A taste of Portugal.!!!!

Booking a holiday in Portugal for a holiday. This article tries to give you a taste of Portugal. Historically Portugal like other European countries relied on preserved meats and fish as their staple diet.  On a holiday in Portugal the the opportunity to   enjoy PORTUGUESE CHOURICO.  It will be served in most of the restaurants as an additive to Portuguese stews and refreshing salads. Regardless of where your Portugal holiday rental is be an apartment to rent in Lagos or a villa in Alvor you will be able to source and taste chourico.  It is full of flavours and considered spicy normally a spicy red paprika colour but there is a black   version which is sumptuous. The bowl used to make the Chourico is known as assador de barro and some high alcoholic content used to flame grill the chourico.  This delicious meat  can be enjoyed during the summer and can wash it down with some cold Portuguese beer like Sagres or Supperbok

Here we look at how to prepare the Chourico, a recipe you can share with family and friends back home.


  • 2 chourico
  • 1 cup aguardente – alcohol with high percentage
  • 1 “assador de barro” ceramic cooking bowl (any medium sized bowl will do as long as the chourico can rest above the alcoholic liquid below)


  • Place the chourico on a cutting board.
  • Make small cuts in between, the cuts should give enough space to allow the inside of the sausage to cook well.
  • Place it in the assador de barro ceramic bowl.
  • Pour the cup of high content alcohol over the chourico and into the bowl.
  • Be careful don’t the let the alcohol drip out of the bowl in order to not burn anything but the chourico.
  • Now use a long lighter to light the liquid below and begin flame grilling the chourico.
  • Let the chourico flame grill until the alcohol runs out and the outside of the chourico should be well burned and crispy.
  • Once done, serve immediately while hot.

Here are some of the restaurants where you can have a taste of your chourico, at Cabana Fresca Restaurant; Ol Peri Peri restaurant serves great chourico too. Enjoy the chourico’s as you enjoy the holidays too. You can have a take out and dine in your holiday apartment.



Yes, an article about Portuguese cheese !!!!

There is a huge amount written about cheese on the internet and some great slogans.  A few I like are “Kraft  Have a happy sandwich or good food to grow up on.

We as a website encourage visitors to book holiday apartments such as a villa in Lagos or apartment in Alvor or a holiday rental anywhere in Portugal.  As a consequence,  we tend to look at food from a holiday perspective be it entertaining friends at the villa poolside or dining in one of the many superb Lagos restaurants.

Please read our brief  guide of Portuguese  Cheese

Portugal is famous almost all year round sunshine,  delicious foods, great Portuguese wines, stunning manicured golf courses.  Magnificent Portugal holiday Apartments and luxurious Villas to rent in Algarve and other places.   Extraordinary Vilamoura marina, blue flag certified beaches.  What not always known Portugal has some excellent cheese.

While you enjoy some great Portuguese wines from Alentejo region try some delicious cheese from the Serra de Estrela or from Serpa cheese in southern Portugal.  Book a Lagos holiday villa today or other excellent locations on and enjoy an excellent holiday.  Sample all Portugal and places like the Algarve have to offer


In this article we review some of the cheese that you can enjoy while staying at a holiday rental in Portugal.

Terrincho Velho DOP –This is made with raw sheep milk, it is then rubbed with paprika, white wine and extra virgin olive oil.  Its production is considered traditional and only milk from a local bred goat is used.

Sabores d’Avózinha

Cheese from Sabores d’Avózinha
Sabores d’Avózinha


Casa de Mendevil Velho – This is milk cheese made with pasteurized milk and traditional rennet, it is aged for sometime and washed with sweet red pepper and extra virgin olive oil.  The flavor is strong and texture is firm.  It has a spicy finish, its buttery while dense and salty while bright. This cheese has more attention than the other cheese, a must try.

Amarelo da Beira Baixa DOP –This is an absolute classic of cheese, its salty with a smooth texture.  It can be strong but at times.  The goat milk gives a sort of uplifting effect to the earthy and slimy sheep milk.

There are other kinds of cheese of you can find and sample them either in a Lagos restaurant or Tavira bar enjoy  in your Albufeira Holiday apartment. Have a cheesy holiday. 🙂

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African Proverb “The sun does not forget a village just because it is small”.



Ferragudo Quayside
View of Arade River from Ferragudo

There are many restaurants in the village of Ferragudo that you can dine in no matter how long your stay.  You could be here just on a Sunday afternoon or on the ferry from the Marina in Portimao or you could have booked a holiday rental in the village.  Whatever the reason there is a good choice of cafes and restaurants, The area has many restaurants,  here we look at a few of them that you can enjoy meals and have a chit chat.


The restaurant is located in Rua Infante Santo, 918400-256 Ferragudo, within an old warehouse at the end of the fishing quay. The restaurants serves traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Don’t be deceived, the outside may not look ideal but when you set your foot in the inside is magnificent.  The stones arches, hand painted tiles; murals lining on the wall s make this restaurant’s ambience unique. It’s simple and impeccable, so is the cuisine served. This restaurant is well worth a visit.  Another plus factor this restaurant they are Ferragudo Holiday Apartments and Ferragudo villas for rent built close by.



