample of a few of the listed structures. A tour of these locations would be a worth while exercise as they all have a story to tell.

1. Historic Mills Jameson Distillery, Distillery Walk, Midleton. Now part of the world famous Jameson Experience.

2. Iron Foundry Building, Kennedy Park, Midleton. Near O Farrells Funeral Home. It’s the site of a one time very active Iron Foundary.

3. Redbrick Chimney, Dickinson’s Lane, Midleton.

4. Mill Building, Drury’s Lane, Midleton, Co. Cork Now part of An Stor Hostel.

5. Midleton Railway Station, Upper Mill Road, Midleton. Railway Station including Signal House, Station Building and Platform. Now part of the newly opened Midleton Cork line.

6. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Midleton.

7. St. John The Baptist National School, Church Lane, Midleton (former).

All worth a visit during a self catering stay in Midleton.


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On a Self-catering holiday visit the Saturday Farmers Market in Lagos

On a Self-catering holiday visit the Saturday Farmers Market in Lagos

Well worth a visit if stay in Lagos, on Western Algarve.

The fruit and vegetable market in Lagos Portugal is well worth a visit. It is located across from the EVA Bus Station on the Avendia Dos Descobrimentos.

If you have wisely chosen Lagos as a self catering base the local Saturday market is a must visit place. It has old world charm, coupled with fresh veg and fruit grown by healthy looking farmers. Note the tanned weather beaten faces and huge hands a product of toiling and tilling the earth in a strong sun for decades.. The men with the check shirt denim trousers and flat cap the women with aprons in place over their dresses. Preservatives and prickles bottled and presented on stalls for sale by bohemian Europeans that have discovered the charm of the Algarve country life.

If you’re staying in Patio Do Convento which is self- catering holiday apartments advertised on www.goholidaylets.com it is only ten minutes’ walk away.

Farmers Markets have become very popular in England and Ireland in the last 10 years. Unfortunately at these markets nowadays you would have to search to find an actual fruit of vegetable grower displaying their own produce. They instead have become more a food market than their Portuguese counter parts

The Farmers Market in Lagos though less sophisticated was created out of high ideals that were similar I have no doubt to the ideals that created the original Farmers Markets in England and Ireland many years ago.

After the revolution (as they say) in 1974 the Portuguese authorities created farmer markets concept to enable the smaller market gardeners and farmers trade their produce direct with the public.

The Lagos Farmers Market is an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience. Every Saturday the local Farmers come out early and set up their stalls which fill the area with their fabulous goods and produce and a fresh aroma. You can get anything and everything here from live chickens, to olives, to fruits, to hot chilli chains, to eggs, to homemade sweets, to flowers freshly picked by old women in the fields that morning.

Local organisations and clubs also use it as a means of collecting funds. You’ll find young girls and boys that have set up cake or craft stalls where they offer you some small item in return for a donation. They are all worthwhile causes which support the local communities.

If your staying in a local hotel or hostel or one of www.goholidaylets.com nearby self-catering apartment you should visit this market. When you visit this market take a while to get the sense of the whole place.

Nowadays they are doing fine they’ll charge you the same as local supermarket. At least the head of lettuce your handed was probably grown by that person or their family or neighbour. In the case of the supermarket lettuce it could have travelled from Northern Spain in a plastic bag hundreds of miles with thousands of others.

It all smacks of times nearly forgotten all over Europe when times were less hectic and less complicated.

Shopping on an Algarve self-catering holiday

Shopping on an Algarve self-catering holiday

Shopping in the Algarve is a very enjoyable experience.

On a self-catering holiday in the world it is enviable that you will have to shop at some stage.

Essentially you will want kitchen and bathroom cleansing items. Then some small its to have around the kitchen for breakfast and maybe a snack. The restaurants are so good in places like Lagos and Albufeira that most people eat out. I personally like to try and cook the local cuisine such as bacalhau Portuguese salted dried cod. Or to try the various local wines and not have to pay restaurants prices.

Apart from groceries and drink the ladies in a group will want to survive the local fashion. Whether you on a self catering holiday or stay in a local hotel this can be easily arranged in the Algarve.

My only shopping advice will extend to listing the names and locations of the various supermarkets and shopping centres in the Algarve near your self catering accommodation.

