4 Albufeira Restaurants Reviewed for self catering holiday makers

Quick Guide to 4 restaurant in Albufeira .

The Quick Guide basically tries to give you a feel for the various options you have available in relation to Albufeira  restaurants.   Maybe encourage  those of you that havnt book online apartments in Albufeira before to research the area you intend to visit.

A Portugal Holiday rental can be a great choice for a sunshine holiday and  villas in Algarve and particularly  villas in Albufeira are no exception to this rule. Try a short stay apartment in Albufeira Old Town.

Take a quick look

Review of 4 Albufeira restaurants

Ok!! we are not restaurants reviewers. We are a holiday rental website www.goholidaylets.com. Visit our website and find unique listings.

Our blogs review it, look at, investigate, relate all things interesting (or at least we think interesting) in and around the locations we are advertising for self catering holiday homes.

On this occasion we are looking at 4 restaurants in Albufeira. Albufeira is a well-known tourist resort in the central part of the Algarve in Portugal.


So instead of reviewing the restaurants we decided to review the reviewers. Our first port of call was to put Albufeira Restaurant into Google search menu and of course up tops Tripavdisor.

Now it has its pro and cons, and a lot of folks are questioning its motives, mainly because Tripadvisior has huge commercial interests in the hospitality industry. But I am not A A Gill writing for the Sunday Times and I have looked at other websites pertain to review food and drink outlets for instance Virtualtourist which made me yawn just looking at homepage. So for the purpose of this exercise I am sticking with Tripadvisor.

Lets search restaurant reviews Albufeira Algarve.

Ranked #1. Restaurante Dom Carlos, Rua Alves Correia Tel No 351289541224

Reviews …. 539

Excellent …. 452

Poor …. 13

Reviews “excellent “ most recent.

Reviewer (Ireland)

1. Dom Carlos is a hidden gem. Everything about the restaurant is simply faultless. The room itself beautifully decorated, owners delightful, and the food just amazing.

Reviewer (Omagh, Northern Ireland)

2. Pricey but worth it.

Reviewer (Clonmel, Ireland)

3. Peter and Anna are brilliant hosts and customer service is excellent. Peter explains all the courses and will gladly offer some items not on the menu if available. Take his advice and arrive hungry! On our second visit.

Reviewer (Yorkshire, UK)

4. There are a few restaurants of a good quality which serve local dishes such as Cataplana and black pig and are well worth a visit. Then there is Dom Carlos.

Review “Poor” 13 in all

Comment: Hats off to Dom Carlos Must be doing a lot of things right to get Ranked #1 on Trip Advisor of Albufeira

Reviewer (Glasgow)

1. Having dined at some of Glasgows top restaurants we thought number 1 in Albufeira would be fantastic, how wrong we were, pretentious, arrogant is the way I describe it, its a set menu and that’s it with limited options, 5 courses and not very good at that, don’t believe the hype, way over priced,

Ranked #2 Os Arcos Restaurant

Rua Alves Correia, 25, Albufeira 8200, Portugal Tel No. 289 513 460

Reviews …. 377

Excellent …. 307

Terrible …. 009


Reviewer (Manchester)

“Not No. 2, It’s a Number 1”

We had the Sea Bass. What was it like? Well let’s say we eat a lot of fresh fish,but this was the best.

I have limited knowledge of Portuguese Vinho. If you are unsure, ask the owner as he knows his stuff.

Comment: The Sea Bass on the Algarve is excellent

Reviewer (London)

“Very family friendly- a homely local restaurant”

Because we have a 5year old and a 1.5 year old we tend to eat early and they opened at 6.30pm

The owner welcomed us and provided a high chair. The owner helped us heat up some baby food but he still wasn’t having it. Ultimately we gave him some chips.

Comment: Portugal has a tradition of family friendly holiday. Albufeira is the ideal place to place to book a holiday rental.

Reviewer (Portarlington Ireland)


We visited Os Arcos on two nights during our holiday. On both nights the food and service was outstanding.