Ferragudo Casabela
CASABELA Restaurant Ferragudo

The hotel has its own pathway and entrance to the beach and which gives a view the spectacular ocean. A very peaceful place to be.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated in soft colours, the service welcoming and friendly. The menu changes everyday and fresh produce is  used. The lamb is exquisite. Fresh homemade desserts of the region made in-house. There as lovely. fresh homemade jams are also served.

The restaurant is open to all is also well worth visiting.  You also find Algarve villas to rent within easy reach of this restaurant and Ferragudo.   Note the address for the benefit of your satnav.

FIM DO MUNDO: Located in 8400, Rua Dr. Manuel Teixeira Gomes 30, Ferragudo,

Lets start with the staff here there are friendly and very welcoming making you feel at ease.  The food really nice, huge portions and worth every penny. The place is worth a visit, feels like home.  Booking is recommended as the restaurant is at times filled to capacity, you don’t want disappointment especially if you came in for chocolate mousse


This is in Rua Zeca Afonso, Ferragudo 8400 – 211, Portugal. 282 461 236.   Another address for the Satnav.

For service of Portuguese food the Farragood always excels. The owner is charming as he welcomes you into his great establishment. A trick about this restaurant during summer ask for a table overlooking the street but when its cold sit close to the bar where you can just see the busy cooks at work.

The menu is diverse with a list of good Portuguese wine. The prices are reasonable. Try their lamb casserole, grilled prawns, chicken kebabs which are served in great quantities.

The main course comes with well cooked vegetables, salad or chips.  There is a glass of “medicine” which is a complementary drink served to you at the end of the meals.  Farragood is a busy restaurant and early booking on a Friday or Saturday is recommended.


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Delightful food at affordable prices.

Praia da Luz is a very cozy one fish village, easily accessible resort in the Western Algarve.  You get to this  charming resort town by turn off the N125 just outside Lagos.  The local restaurant scene of Praia da Luz is a joy to explore and it comprises mainly of fresh fish caught daily and  is readily available and which is prepared in various ways.

Praia da Luz to accommodate the increasing number of visitors has a wide selection of restaurants.  Some of the Praia da Luz beach apartments are within the vicinity of some of the restaurants. A wide range of cuisine is available there is a restaurant for everyone.  You  will find Chinese and Italian restaurants that serve both international and traditional cuisines, Portuguese Irish and English bars are also found here. There are several restaurants along the beach too. Most visitors prefer the quieter end of the western Algarve the Praia da Luz holiday apartments or Algarve villas caters really well for families groups.

Here are some of the restaurants you can dine in while at your vacay.


The restaurant is located in Praia da Luz just below the church in the town square or opposite the Fort.  This is a lovely and comfortable restaurant that serves both local and international cuisine. Most meals are accompanied by Portuguese wine of  your choice.

You are advised to book in advance especially during the high season.  Children are made very welcome. The staff are friendly and very accommodative and you re assured of a delightful and memorable dining experience.



Chaplin’s is located at Avenida Pescadores 4, Praia da Luz, Lagos. Chaplin’s is friendly restaurant. That’s why you feel welcome the moment you enter .  The restaurant is known for its home made chips and fresh vegetables.  The menu comprises of meat, fish and vegan dishes, there is a menu for kids too.  The restaurant is ideal for families since its location is in a traffic free zone making it suitable for kids to play while parents are still enjoying their meals.


For steak lovers, look steak café is the place to be.  Here you are offered a great dining experience in the modern looking restaurant and excellent services.  The prices are affordable you don’t have to break a bank for the steaks. Everyone is welcome here from couples, families and groups of people to single individuals.

On arrival you will find a team of friendly staff who are always ready to welcome you with top marks customer service and satisfaction.  The dining atmosphere here is incredible.  You can enjoy your meals in a relaxed ambiance while admiring the stylish restaurant. You can have take outs also and enjoy at your nearby  holiday rental apartment.

Enjoy dining at these and other great restaurants at this “beach of the light” region.

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Cataplana Chef
Cataplana Chef

Nowadays on very few cook meals while on holidays.  In particular while staying in a villa rental in Albufeira maybe Villas Albufeira if there is a big group   or an apartment rental in Lagos there are so many excellent restaurants to visit. Part of the joy of this type of holiday villas break is the experience of various cuisines and the opportunity to learn new recipes and try later in the year back home. The cataplana stew is a fish delicacy from the Portuguese region.  It gets its name from the cookware it’s made in. The actually Cataplana is the name of the pot the meal is cooked.  You might have to impro

Cataplana with fish
Cataplana with fish

vise on the cookware but it will be worth the effort.