Food and cleaning items the following supermarkets are first class.

All these supermarkets will improve your self catering experience in any of the resorts listed:

Pingo Doce is a Portuguese company with a number of supermarkets in the Algarve. They provide an excellent selection of food stuffs are very reasonable prices. Great value for fish and meat on different days of week.

Be prepared to adjust to Portuguese brands most don’t stock English/Irish type sausages or bacon/rashers. But can be got in other location alternatively a proper breakfast is not expensive and easily located.

Speaking of food in some Pingo Doce outlets and adequate lunch can be purchased for a very reasonable €4. In all outlets coffee and cake counters are provide, this is a Portuguese way of life. If your on a self catering holiday take the time to have a Galao is the signature Portuguese style coffee that is most similar to a latte or cappuccino. Served in a tall glass, it is rich, milky, and sweet. It is the most popular drink seen at a Portuguese coffee or pastry shop. Perfect for breakfasts or brunch, while serving in typical Portuguese style with a savory or sweet pastry on the side.

Ok where do I find this supermarket:

In Alvor, Estrada de Alvor -Urbanização S. Pedro Lavaredo Lote C 2850-087 Alvor

2850- Alvor.

In Lagos, Av. da República, Rossio de São João – 8600-643 Lagos

In Albufeira, Avenida dos Descobrimentos – Urbanização Bela Vista, 8200-127 Albufeira

Another excellent grocery shopping experience in Algarve is the French supermarket Intermarche. Check out their range of fine wines at reasonable prices you can fine a number of them in the Algarve.

In Lagos, Rua da Pedra Alçada, 8600-000 Lagos, Portugal

+351 282 780 760+351 282 780 760

In Budens, Rua da Pedra Alçada, 8600-000 Lagos

Estrada Armação De Pera, Alporchinhos,Porches, Faro

In Carvoeiro, Estrada do Poço Partido, s/nº, 8400-552 Carvoeiro

All these supermarkets will improve your self catering experience in any of the resorts listed.

The IRISH PUB Experience in self catering Algarve

The IRISH PUB Experience in self catering Algarve

Experience some great Irish Pubs in the Algarve and enjoy the craic.

The Irish Theme has become a common sight throughout the world and the towns and resorts in Portugal’s Algarve is no exception to this trend. A bit like the various English theme pub or bars not necessarily owned or managed or frequented by English or Irish people. But none the less they retain the same atmosphere and experience.

Fundamentally an Irish bar is a place to meet, relax and maybe savior a taste of Irish Bar cultural which is unique in itself. Not that Irish Pubs are frequented totally by Irish people like myself some of us when abroad wish to experience the cultural of the host country. But the pack or tribal instinct always appears on sporting occasions. They have a tendency to seek out the nearest Irish pub or bar if Munster, Leinster or Ireland are playing rugby or there is a big GAA game on the TV.

So lets take a closer look at the various and different Irish Bars in the Algarve. In no particular order I have started in Praia da Rocha. The writer hasn’t visited all these pubs some comments are got from their post and advertisements. It is an area well known for is excellent hotels and holiday home rentals. We have a selection of self catering accommodation throughout the Algarve. Just visit our website www.goholidaylets.com.

Daly’s Irish Bar in Praia da Rocha advertise themselves as 100% Irish owned and run. From the full Irish in the morning to great craic at night. Its open all day long serving meals and snacks, which include sandwiches, pies and chicken and the customer Irish Stew. Sounds like a great place to enjoy a drink or snack in. All the normal sporting TV channels are advertise so it might be a great place is visit if your on a self catering holiday in Praia da Rocha.

The Black Stove Alvor

Or should I say the Black Stove Bars as now there is one in Alvor and Carvoeiro. The new premises in Carvoeiro has a lot to live up to as the The Black Stove in Alvor is an excellent pub. From its location to its bar staff it’s the complete package well worth a visit. It was designed and built in 2004 to a high standard. It has become a very popular venue with live music, good food, live sports and a good pint! If you want a good time in the Algarve then you have come to the right place.

Self catering accommodation is in striking distance of all of that the Algarve has to offer in terms of beautiful, challenging golf courses, superb scenery in the nearby mountains and of course the sandy white beaches on the shores of the Atlantic.

