First time Guide to the resort of Torrevieja in Spain

First time Guide to the  resort of Torrevieja in Spain

Torrevieja is a city in Spain’s South Eastern Alicante province. Torrevieja is known for its wonderful warm mild climate and its spectacular coastline.  Many Irish and English visitors each year stay in Spain’s holiday rental apartments.
The city of Torrevieja can be accessed by road. Reason being, you are able to make a stop whenever you come across some fascinating view and perhaps would like to take pictures.
The views are breathtaking. Still from a sightseeing point of view you can explore the area by foot beginning at the harbour.
The city got its name from an old tower old – vieja and tower – torre.

The vast area of Torrevieja and Orihuela is well known for salt production. There are huge salt lakes surrounding the road down from Alicante. Visit the salt industry and learn more about the salt production process.
The city’s economy is based on tourism and fishing. The harbor which is surrounded by many Torrevieja apartments to rent, stunning Costa da Blanca Villas, well known hotels, is home to over 300 fishing boats and over 900 private sport boats. The sight of the boats berthed is magnificent especially when the sun is setting.
Fish is usually auctioned from time to time. The event is usually crowded by locals, it’s quite an interesting event.

After a relaxing day in your Torrevieja Apartment/Villa, take some time and explore the beaches. The beaches are safe to swim off but be aware of the undercurrents which can be quiet strong. Don’t ruin your holiday with a tragedy. While there look out for the warning flags. If you come across a red or yellow flag do not swim, but if you see a green flag dive into the waters. .
As I always mention in other articles, the beauty about visiting a new place is the delights of the food available in the regions. It would be very wrong if you went back to your country of origin without trying out the main staple food of the county of your visit.

Most of the Traditional Spanish Food is prepared using Garlic, olives, hot and sweet peppers. Torrevieja boast a vast variety of cuisines from sea food, casseroles, sauces the famous Spanish which you should definitely try. Also available are fish soups, cod dishes and lots of other varieties.
The Spanish wines are remarkable, the restaurant’s amazing and the pubs, people are friendly and accommodative. With all this you will undoubtedly have a great and fulfilling time here in this great city of Torrevieja.  Book your holiday rental in Spain with today.

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