Bangkok The City You Will Never Forget


Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. The city of Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and its no formula to why it does because it a city of differences with action going on at every area like marveling at the shiny temples, catching a tuk tuk along the busy china town or taking a sail through the floating markets. You can get both local dishes served at humble streets to international cuisines which can be enjoyed at romantic rooftops in restaurants.

Bangkok Damnoen-Saduak
There are many luxuries complete with sea boutiques and markets, where you can do loads of shopping without having to break a bank, in fact there are five star hotels that are cheaper and offer you the same famed Thai hospitality.

The kind of climate found in Bangkok is tropical climate; the temperatures typically range from 10 to 38C. The area rains mostly in May to July and it’s usually during the months of November and December, with the weather pattern you can choose when to go for a holiday in the city.
After choosing your month of visit and now ready to travel, these are some of the exciting places to visit amidst others in Bangkok.

There are Hundreds of temples across the city, it can be quiet confusing to choose which ones to visit while on vacation, but this is a tour that offers more than enough experience and continuously educates and excites visitor’s especially first time visitors.

Bangkok Market
                                                                   Bangkok Market

Damnoen Saduak is the most popular floating market in Thailand, this is a magnificent place for selfies, food etc. visit here during the morning hours to escape the heat later in the day and the liveliness of the market though its usually crowded but don’t let that put you off as it is an enjoyable morning out of the city norms and you get to feel the sense of the place.

Enjoy the best of scrumptious buffet dinner while you view Bangkok on a cruise boat. Sip on a welcome drink as you cruise in style while getting entertained by live band, Thai classical dancing, this kind of tour presents the best of the river and city.

Thailand jpg

If you have traveled with your kids to Bangkok this is definitely a place they will love, promising a spectacular experience from the huge amusement parks, exploring the exciting shows and rides in its four land of dreams, pools and castles.
Those are some of the tourist areas narrowed down though there are more exciting places to tour in the city of Bangkok. This is a city that you will love to come back to over and over (I think one can never get enough of it).   In terms of accommodation Bangkok has some excellent sel-catering apartments and villas.   Thailand holiday accommodation is of a very high standard. Places like Pattaya  Phuket  Krabi have all beautiful splendid holiday villas and apartments.  If your searching on out website  just enter words holiday accommodation Thailand.  Also check out our free listing page for your holiday rental accommodation.

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