Holiday Home Owners Twitting to promote rental business

Holiday Home Owners Twitting to promote  rental business

Many of us in some way or form are promoting holiday rentals online using social media like Facebook or Twitter as part of this process. But how useful are these online social platforms in getting businesses in front of clients.

A recent article by Adrian Weckler in the Irish Independent suggests that most tweets deliver zero traffic to websites. Can this be said of the self-catering market have we not the advantage of presenting inviting images of sun clad properties with people enjoying their holidays or vacation depending on the continent you live in.

Having said that if stats in Ireland are anything to go by we should all be conscious of the effort we put into twitter versus the return it gives in terms of web traffic. Wecklers article has stated that in Ireland Twitters share of referral traffic fell from last year from 14% to 5%. Facebook grew from 62% to 84%.




In the interest of balance lets take a closer look at Twitter. As someone posted its much more than just “what I had for breakfast”. It has become an essential part of most businesses marketing strategy. But we have to agree with Adrian Weckler the 140 character rule mean users don’t wait around to read the detail. They have neither time nor interest to click on your link.

Having said all of the above let’s take a closer look at Twitter as an essential component of a content marketing strategy.

Here are a few reasons why!

1. It gives you away to engage with the public and post direct to them.

2. It is possible to find relevant people on Twitter.

3. A third reason Twitter excels at building relationships is via content and links sharing.

4. It’s a great source of content. News breaks on Twitter. If you are looking to comment on the latest breakthroughs and share the newest ideas, they are probably hitting Twitter first.

5. You should curate a list of your best teachers on the web. If you follow this list, it should be a better source of content ideas than any RSS feed you could establish because you are not only seeing their ideas, but the important links and developments they are following.

6. It can be burdensome coming up with interesting and relevant content to tweet about every day. You can lift that heavy load by re-tweeting the exceptional content of others.

7. It is relatively easy to build an internal network to help you achieve a level of social proof!

8. SEO benefits —Google seems to be acknowledging and rewarding the validation that comes through social sharing.




The point about Facebook driving more web traffic is well made and the statistics are there to prove it.

It might not be as effective as Facebook agreed. We are building our website profile and of course we are going to use twitter as a source of engaging with others. We can target self-catering property suppliers and users. Yes it needs improvement but the people at Twitter have a huge platform from which to build a strong social marketing source.