4 exceptional sights to see in Porto, Portugal

4 exceptional sights to see in Porto, Portugal


Porto Cable car
Cable car in Porto

Modern Porto, on the other hand, is a bubbling scene for modern arts and music. Moving across the bridge heading to Nova de Gaia is a delight for sightseeing. Some other interesting activities bound to catch your attention while in Porto include a tour through one of the port lodges, cruise down the Douro and also a ride on the cable car which takes you from one end of the quay to another.  Along the way check out some of the excellent Porto holiday rentalsApartments to rent in Porto are for the most luxurious and well located.

Lagos in the Algarve

In this article, we would be looking at four must-see places for you to visit during your stay in Porto. The first on the list is;


Palacio da Bolsa

The location of the previous stock exchange in Porto, rich in history and located at Rua Ferreira Borges, which happens to be the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce. The Palacio da Bolsa was built on top of a Franciscan monastery, with a magnificent interior which is divided into various rooms and salons with each room a wonderful work of art. If you are lucky enough to gain access to the Portrait Room filled with a collection of uniformed monarchs you would marvel at the beauty of art.

Cais da Ribeira

The riverside in Porto is filled with narrow streets and crossing alleys that are shielded from the sun. The Ribeira is a fancy collection of townhouses with bright tangerine and mustard paintings which faces the River Douro. It is a pleasant mix of flavour and colour. The Cais da Ribeira is filled with restaurants and cafes that make the riverside fun and interesting, a perfect site for relaxation. The Cais da Ribeira is located on the north side of the River Douro in Porto.

Oporto Bridges
Bridges of Oporto

Ponte de Dom Luis I

One of the most remarkable landmarks in Portugal is the Dom Luis I bridge. The bridge covers the River Douro and links Porto on the south side with Vila Nova de Gaia. The bridge sweeps through with a two-level aspect which a reflection of Porto’s proud and social composition. A magnificent view of the bridge could be seen while standing on the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar while on the south side.

Torre dos Clerigos

Situated in Rua São Filipe de Neri, Porto, the Torre dos Clerigos pierces the skylines of Porto like a very massive needle. Arguably the most prominent landmark in Porto, it is about 75-meters high. You would require extra stamina and endurance to be able to make it up 240 flight of stairs all the way to the top. I assure you if you can complete this feat it would be worth your while. You would be welcomed with a magnificent panorama of the coastlines, the river and the Douro valley gives you one the best views of the second largest city in Portugal.

Whenever you make the journey to Porto, make sure you visit the places mentioned above, as your visit would be considered incomplete and unadventurous without checking these places out.

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We have continuously wrote about Portugal and what I call its divine simplicity. It is a place when you discover you can never get enough.  From the authentic restaurants, the manicured golf courses, the marina’s, the exceptional  beaches  Coupled with  the stunning selection of accommodation. Check out their 5 star hotels  holiday rental Villas and Apartments to rent in Portugal and the greatest of all the Portuguese wines.  Perhaps you are on a journey to discover that woww!! wine.  This could be the place for you.  Portuguese on a world stage are somewhat on discovered.  In this article we take you some of the best Portugal wines you can sample on your holiday and maybe encourage you investigate with your taste buds further.



Vinho Verde is a region a coastal zone in the northwest whose name goes hand in hand  with the freshness and vitality of the grape and ultimately the  wine. Vinho Verde is a popular and well known wine of Portugal. The Vinho Verde wines have low alcohol content light and refreshing, hence suitable for dining with  seafood. Most of these wines are meant to be drunk right away not waiting for the maturity of the wine.

There are several winemakers that make exquisite  Vinho Verde.  Which means it is readily available for consumption.  If you want to sample some of the region’s more fine wine, get a bottle from Anselmo Mendes or Aphros.  Like make other vineyards they are based in Northern Portugal.  For accommodation check out www.goholidaylets.com you find holiday rentals Portugal or holiday rentals Spain.


The vineyards along the Douro River have been producing world class wines for decades. In the last few years, the dry wines have continued to gain popularity.  Try a dry Douro red wines , white or rose with a wide range of grapes that are used.

The red wines are more strongest and spend a little time aging.  Most of the red grapes that you will see on the Douro are mostly used to produce the red wines.  Give the wines a try you won’t be disappointed and guaranteed of great taste.

White grapes make up only a small fraction of the wines. If you want to try  Douro white track down a bottle of Niepoort’s Redoma Branco. This is a wine that has a special taste, if you like white Burgundy you will be pleased with this choice.


