You just arrived or you’re about to go to the Emirates? It has always been your dream to go exploring the United Arab Emirates? Let us look at some of the information that may make your stay worthwhile.

Today we would like to talk mostly about Dubai a city visited by thousands of people reach year.

Dubai is the HQ of the ever expanding Emirates Airline. Emirates must be one of the fasts growing BRANDS in the world and it is synonymous with luxury and attentive customer care.

More than likely you will have travelled by Emirates to get to Dubai. If not Emirates it will have been its main rival Etihad.

You have arrived in luxury now prepare to stay in the same conditions. Dubai has a wide choice of accommodation. An abundance of 5 star + accommodation for the supper rich but excellent self-catering accommodation to suit all budgets. The rental accommodation in Dubai and like many major cities in different parts of the world Dubai self-catering accommodation is of a very high standard.



Let us be clear, despite all the environmental concerns you may have, having a car remains (unfortunately) the most convenient way to travel in the UAE.

Indeed, as the country has been built after 1970, everything has been designed for cars. Cities (especially Dubai) are tailored to be driven, making it sometimes difficult if you have to walk. With the extreme temperatures walking is not the best option. Most of our self-catering accommodation is within easy reach of city center Dubai

The nearby desert has made the use of four-wheel drive very common, even in town.
In addition, the Emiratis loving big cars, the 4WD and sports cars are very common cars in the UAE … which is not without dangers.


Those who do not have a car don’t need to worry, the UAE are literally invaded by taxis. Plus they are of a high quality and very well maintained.

Traffic in Dubai, although not as bad as that in Abu Dhabi, but is a challenge at times. .
At rush hours the main arterial road into and out of Dubai is often congested due to large mass movements of traffic.. There is an significant amount of commuting between Sharjah and Dubai creating heavy morning and evening traffic loads. Our advice would be to plan your trips carefully.

More recently, the trend has seen people commuting between Abu Dhabi and Dubai due to better job opportunities arising in Abu Dhabi nowadays.. This has created similar traffic trends on the southern end of Dubai.

For more information on public and private transport in the UAE, read Public and Private Transport in the UAE.

On the other hand parking is, for the most part, free in Dubai and since the crisis and the significant decrease in inhabitants, one can quite easily find available parking areas.


They wear the Emirati traditional clothing which consists of a Dishdash or Gandoura for men and of an Abaya for the women.

For the Expats, they can dress as they wish with, however, certain limits.

For men, just about anything goes; one can walk around in shorts and flip-flops just about anywhere. Do not however walk around with your top off even on your way to the beach. Only get undressed once on the beach you do not want embarrassment.

For women, refrain from wearing clothes which are too revealing. People have been refused entrance to malls and restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, although this is very rare. What will bother you the most is the looks you might receive from the men.. They will make no attempt at disguising their starring habits should a young lady come into their site. Its up to yourself most women nowadays can handle this form of attention. In any case, expatriate women are in no way, shape or form obliged to wear the Abaya or the veil if they do not wish to. On the other hand, revealing clothing worn in the evening or at night at the restaurants and night clubs is very common and very widely accepted especially in Dubai.

Let us go back to the beginning. In 2003, buildings are arising from everywhere in Dubai. The greatest projects (Palm Jumeirah, Dubai World, Dubai Land) are launched one after the other (some of these projects will be slowly finished because of the economic crisis which hit Dubai hard in 2009).


Emaar, one of the largest real estate companies in Dubai, announced in 2003 that it intended to break the record for the tallest tower in the world. At that time, the tower was to be called Burj Dubai, and was supposed to be a monument in celebration of Dubai. The height of the tower, originally planned to be 560 meters, had increased continuously to ensure the record was held for as long as possible.

From that moment onwards, as with many projects in the UAE, everything went very quickly. In late 2004, the construction site began. The first floor came out of the ground in late 2005, and the tower grew at a staggering speed.
On 4th January 2010, the tower was inaugurated and partially opened to the public, breaking numerous world records.

Its well reported that the emirate of Abu Dhabi had no interest in seeing the collapse of its neighbour, so they decided to fund up to $ 10 billion worth of ongoing projects in Dubai. In return for this generous assistance, the Burj Dubai had its name changed to Burj Khalifa just before its inauguration, after Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi.


The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest of the 7 Emirates of the country : it’s surface area makes up 80% of the country’s surface area. Abu Dhabi also has the largest population of the 7 Emirates.

With regards to natural resources, Abu Dhabi is the only Emirate to still own abundant quantities of petrol and gas. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi alone holds 10% of worldwide petrol resources known to man, and 5% of worldwide gaz resources known to man.

Once you leave the major cities in the UAE, you immediately find yourself in the desert. But the desert is mostly flat, the sand is a bit grey and not so soft, which greatly reduces the interest of such areas.

The ideal way to really enjoy the desert and have some nice panoramas is to seek the dunes areas. Fortunately, such places are quite common in the UAE.


Leaving Dubai in direction of Al Ain, you will quickly find some dunes, spotable from the road. Many people stop here to rent a quad or a buggy (prices are quite affordable), or simply climb the dunes with their 4WD .
Coming out of Abu Dhabi in the direction of Al Ain, there are also some sand dunes that worth the trip.


But the most beautiful and largest dunes in the country are in the South, near Saudi Arabia, around Liwa Oasis. Ocher sand turns red when the sun goes down, and it forms enormous dunes, the largest of which exceed 300 meters.

By following tracks, or small concrete roads, you quickly end up in isolated places, cut off from the world, where the scenery is splendid.

Spend the night in the desert is truly an unforgettable experience. Admiring the stars, listening to the impressive silence, or walking on the dunes under the moonlight will give you only one thought; come back there as soon as possible.

Despite the downturn in its economy like the rest of the world Dubai is steadily making a recovery. Because of the success of previously mentioned Emirates Airline it has become a gateway to the world.

Dubai has a whole lot places to explore, and it is one place one will visit again and again.


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