Travel Advice: Pool safety while on holidays

Travel Advice: Pool safety while on holidays

Welcome to, we are a holiday rental platform  and we continuously write about items of interest in relation to holiday rentals and the general holiday market.  You might be thinking of making  booking or have made a booking using such keywords as  villa rentals Albufeira, or villa rental Vilamoura or whatever area or location you decide to visit the question safety awareness remains the same.

Swimming Pool Safety
Swimming Pool Safety

Today’s article is specifically in relation to awareness of pool safety when on that dream holiday. The Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents reports that must pool related accident occur at the beginning of a holiday when adults are tired after journey and children wonder off to explore area.  Or at the end of the holiday when everyone is relaxed and preparing to go home


Many families visit indoor and outdoor public pools and spas during the summer swimming holidays and indeed all year-round in places. Public and private pool owners and operators are obliged to follow local and European regulations to ensure the safety of their facilities.

To ensure that the public or private pools are safe and using appropriate procedures to ensure the safety of your family or friends you should ask questions. This could avoid accidents from happening to you or others.

Child Proof Pool
Child Proof Pool

At  our aim is to ensure you have wonderful holiday with family or friends. Most parents and family members  are pool  aware.   We always encourage our guests to you ask owners questions before you book your holiday.  This should also include the safety of the pool area.   For instance has it secure access.

Guidance and Advice

      1. In the case of adults avoid swimming after consumption of alcohol.  Many pool related                            accidents can be associated we excessive alcohol or drug consumption.

  1. Ensure beverages in glass containers are not used at poolside. i.e  bottles & glasses.
  2. In the case of parents ensure that young children are accompanied and supervised while in the pool area.
  3. Children that are not competent swimmers should be wearing a buoyancy aid in and out of water when in the pool area.
  4. If a pool attendant is present ensure his directions are adhered to at all times.
  5. Do not save someone drowning if you do not know how to swim else it will be double tragedy leave that to the experts.
  6. Ensure the pool area has controlled access.

While on a villa rental holiday quite often you will have a private pool. The same rules apply as if it was a public or shared pool. Statistics show villa poll accidents occur in early morning when parents are asleep or late evening when children wander off alone exploring their surroundings.

A day with family in the sun at the side of a swimming pool should be an enjoyable experience with a little awareness, and caution great times and memories can be created.  So if you have booked a villa in Albufeira or apartment in Lagos at one of our wonderful pool complexes have a wonderful safe holiday.

Always know its better to be safe than sorry.

Covered Pool
Covered Pool

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