Lisboa is a small region in the Colares sitting right along the Atlantic Ocean. The area is home to many excellent lavish Lisbon holiday rental villas. This regions makes some truly outstanding wines from the Ramisco grape. The vines meander along the sand dunes to protect themselves against the harsh ocean winds that come from the North Atlantic.

The grapes are able to survive the harsh climate and manage to retain the fresh acidity.  There are lots of good bottles of wine that you can find here labeled Vinho regional Lisboa.  The white wines are made out of the Arinto and Fernao Pires grapes, the grapes are crisp and aromatic.

Casa Santos Lima offers a wide range of wines that are of incredible value.  One thing you should note Lisboa used to be known as “Estremadura”, this name still appears in wine shops and some old bottles of wine.

There is a wide range of wine to take back home with you after touring the vineyards here in Portugal. Still grab a bottle and enjoy in the comfort of your holiday Apartment in Portugal.  Or if you book a holiday rental with www.goholidaylets.com some where like a Villa in Vilamoura you could make a day trip to this area.

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Ancient city of Porto home of the legendary Harry Porter

Ancient city of Porto home of the legendary  Harry Porter

Porto is an ancient coastal city sitting majestically at the mouth of the meandering Douro river, located in northwest Portugal. The Douro river valley with its rich fertile vine growing terraces, makes Porto world famous for it wine and port production. Porto is also popular for it’s splendid bridges traversing  the Douro river. The character of this great city resulted in it being chosen by author J K Rowling as home of the legendary Harry Porter.

Wonderful night view over the ancient city of Porto
Wonderful night view over the ancient city of Porto

Where to stay in Porto
Self-catering holiday apartments in Porto are easy to find and book using online travel agent like www.goholidaylets.com. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a comfortable home away from home. The holiday apartments in the area range from spectacularly refurbished properties to townhouses and studios in the areas suburbs. No matter what kind of holiday apartments you choose regardless of the amount you will find accommodation that best suits and your budget. If you book early you can get a discounted price other than booking when your travel dates are nearing.

When to visit
The best time to book a holiday to Porto is during the months of April to September when the sun is shinning and the temperatures are favourable. The off peak seasons months too are a great time to book holiday apartments in Porto since the temperatures are still favorable and there are deals on holiday apartments. No matter what time of the year you book your holiday apartment in Porto, your holiday home will be your home base during an unforgettable holiday in this vivacious Portuguese city.
Here are some of the things as a traveller you can visit while at your stay there.
Having a cup of coffee at the Majestic cafe. This café was founded several years ago and its situated in the heart of downtown Porto, this is a must on the list of things to do for all visitors. The café is a symbol of the city and you can pop in for morning pastries, lunches and dinners.

The Port Wine Lodge
The Port Wine Lodges or Cellars is situated in Vila Nova de Gaia, the place continues to be an important center for visitors because of the wine tastings and there are guided tours with multi lingual. Some of the wine tastings are free while others will charge a small entrance fee.

Porto s architectural heritage can be seen in it magnificent buildings
  Porto s architectural heritage can be seen in it magnificent buildings

Cruise tours
If you would like to have a spectacular view of the area is by taking a cruise sailing by the river, there are a number of cruises that are available from the bridges in Vila Nova de Gaia and eastwards of the port wine vineyards.
Enjoying the sunset from the beach

Porto has a good climate and is conducive for sunbathing, beach walks along the beautiful beaches. The beaches are perfect for enjoying the sunset and admiring the Atlantic Ocean while sipping a drink during the afternoons.
Enjoy a late night drink
The Galerias (as it commonly known) is situated in the centre of downtown Porto where there you can find load of open air bars, the area is the centre of night life in the city with different activities going on in the bars since most of them are open air. Most of our self-catering accommodation is located centrally.

Grapes from the Douro Valley play huge part in Porto commercial life.
     Grapes from the Douro Valley play huge part in Porto commercial life.

The Lello Bookshop
If you are a book lover, The Lello Bookshop is one of the most beautiful book shops in the world and makes another must see in Porto. The Bookshop was opened in the 1900’s and it has maintained it original carved ceiling, stained glass window and painted curved central staircase. In their you can find different genres of books and travel guides for those who want to learn more about the area, and while doing your book tour there is a coffee bar on the 1st floor. Feel free to list your holiday rental property with us www.goholidaylets.com for free.

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