Carvoeiro now has a Black Stove it’s the complete deal and a great venue for you to enjoy a bit of craic and a pint.

Carvoeiro is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in quite a compact area around the town centre. A lot of the accommodation is in new residential areas on the outskirts as the developments have spread, but it is all in keeping – this isn’t an area of high rise hotels and apartment blocks.

Carvoeiro now has a Black Stove bar for you to enjoy a good Irish pint n’ craic! Visit us to see why people always come back!

Carvoeiro is a bustling town with some hidden treasures for you to explore – take a walk at the back of The Black Stove to see some sights you won’t forget – beautiful Sandstone cliffs reminiscent of the canyons in Arizona – the Wild West on the shores of the Atlantic.

We have a selection of self catering accommodation throughout the Algarve. Just visit our website www.goholidaylets.com.

The Black Anchor Bar Taviro

I have purposely moved to Eastern Algarve and the charming town of Tavira this scenic town is located on the banks of the river Gilao and is very popular with visitors from England and Ireland looking for a relaxing holiday in self catering accommodation.

The Irish bar in Tavira is known as the Black Anchor. Its located in a authentic old building with any outside area that leads onto the Gilao river. This scenic setting is time to savour and relax with a nice pint of Guinness maybe or a glass of local wine.

The bar is open every day and has a full bar food menu. All your favorite drinks are here, which you can enjoy while watching the latest sport, or catching up online – there’s free wi-fi here.

There is live music every weekend and a great atmosphere every day at The Black Anchor

The Marina Bar Lagos

The establishment has or doesn’t market itself as an Irish Bar. But Derry the owner is a (stubborn ) Kerryman so we has listed it under the Irish Bar Banner. Its nestled in at the road bridge end of the Marina in a very sunny location. Some fabulous yachts practically berth at its front door.

Not especially famous as a music venue but its food offering is second to none. Its night specials are great value. Its full Irish or English breakfast will set you up for the day. I am a good judge of a “full breakfast” and this one passes the sausage test. The difference between a good English or Irish breakfast is a decent sausage. The guys in Marina have certainly passed the test. The Marina Bar is also an ideal location to watch your favored sports. Large TVs are located throughout the bar. Well worth a visit, the Marina self catering apartment are also nearby.

Self catering advice for the would be Lagos visitor

Self catering advice for the would be Lagos visitor

When choosing a self catering accommodation make sure and ask all the appropriate question to ensure you have the perfect holiday.

You have checked out self catering apartments Lagos on www.goholidaylets.com. You have heard Lagos is a great place for a family holiday. The property on our website looks great but before you make that final decision. There is an number of questions the owner agent needs to be asked.

1. Ok how do I get to the property? How easily accessible late at night will a taxi or a bus be able to park outside the door or at least nearby. The last thing you want is dragging cases up a poorly lit street with a few small children in tow. So make sure the owner of his agent is on hand to help. Goholidaylets partner will always be on hand to assist even late at night. If you’re driving make sure there is safe parking. In Lagos all our self-catering properties are easily accessible.

2. Next make sure indoors has good accessibility. Ensure if the accommodation is up a few floors the lifts are in good working order. You’ll find they are but its important to concern yourself with such issues. I know accommodation in Lagos at Patio do Convento, Quinta das Palmeiras and Marina Park have excellent accessibility. Self catering accommodation in Lagos is second to none and it is a very sought after holiday location.

3. Next within holiday apartments nowadays particularly for teenagers in family groups high speed internet is a must. It is a fact of life they will want to keep in contact with friend, so ask the question to avoid disappointment. If you have requested babies cots or highchairs ensure they will be assembled before you arrive. Again you don’t want a sleepy baby wait on an adult to assemble his or her cot. All GoHolidayLets owners are required to follow guidelines to ensure there visitors have everything they need to hand. But ask the question or contact us will act for you. Self catering accommodation in Lagos is second to none and it is a very sought after holiday location.

4. So you have settled in apartment few more question need to be answered. If there is a pool how do we access the area? You ll normally see distance from the beach but get the shortest route indicated. The same with supermarkets and get local property manager to suggest the best value. But never fear Aldi and Lidl are everywhere. This applies to suggested restaurants make ensure a street map is available with the locations of the different premises marked. They is value in exploring and find them or even finding a new one. But is nice to save time and walk directly there. Enjoy your holiday. Self catering accommodation in Lagos is second to none and it is a very sought after holiday location.

