Armacoa De Pera for a Choice Holiday Rental Apartment

From sleepy fishing village to nowadays a lively modern holiday resort.

Our destination is Ameracoa De Pera a coastal holiday home rental resort on Algarve coast. It is situated in Central Algarve, Portugal, not far from the beautiful town of Silves.

If arriving at Faro travel west either on the motorway A22 or local route N125. If renting a car try economy car rentals but be careful of the fuel policies of some of the car hire suppliers. One in particular provides the car full of fuel at premium rate and penalises if not returned the same.

Nowadays a lot of visitors entrust Resthoppa search engine for their transfer to their holiday home rental destination. The very reliable Green Bus company normally supplies the transfer service.

Whichever way you arrive in Armacoa it will be worthwhile. Armacoa has numerous apartment blocks supplying holiday accommodation at reasonable seasonal rates.

Armação de Pêra was named after the inland region of Pêra in Portugal, where the fishermen came down from originally and armação, which was a specially adapted boat, with a combined netting system, designed by the Moors.

Nowadays it is a thriving holiday resort mainly for the holiday home rental market.

Mostly Europeans visit this resort coupled with a sizable amount of Portuguese holidaymakers in the summer. It has a wonderful long sandy beach stretching all the way to Praia de Galé towards Albulfeira.

There are a number of ways to enter the town my preference is to turn off the N 125 shortly after Vale de Lousa Retail Park. Armacoa is well sign posted on the N 125. The entrance to the town has a modern feel to it. It has an aesthetically pleasing feel as you approach the town centre. The planners have developed a modern clean lined approach to the town. With low rise holiday rental accommodation on either side of the road which leads to a well position roundabout. Then some high rise accommodation in the new centre that might not be everyones cup of tea but on the plus side allows great views of the surrounding vista. Armacoa has also got an old town centre with comprises of slightly weather worn houses inhabited by proud Portuguese that welcome visitors from all quarters.

This area is on the eastern side of the town near the fishermen’s beach. Take some time to find the Old Fort that still stands today. It is constructed in typical Portuguese fashion fortified to with stand invasion by marauding bands of pirates and foreign invaders intent on plundering the coastline. Nowadays all to be found is marauding seagulls looking for scrapes of fish. The invading pirates have been replaced by sun seeking holiday makers staying in self catering holiday rental accommodation.

The cobbled street on the corner of the hill opposite the whitewashed fort leads down into a network of little streets with a variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. It would be quite easy to miss this part of the town if you are concentrating on the sea front, which would be a shame as it’s one of the prettiest parts of Armação de Pêra.

The views of the coast from the fort are of the long, long stretch of golden sand which runs from the rocks and caves at the western end by Senhora da Rocha, to Praia de Galé near to Albufeira in the east.

There are also numerous restaurants and cafes along the sea front of the ‘old village’, including a couple on the beach near the fishing boats, most of which (obviously!) have local, freshly caught fish on the menu.

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