Reviewer (Sunderland)

The other extreme. Terrible

“Not friendly”

On two occasions we tried to get a table, both times they were tables with no reserved signs on the tables, we started to think he didn’t like the look of us, so we gave up trying to get a table, so we kept going back to o’Manjar’s (round the corner) and Bistro restaurant, next door.

Comment: Maybe just a simple misunderstanding. I do note the owner didn’t reply. Might have been too busy getting rave reviews.

We moved in the interest of variety to the:

Ranked #4 The Indian Sizzler

Lt E Lj 14 | Bellavista Commercial, Above #McDonalds, 351 920 522 599

Reviews …. 32

Excellent …. 29

Poor …. 1

Reviewer …. (Dundee)


We had a take-away from the Indian Sizzler and I have to say “Wow!” From the moment we entered the restaurant we were treated extremely well by the owner Jay.

Comment: Ideal takeaway if someone is enjoying a self catering holiday in Albufeira.

Reviewer (Edinburgh)

“Best Curry I ever had!”

My husband and I braved a thunderstorm to go to the Indian Sizzle

based on the fantastic reviews on Tripadvisor and it was worth getting soaked! The owner was so friendly and welcoming and had no problem with us drying off in the bathroom before sitting down. She gave us poppadums and sauces on the house, which were delicious,

Comment: Definitely worth a visit

Poor review

Reviewer (Kildare)

Was really looking forward to an Indian meal at this restaurant & all seemed very promising in terms of customer service, location and ambiance. The food I ordered arrived promptly and with a smile, however, my main course was sooo!!!!!! Disappointing in terms of appearance and taste had originally ordered a Phall, but was dissuaded by the waitress to have a Vindaloo…

Reply from Owner Jay E, Owner at The Indian Sizzler

Thank you for your review, Something clearly went wrong with your meal on the night and we would like to offer you a sincere apology. I serve all tables and had this been brought to my attention at the time, I would have done my best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction and if that was not possible, you. would not have been charged for the meal. We regret that we are unable to offer you any explanation, but if you can reply to my private message I will arrange a refund for you.

Comment: Hats off to Jay owner of The Indian Sizzer

Ranked #7 Shalom II Rua Da Liberdade, 23, Albufeira, Portugal +351 922 015 364

Reviews …. 415

Excellent …. 294

Very good …. 91

Average …. 22

Poor …. 6

Terrible …. 2

Reviewer (Kildare)


Try the “Ribs”, you will not be disappointed. Great restaurant and fab food, well worth a visit. Exceeded our expectations.

Comment: I know Albufeira is a great location for self catering holidays and Shalom 11 might be the right place for you to eat. Let us know how you get on.

Reviewer (Newbridge)

“A Must! Fab dining experience”

came here on a rainy night on recommendation from family, there was a group of us and there was no problem pre-booking a table to fit our party. Which was 11. The ribs are the best!! And you can fill up on as many as you want, “more ribs” “yes, please”. I had a linguini dish, the flavours were delicious,…

Comment: Another happy client.

Reviewer (Birmingham)

“Ribs !”

We went on 3 occasions in a ten day holiday. 1st night we had ribs 2nd we had a shared mix grill 3rd i had steak. Ribs were fab. Mixed grill for two was stunning. The ribeye steak (normally a personal favourite). I wouldn’t order it again. Not bad, just not how i like my steak. Paid about €30 -€35..

Comment: Ribs seem to be a winner

Now to the other extreme Terrible reviews.

Reviewer (Scotland)

“Worst ribs in town!!!”

They have a sign saying best ribs in town and they are all you can’t eat but that’s rubbish, ribs were full of garlic and when you start eating them all they slow down or ignore you, the staff were too busy talking to each other to serve and they were slow, partner had a curry that looked right out of a birds eye box.

Comment: Surprised owner didn’t make a reply to comment. In fairness maybe they were too busy to notice. As a team on www.goholidaylets.com we know we are not going to it right all the time. But its important to be open honest and transparent.  Let us find the perfect apartment in Albufeira old town for you.

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