Go Carvoeiro, Algarve – Go Self Catering

Go Carvoeiro, Algarve – Go Self Catering

Carvoeiro charm location for a family holiday.

Carvoeiro is a beautiful seaside holiday resort located on the Portuguese southern Algarve coast. It is a place without fanfare if somewhat hidden away. Its accessible via the N 124 from Lagoa. On arrival in Lagoa on the N125 in the centre of town turn left at the traffic lights onto the N 124. Carvoeiro was a tradition fishing village for a few hundred years. It was originally organised through the municipality of Lagoa but in the mid 1980s it became a parish and eventually in 2001 a municipality of its own.

From the 1960s onward, tourism gradually became the economic base of the area, with many new hotels, apartment complexes, shops, roads, and significant improvements to infrastructures completed to attract visitors to the town. GoHolidayLets have an number of well location self catering accommodation in this area.

History has been kind to Carvoeiro it appears to have been too small to attract the attention of naval aggressors or would be conquers. Wikipedia list “It’s one claim to fame, historically speaking, is that in 1554 a naval battle took place off Cape Carvoeiro when a Portuguese flotilla attacked the Turkish corsair, Xaramet, and destroyed his fleet”. Nowadays it is regularly invaded by sun seeking holiday goers looking the enjoy the local beach. Parasols and beach loungers are the items to be seen on the sand. GoHolidayLets have an number of well location self catering accommodation in this area.

Carvoeiro is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in quite a compact area around the town centre. A lot of the accommodation is in new residential areas on the outskirts as the developments have spread, but it is all in keeping – this isn’t an area of high rise hotels and apartment blocks. Carvoeiro is a modern resort with developments and streets laid out in flowing style. The beach at Benagil is very much Lagoa shores backed by stone cliffs.

Carvoeiro has a modern charm about and visitors return year after year. The open-sided village square, allow to eat al fresco with views past the colourful fishing boats to the sea. A few steps and you’re on sand, kicking off your sandals to enjoy Carvoeiro’s small sandy beach which is sheltered by cliffs rising up from the bay.

Carvoeiro is known for its typical rocky beaches and caves. The boat trips to visit the local sea caverns and isolated beaches nearby while enjoying the breath taking landscapes are not to be missed! Don’t miss out enjoy your self catering holiday in Carvoeiro.

Holiday Rental in Historical Location – Algarve

Holiday Rental in Historical Location – Algarve

Get a sense of the anicent past of this welcoming holiday location.

The Algarve is known throughout the world for it beautiful sunny climate, long sandy beaches, and succulent lush green golf course. It is also known for its friendly welcoming local population together with its abundance of first class accommodation to suit all budgets.

GoHolidayLets home from home self-catering accommodation on the Algarve is second to none. Be it holiday apartments in Lagos, beautiful villas in Praia do Luz we have it for you comfort and enjoyment.

Lesser known about the Algarve is its historical significance to the rest of Portugal and Europe. If you have time it will be worthwhile to visit some of the site listed by us.

1. São Lourenço!! It’s a small village located near the town of ALMANCIL. Those of you regular visitors to the Algarve will recognize the town name of Almancil as its sign posted on the N 125 heading west from Faro. But before reaching Almancil it is worth stopping in to visit one of Algarve’s treasures, the Church of São Lourenço. Built in 1730 and miraculously unaffected by the Great Earthquake, its interior is an outstanding masterpiece of stunning tile panels, covering even the cupola.

2. ESTOI is 11 km (7 miles) from Faro, and the site of several Roman ruins dating from the first or second century AD. There are thermal baths, columns, mosaics depicting sea life, and a well-preserved villa dating from the 2nd century. Some other finds are now housed in Faro’s Archeological Museum. Overlooking the site are also the remains of a temple, which was later converted into a Christian basilica in the 3rd century, making it one of the world’s oldest churches.

