3 wonderful Beaches in Nerja

The beaches of Nerja are one of the town’s greatest possessions. The waters are sparkling clear waters. The coastline is deal for snorkelling and scuba diving.  The cliffs offer breath taking views, very gorgeous sceneries indeed.

The waters are tranquil and the beaches are well protected from unfriendly winds.  There are restaurants, kiosks that are along the shoreline, making it a haven for both tourist and the locals.

So when you get to Nerja which beaches can you go to?


Playa Burriana is the most famous of Nerja’s beaches it is very popular with families because Burriana is most famous of Nerja’s beaches as it is more of a family beach.  The beach is ideal for families with kids as it offers kids play areas.  The beach is gets busy but not crowded because of the ample space and always clean.

The beach is surrounded by cliffs creating beautiful scenery for viewing. There are restaurants where you can dine especially in the accompaniment of kids.


Though this beach is small it offers excellent services than most of other beaches. The beach is fitted with sun loungers, cafes, kiosks, parasol and plenty of parking for those who come with private means to the beach.

The beach is surrounded by rocky outcrops giving it a very attractive view.  The waters are crystal blue.  The biggest advantage about this beach is that it is right in the center of town, close to the tourist office and other tourist attractions.


This is another small beach situated on the Western perimeter of Nerja town.  The facilities in this beach include kiosks, parasols and cafes along the beach side. The beach is an award wining beach, by that you are assured this is definitely a great place to be.

Nerja is one of the most sought after destinations on the Costa del Sol. These are beaches you do not have to fret incase you travel with little kids. All what they need you get in Nerja beaches making it suitable for them to enjoy their holiday too and probably ask their parents for a come back for another adventure. Visit these beaches and fulfill you wish list of visiting here and capture great memories to take back with you.