Albufeira is a self catering haven but it is also a beach haven for holidays

Some of the finest beaches in the Algarve.

When we speak about holidays in Portugal and Albufeira in particular with looks at all the websites.

Check the general reviews on self catering apartments villas, restaurants, hotels, transport companies. We give less thought to supermarket, medical services etc as that information can be got on arrival. We check leisure facilities in places like Albufeira particularly if you are travelling or accompany more active people. Bu monitored t I think sometimes there is one issue we take for granted, the fact that the Algarve has beach you can relax on. What is over looked is how stunningly beautiful this beaches are actually. I am focusing on Albufeira and a self catering holiday but I would firstly like to talk in general. There are many kilometres of stunning beaches in the Algarve. They stretch Aljezur in the west to Vila Real de Sano Antonio in the east bordering Spain. Mile after mile of pristine sandy beaches backed in with an average of 300 days sunshine in an average year. The majority of the beaches have their appeal enhance by being back by tan coloured cliffs. Always of which are made accessible by well-constructed timber stairways. These are normal constructed with natural coloured lumber in keeping with the ambience of the natural surroundings. When not backed by cliffs they can be found bordered by lower sand dunes with is tied together by natural sea side grasses. All these areas are protected tightly with the use of timber walk ways to gain access to the beaches. Both cliffs and dunes are locations to find restaurants and self catering apartments. All of these are carefully monitored from a planning and building sanction point of view.

A typical resort with wonderful beaches is Albufeira.

Boasting some of the cleanest and most scenic beaches in Southern Europe (see our Blue Flag beach score!), one of the Algarve’s star attractions is without doubt the stunning coastline. Long expanses of soft, golden sand, secluded coves backed by ochre cliffs and topped by vibrant green pines. Each beach is a gem waiting to be discovered, each with it’s own unique charm. Explore some of these fabulous sands and see for yourself why the Algarve is consistently on the list of best beach destinations in the world.

In this blog we are taking a closer look at the beaches around Albufeira. We at are essentially a platform for renting self catering holiday properties, accommodation. But part of our service or role is to provide information about the various topics of interests of visitors or intending visitors. With this in mind lets talking in a practical sense about the beaches in Albufeira.

Believe it or not we have discovered 25 of them listed. They are all splendid locations to relax and enjoy your precious time with family or friends.

Praia Falesia

To the east of Albufeira slightly to the west of Vilamoura. This 6 km long beach takes its name from the fascinating gouged red cliffs that form a backdrop to the endless stretch of sand. The cliffs are not very tall it makes access convenient whilst acting as a suitable barrier to any winds from the north during the out-of-season.

Praia dos Pescadores

In the central area you have the very well-known two fishermen beach. Located right in the centre of the long sandy extent running the length of Albufeira, Pescadores Beach has retained the picturesque ambience created by the colourful traditional fishing vessels that are normally drawn up over on the east of this beach.

With direct access from the city centre, this is a very popular Beach equipped with a full range of support infrastructures in addition to the huge range of restaurants and bars in Albufeira itself. Of course check out some of our self catering accommodation that is located in this area.

Praia do Peneco

This is another city centre beach unusually it has a tunnel connecting the city with the beach. Stunning beach with long stretch of sand. Check out some of our self catering accommodation that is located in this area. At the western end of the beach there is a splendid promenade. Its ideally located for an evening stroll. The night life of the city can be survived from this location. On the edge of this beach there is no shortage of bars or restaurants for a pleasant s drink or meal.

Praia dos Arrifes

Praia dos Arrifes is close to the village resort of Sesmarias which is within the Municipality of Albufeira, Portugal. Its located 2.4 miles (3.9 km) by road to the west of Albufeira old city centre. It has Blue Flag EU standard accreditation. To reach the sands there are a set of wooden steps from the parking area making access to this beach difficult for the disabled. Again check out some of our self catering accommodation that is located in this area

Praia do Salgado

The beach is extreme west of Albufeira it is located between Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto. This long sandy beach (approx. 6 Km) is surrounded by the heights of Serra da Pescaria and Serra dos Mangues, and is one of the favorite spots for ultra-lights and paragliding fans. Naturism is accepted in the area north of the parking lot after a large sand dune. Beach with assistance and life-guards during summer season. Good for surfing and still unspoiled by man.

A word of warning if staying in any of our self catering accommodation or local hotel accommodation be vigilant near water especially with young children. Most popular beaches have lifeguards posted please take note of the flags displayed to ensure its safe to swim.

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