Holiday apartments and short stays in Amsterdam

Short stay accommodation Amsterdam
The Capital of Netherlands – Amsterdam mostly popular for its legacies of the 17th Century Golden Age,artistic heritage, elaborate canal systems and narrow houses with gabled facades.

However, Planing a short stay trip to Amsterdam and staying in holiday apartments means exploring the charming views of the neighborhood around with complete privacy, desired holiday apartment space – can also Book Holiday apartment in Amsterdam from the short stay accommodation list of Amsterdam by visiting us at You can make your choice from wide range of Amsterdam holiday rentals and make your short stay full of comfort at the same time. Book Holiday apartment in Amsterdam.

By renting a short stay or a serviced apartment in Amsterdam you can easily explore the cobblestone squares, cozy cafe’s , the local culture and this will further opens up the opportunity for you to interact with locals , talk about their culture, knowing about their artistic heritage from the natives itself. Its completely a different experience rather than staying inside a hotel room.

Holiday apartments in Amsterdam are cost effective , full of variety – choosing from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom luxury studio apartments are available. Its the perfect way to arrange a get together with family and friends in a cost effective manner while enjoying all the charms of Amsterdam.To explore more about Amsterdam please visit our below posts:


The surrounding of orange trees and dining in chilly nights with a bonfire creates a gorgeous atmosphere for eating.  This is a set up you find in Silves.  Most of the foods you find served in the restaurants is fresh no additives. This makes the restaurants worth visiting and you will always find new cuisines every week.

Lets look at some of the restaurants you can chill out have a good meal and sipping some of  Douro wines, great wines by the way.


The restaurant is located in a country farmhouse. The restaurant has a outside garden dining area that provides a relaxing ambience. If you prefer dining with a lit fireplace beside you the inside has such a setting especially when the nights are cold.  In the menu the traditional baked wild fish is top, the Mirandesa too.

There desserts are to die for, mouth watering (some are gluten free).  There is wine made by the owner of the restaurant which you can try out.


The restaurant is located in Mercado Municipal de Silves. It has excellent customer service, who are quick to serve your meals. If you like the outside set up the shades provide a cooling atmosphere for enjoying that well made chicken which happens to be the signature dish here.  There is lots of salad to choose from as accompaniment and a wide choice of drinks to choose and enjoy them while enjoying the whistling of the birds that relax under the shades.

For sea food lovers, this is the restaurant to be, it’s located at Rua Comendador, Vilarinho.  The restaurant is very popular with tourist and locals too.  Make a reservation or get there early to secure a table as the restaurant is jam packed with people enjoying the grilled sardines.

From the number of diners here, you can tell this is definitely a great seafood restaurant that you should try.

These are not the only restaurants that you can dine in while at Silves.  There are a great number of them offering variety of cuisines to choose from.

How to experience the ultimate unique Algarve holiday in Salema

How to experience the ultimate unique Algarve holiday in Salema

The unique Algarve experience 

Salema in the western Algarve is a unique holiday expereince.  This popular former fishing village on the coastal area  of the  Algarve it’s just an hour from the main airport in Faro. The area has become a very sought atfer tourist destination. The Salema bay offer clear waters and gorgeous sandy beaches. Though the main enterprise is nowadays not fishing, you will still find some fishing boats in the waters.  Mostly used by fishermen to catch fish to supply to the restaurants.  Any Algarve villas rental holiday is always unique.  Book a villa in Salema to enjoy that ultimate experience


Lagos Marina Boats
Boat Resting near Lagos Marina

This holiday rental resort is a suitable place for everyone no matter the age bracket;. It’s  peace and quietness making it an ideal  holiday location for people looking to enjoy the tranquility in amazing surroundings. Algarve villa rentals in this location having sensational  views either of the surrounding undulating  countryside or vast blue sea.  Salema apartments are located in  serene environment also. The locals are friendly people and once you visit you are assured of a great time They make feel you like you are home and one of theirs.

The high cliffs that surround the beach allow great shelter all throughout the year.  The white painted Algarve holiday apartments and Algarve villas look onto the beach making it a very pleasant view.  It is rarely cold in this area of the Algarve, its just the perfect place to be for that perfect holiday rental vacation.