3. Silves another area of huge historical significances. It can be reached by road or a pleasant cruise up the up the Arade River. SILVES is the former capital of Moorish Algarve that rivalled Granada in splendour and influence. Nowadays is a sleepy little place with an imposing castle standing above the surrounding orange and almond groves. Not much remains to alert the visitor to its influential past. In this area GoholidayLets home from home self catering accommodation on the Algarve is second to none. Just outside the castle is a 13th-century cathedral, largely Gothic and containing the tombs of the crusaders who helped conquer the town, and an archaeological museum, with a large Arab cistern.

4. Alte is a delightful village in inland Algarve, situated north of Albufeira on the N124. It is a typical, Algarve village of whitewashed houses with lattice work, handcrafted characteristic chimneys and narrow cobbled streets nestling in the foothills of the Serra do Caldeirão. The church is at the centre of the village small 16th century church. There are numerous little cafes in the surrounding area, to relax at and soak up the tranquility of the village. It is not too far from Silves, ALTE, one of the prettiest villages in Algarve. It has a timeless serenity.

5. MONCHIQUE to the north is another alternative to the beaches, the hills of MONCHIQUE, are rural, unspoiled area of outstanding beauty. In the town of Monchique there’s a parish church with a much-photographed Manueline portal, and in nearby CALDAS DE MONCHIQUE is a delightful spa complex, whose curative waters have been famous since the Roman Empire. In this area GoHolidayLets home from home self catering accommodation on the Algarve is second to none.

Holidays and parades in Cork area of Ireland

Holidays and parades in Cork area of Ireland

When on a short stay break or holiday enjoy local festivals.

All over the world events of all sorts are taking place in events involving people coming together to enjoy or in the case of religion to celebrate the event, occasion, or historical happening.

Ireland is no different it has its national and local celebrations throughout the year.

Cork East has one of two that are unique to that area.

Why does a holiday rental website like www.goholidaylets.com associate with such events. Basically we can supply the self catering accommodation of short stay home from home property to the event organizers and visitors alike.

1. Midleton food and drink festival is going now for many years and it has gone from strength to strength over the years. It basically show cases the wonderful food the area produces by providing cooked foods in stalls located on the Main Street in Midleton. But its main attraction is the people. It is normally held on the first or second Saturday in September each year. Irelands weather at this time is normally pleasant so an out door festival can still be enjoyed. People gather from far and wide to meet and greet family and friends. Or just observe each other which in itself often can be a national pastime. The area has some well-known eateries and most turn out to serve hot food and by doing so create an aroma of food which adds to the atmosphere.

2. Carrigtwohill village is located 11 km east of Cork City on the main Cork-Waterford route (N25) and has undergone vast change from a small rural village to a new satellite town. From 2006 to 2011 it saw a 64% increase in population which earned it the title of the fastest growing town in Munster and the fourth fastest growing town nationally. The eastern end contains the heart of the village with its church, schools, linear shopping street and various amenities. Our Community is continually growing with a population of approx 4,500 at the last census report from 2011. Each year in August they host a cultural festival in the village.

It draws strongly from ethnic mix of this modern Irish community. A list of the activities are as follows.

Multicultural stalls showing art work, and various aspect of the different nationalities. There is also a lot of activities for local children followed by the now common place vintage festival. Most consist of restored cars and agricultural machinery.

3. Cobh festival of flowers – Cobh is a well known for the hosting of a number of local festivals during the year. 2014 was no exception. The festival of flowers was held on the 20th to 21st of August. Using the magnificent Cobh Cathedral as the host venue and the inspiring display stalls. The energetic members of Cobh Flower Club was harnessed to make this event a huge success. History, dreams and memories of Cobhs exalted past. The proceeds of the festival went to the restoration of the Telford Organ in the Cathedral.

4. Youghal Medieval Festival – This is a Free admission family event. There is archery, medieval battle re-enactments, pottery, blacksmith, art’s and craft’s for children, face painting, food and art’s traders and loads more.

5. A Taste of West Cork which is one of Irelands longest running food festival, and if fast becoming a premier event on the food calendar. The festival is one of the best opportunity for the many local producers and chefs to showcase their wares to people passionate about food.

The Festival brings together a unique mix of food markets and demonstrations, cookery competitions, special dinners, brunches and banquets, food-tastings, talks, exhibitions, children’s events and more.


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