Nowadays you can find superb Cataplana in most of the restaurants in Algarve. If your in a self-catering apartment in Albufeira or Villas in Albufeira maybe try  Cabana Fresca or Restaurante Casa Do Chefe restaurant in Albufeira.  Or if you decided to book a villa Alvor or Alvor Villa maybe try Fisherman’s beach, Travessa Cais Herculano, Restaurante O Alcade in Alvor, , and the dish is popular so you will find it served in most restaurants. Recently while viewing one of our apartments in Lagos Patio do Convento we had a beautiful Cataplana in Reis  on  Rua António Barbosa Viana 21, 8600 Lagos Tel 282 762 900

Cabana Fresca Albufeira
Cabana Fresca Albufeira

The cataplana meal is comprised of fish normally monkfish, shrimp, and mussels though the ingredients can include meat and may vary depending on the region.. It can be served with rice, potatoes or French fries.

Retaurante Reis
Retaurante Reis Lagos

A traditional copper cataplana is used to make and serve this meal, though that should not restrict you, you can use whatever you have.  Here is a simple recipe on how to make the tasty stew.

Restaurante O Alcaide Alvor

Key Ingredients:

  • I tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Sausages or fresh skinless chorizo.
  • 1 ½ Sliced shallot which is optional
  • 1 ½ chopped garlic
  • 1 pounded fresh manila clams.
  • 1 ½ medium sized shrimp.
  • ¼ of sliced tomatoes, either fresh or canned.
  • 2 tablespoons of white wine
  • Paprika
  • Sea salt.
  • 1 lemon for garnishing and chopped parsley.


  • In a cataplana pan, pour in 1 tablespoon of olive oil, under low heat.
  • Add in the sausage and cook till they brown do not overcook them.
  • Add the shallots (optional) and garlic. Cook until the mixture is soft for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Add the shrimps, clams, tomatoes, white wine and some paprika. You can then season using salt and pepper.
  • Cove to simmer over medium heat to avoid burning, ensure that the shrimps are pink cook for approximately 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Tastes to feel if the seasoning is balanced if not add a little seasoning.
  • Sprinkle some olive oil, chopped parsley and squeeze the lemon in it.
  • Serve directly from the Cataplana pot.

This is a must try when back from your holiday. Nice meal to enjoy with family.

My name is Hilda and I blog with holiday rental platform  We advertise for the global holiday rental accommodation market.  As a team of bloggers we try to provide you with interesting content and information.  We continuously write about various items in relation to activities associated with rental of of holiday villas we think you ll find interesting and useful.  Today my column is about food a fish dish called cataplana.  Please feel free to browse our site and load your property from free. Or book one of our wonderful homes. We are spread throughout the world. Part of our task is to give you keyword suggestions.  For fish restaurants for example “fish restaurant Lagos” fish restaurant Birmingham” etc For holiday rental depending on locations use keywords such as: apartment Lagosvilla Alvor, apartment Vilamoura, apartments Algarve even.

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Fruits of the Portuguese Algarve

Fruits of the Portuguese Algarve



This article is brought to you by the providers of holiday rentals to a Global Market.” Today we look at the fruits of the Algarve that you will likely find while at your holiday destination.  One of the joys of a villa rental in Algarve or  apartment in Lagos is the availability of fruit.

For example in Patio de Convento Lagos in a nearby Lidl or Pingo Doce you can source excellent cheaply.


Avocados are very popular in the Algarve mainly because they are grown locally.  You will find them in most markets including trees for growing the fruit. In the market you will find different kinds of avocadoes, some with rough skin and the bigger sizes with smooth skin, though they are all of good tastes and nutritional value.


Strawberries & Cream
Strawberries & Cream                                                          

The strawberries in the Algarve region are different from the Spanish in the sense that they are smaller, sweeter and more juicer.  A lot of strawberries here are grown on trees.  The other  strawberries are mostly commercially produced in Spain you need to shop around in order to get the ones at a reasonable price, well though the tasting process is delicious many would love that.  They tend not to keep very well  so consume them quickly.


Plum Tree
Plum Tree

Did you know that the Plums were first discovered by the Portuguese in India? Not known to many. The dark purple plum ripens first and is ideal for bottling. Plum chutney, plum jam are very popular in the Algarve region. The yellow plum is loved to but harvested at a later time of the year.


Peach Tree
Peach Tree

Peaches are juicy; it’s always good to eat them in a bowl to fetch the juice that it produces. They are plenty during their season and pocket friendly, you can make peach jam out of them or peach ice cream its quiet yummy.These are fruits you can enjoy while having a relaxing day at your holiday apartment,Villa in Algarve while enjoying the sunset.

The benfit of self-catering accommodation is that you can enjoy fruit any where you like.

If you book a villa in Albufeira or an apartment in Vilamoura a must is a must to make your own fresh orange juice.  Make sure the rental accommodation has one supplied.

My name is Hilda and I am in-house blogger with its our responsibility to provide you with interesting information on various topics that you will find interesting while on holiday or in areas of interest from foods, clothing, pubs, restaurants, golf courses and recipes too. We are a platform for the global holiday rental accommodation.


Have a fruity holiday.

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