During the winters, the temperatures are still moderate.  During January and February your find the occasional soul sun bathing.  The waters are slightly cooler but the days are still warm.  The sea off Salema beach  is very secure for families to enjoy and you will find some great water sports for you to take part in.

The village may be small, but like many others in the Algarve, it is perfectly formed. There are shops, bars and restaurants for you to use and if you want to explore further afield hiring a car is very simple. However, everything you will need is in the village, and the locals will love to help you whilst you are staying in Salema.

Some of the locals communicate in English making it easier to strike up a conversation with them.

There are many other places in the Algarve to choose nowadays. Such as apartments in Lagos  however some dont like resort that are busy and built up. If you are looking for the ideal place to unwind, and appreciate the local cuisine and atmosphere Salema is for you. This picturesque village has remained one of the picture post card villages throughout the Algarve.

You’re guaranteed a relaxing holiday and appreciate the simple things in life here. Find your perfect holiday rental.  Book a villa in the Algarve online today on You can never go wrong when you book a villas in Portugal type holiday.


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The Portuguese steak is a traditional meal that you will find served in most restaurants that you dine while at your vacation. Alongside the restaurants no matter which part of the Portugal you are staying, there are Portugal holiday apartments, Algarve Villas, Villamoura holiday Villas.

Lets a look of how the steaks is prepared and while your back home from the holidays you can try it back home.


  • Steak cut into thin pieces.
  • Garlic Cloves thinly sliced.
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 12 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 tablespoon chopped parsley
  • 1 bay leaf.
  • 1 cup red wine
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 12 cup cream
  • 4 eggs (optional)
  • 1 marinated roasted red pepper (optional)


  • Mix the garlic with salt and mash.  Add Pepper, Parsley and bay leaf, mix them all together till you form a paste.  Season the steaks with the mixture on both sides.
  • Sprinkle in the red wine over the meat and marinate the steak at least two hours but for better results marinate overnight.
  • Separate the marinade from the steak.  Heat the butter and oil over mild heat. Then fry the steak for 3 minutes or so. Remove the steak from the pan and cover to keep warm.
  • Add the marinade you kept aside to the pan stir till golden brown. Remove from the heat and whisk in the cream over low heat. Then add the steaks and simmer for three minutes to thicken the soup.
  • While the steaks are cooking fry the eggs in a separate pan.
  • Fry eggs in a separate pan.  Plate the steaks and place the fried eggs on top, garnish with the red pepper. Pour some sauce round the steak and serve hot with your accompaniments.

Enjoy the stake with an accompaniment of salad or chips or any other accompaniment of your choice.


Portuguese food is mouth watering food. A combo of fresh fish with vigorous flavours.  There is a lot to discover in both food and wine. In this article we look at some three dishes that you can try out while you’re on vacation at Portugal.  The good news is there are Portugal Apartments and Villas located close by the restaurants that offer these dishes, making it easy to pop in and grab a bite.




This is a must try the best chicken ever.  The chicken is grilled to perfection with different spices. This is a dish that is most popular among visitors and is eaten a couple of times.  The chicken is in small pieces but rich in flavor.  It’s served with an accompaniment of fresh salad and chips; the meal is to die for. Visit the O Manel Dos Frangos if in Albuferia for the chicken, Adega da Marina , Avenida Dos Descobrimentos, 35, Lagos and The Chicken Tavern Estrada Principal Quatro Estradas De Alvor No 30, if in Alvor,


Alongside the beach, in the towns, in your holiday apartment, grilled sardines are the essence of summer to most locals and many visitors.  The sardines are seasoned using salt, grilled and then served with tomato salad and potatoes – yummiest! You can wash it down with a glass of chilled Vinho Verde. Dine in like a local using your hands and have the sardines on a slice of bread to catch the Omega 3 juices that they are rich in. if your are in Alvor visit Restaurante Ababuja Rua da Ribeira 11, Alvor, Portimao 8500, Restaurante Grill Valentina in Albufeira and if in Lagos dine at O Escondidinho Beco Cemiterio 2, Lagos 8600-000, Portugal.



