Catch a bus on a Self-catering holiday in Lagos Portugal

We have in the past written many blogs about the Algarve and the beautiful resorts and areas you can visit and book accommodation. Albeit that we are a self-catering holiday accommodation website we are proud of the fact our main aim on these blogs is to be informative and interesting.

Your holiday is important to us. So we therefore trying and supply you with help full information to ensure you enjoy your stay.

With that theme in mind I would like to give you a brief outline of the buses available within the town of Lagos on the Portuguese Western Algarve. There are many help website that can supply the appropriate information. The local bus company have recently Onda have recently translated their website into an English translation

The company is the Camara de Lagos ( municipality of Lagos). Futurlagos was established by the local Camara (Corporation) to manage four different functions.

– The Management of on street parking, supervision of Parking wardens, surface parking meters, underground carpark.
– Management of the Wave network of buses for the Lagos Urban Area.
– Regeneration of the Urban area of Lagos.
– Supervision of the urbanization plan for the Meia Praia area.
– Basically your bus fare is used for running the WAVE system and profits are assigned to the City Regeneration Project.

The Onda WAVE urban bus transportation system has nine route.

A. The Red( Route) starts at 7.40am and runs approximately ever 30 minutes. The last bus finishes around 19.20. Check their website for exact time table. It is now posted in English as well as Portuguese. This WAVE runs from the Old Railway station behind the Marina and completes a circuit of the city before it runs to original starting point. Stopping at various city locations along the way. To get to know the beautiful city of Lagos In the Western Algarve it is worth while taking a trip on this urban bus. In about 25 minutes you will get a quick tour of the old parts of the city.

Route: CP (Home), Bus Station, Doors Portugal / CTT (west), Home J. Filipe Fialho (south)

City Park (east), Environment kiosk (North),Portugal Port / Market, Sports Complex (east)

Municipal Stadium, Hotel Marina (North), CP (End)


B. The Blue Wave is the second city service. For visitors staying in rented holiday accommodation in the area of the beautiful local beaches this a services worth noting.

It runs from Meia Praia in the west and runs again to the same Stop. Which is located at the roundabout near Meia Praia railway stop.

Its stop at Dona Ana Beach and also further on the Porto do Mos Beach. Its also stops at Torratinha an area where a few self-catering complexes are located.

The first service in the morning leaves Meia Praia at 7.10am and the last service terminates at the Old Railway Station behind the Marina at 23.56.

This is an ideal service at night if you want to visit some of the restaurants near Dona Ana or Porto do Mos beaches. Or indeed visit the beaches themselves during the day.

Route: Strong Meia Praia. Neighborhood May 1 (North). CP. Esc. EB 2/3 of Naus.

Doors Portugal – Market (direction Port de Mos). Dona Ana beach. Torraltinha (North).

Porto de Mos beach. Torraltinha (south). Dona Ana beach. Home J. Filipe Fialho (North).

Doors Portugal – CTT (east). CP. Esc. EB 2/3 of Naus. Strong Meia Praia

C. This service is the Rose Wave and its from the village of Odiáxere daily. The first bus leaves at 7am in the morning and the last bus of the terminates at Doors Portugal CTT (West) at 23.28.

This services is mostly used by the local population to get from Odiaxere to various parts of Lagos. It also acts as a school bus for old children going to Lagos schools.

Showing Route 3

Route :Odiáxere – Esc Cycle 1 (north). Tower (west) Chinicato – Municipal Urb. Chinicato – EN125, Esc. EB 2/3 of Naus, Sports complex (west), Doors Portugal – CTT (west). Praça Infante D. Henrique (east), Esc. EB 2/3 of Naus, Carport – EN125 (east), Chinicato – Municipal Urb. Tower (east), Odiáxere – Esc Cycle 1 (south).