Cod is a staple of Portuguese cuisine; cod is prepared in different ways.  Salted cod (being a way of preserving it) non fresh cod is used Portugal.  The strong flavour of the salt makes it tastier and gives the cod a meaty texture.  Cod is a very versatile fish and is usually the main dish on Portuguese Christmas dinners. In Lagos you can have your Bacalhau at Bar da Lota Porto Pesca 8600, Lagos, if you are in Albufeira A Grelha Do Ti-Manel Vale de Rabelho | Gale, and if in Alvor visit Ze Morgadinho Rua Frederico R. Mendes, Alvor, Portimao.

Close to these restaurants there are Albufeira Apartments/Villas, Lagos holiday Villas/Apartments and Villas in Alvor/Apartments.

There are great Portuguese dishes that you can sample, good thing you have a take out and enjoy in your holiday apartment, more so learn how the dishes are prepared and try when back home.

Take a stroll in the Algarve

Take a stroll in the Algarve


You have booked that villa in Vilamoura or apartment in Albufeira or maybe you have a huge crowd and booked Villas in Albufeira. It is now time to get them all out and enjoy the beautiful walks in the Algarve.  To catch  a breath of fresh air then you definitely are in the right place.  In this article we would to show you a few locations in the Algarve that you and friends or family can enjoy a walk with beautiful scenery.  Take your  hat and sunglasses with you in case the sun is hot.


Alvor Board
Boardwalk at Alvor courtesy of Portuguese Resident

We like Alvor as a holiday rental location one of the reasons is the Alvor boardwalk is stretched across the sand dunes and moves toward the beach. It is located in area that the Portuguese Authorities have declared a National Reserve.  Here you will find the kite surfers and you are able to see the kites sailing over the bay which is a beautiful scene to watch.  It is well worth an hour or two stroll around here. You can do some jogging while breathing fresh air from the ocean.  Some excellent Alvor Villas and apartment in Alvor are located near the boardwalk. You can use the keyword Alvor apartments also to search for accommodation.


Praia da Rocha Boardwalk
Praia da Rocha Boardwalk

Just up the road you will come across the Praia da Roche Boardwalk. This walk runs on the edge of the beach and is flanked by  restaurant and bars  in Praia da Rocha.  Here the average walk time is between an hour and half.  This is a nice place to take a walk as you can stop over for a drink or grab some lunch in any of the beach restaurants located along.  It ends on its western location at Portimao Marina where you can sit and have a relaxing coffee.  We have some excellent apartment in Praia da Rocha indeed we have great apartments Algarve and Algarve Villas to search for throughout the Algarve



This is a place that will take you breath away apart from the scenery if you get a breeze from the sea in the morning a walk here will truly wake you up. This walk takes you along the cliff tops and gives you a spectacular views of the coast, you can also view the sinkholes and ocean scenes.  Have  your camera to hand as you can take pics of the beautiful cliffs and take some drinking water since there are no shops around this area. Just take the pics of the cliffs but not go too near.  A morning walk is good for this place. Once again Carvoeiro is excellent location for  holiday villas.  Carvoeiro villas are wonderful, apartments in Carvoeiro are located in the centre of town.



The walk starts in the village of Caldas and makes its way up to Monchique.  You follow the stream along the way. This is a perfect place for a picnic on the old stones tables that are along the way.  You can take the walk up the small stream.  This walk is based in the area of the town of Monchique which is at a high altitude over looking the Algarve coastline.  It is a wonderful area to explore and local free maps can be had from various locations.    Bring a light jacket as at times Monchique s temperature can be lower than the coastline.  If you have rented a villa in Lagos, or apartment in Praia da Luz it is quite easy to get to Caldas.


Salagados Walk Albufeira
Salagados Walk Albufeira

The Salgados walk is located in the Albufeira area.  Is located over a wetlands area and at one end you have Praia Gale.This is a lovely place to walk while watching the birds that is if you love the sight of birds.  There is a wooden boardwalk that lets you enter the local habitat without causing any damage.  Worth researching the birds of the area so you can identify them as you walk.  Great fun for all the family.  If you chosen Albufeira as your base is this ideal place for a relaxing walk.  There are some great holiday rental here.  Albufeira apartment and villas in Albufeira are always in huge demand.

Have fun doing the walks, the good things about walks  in one cannot tire from taking them every now and then. Its also a good way to relax your mind and enjoy a wonderful holiday in  serene surroundings.

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