Our site is operated by Access Websolutions, trading as goholidaylets.com (we, us, our). We are registered in UK number 08903876 and have our registered office at 1 Arena View Edward Street Birmingham B1 2RX United Kingdom (UK).

www.goholidaylets.com was founded by Michael Bolger property professional and his friend Kanav Gupta CEO of Zonixsoft. We are an advertising service platform for owners and agents of holiday properties all over the world. We are also an accommodation search facility for Holidaymakers. Our aim is to make this a user friendly site for all. We hope you have an enjoyable holiday as a result of using our site. We are committed to prioritising each property on our site. Your not just a number with us. Load your property today on www.goholidaylets.com and join our expanding database.

Our Team:

Michael Bolger-Co-founder of GoHolidayLets

Mike has a number of years experience in sales and marketing roles both on and offline. The property business has been his main focus both in the UK and Mainland Europe for a number of years As a property owner, he is aware of the need owners have sometimes to off set their property costs by renting their holiday homes.

Kanav Gupta – Co-founder of GoHolidayLets

Kanav is the Co-founder of GoHolidayLets. He is responsible for formulating and executing the company's global strategy. Kanav has performed various roles in software industry with reputed IT organizations. He has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry and also managing Zonixsoft a successful software development company. He has contributed his several years of experience and IT skills to present GoHolidayLets in a very unique and user friendly manner to the Internet users.

Austin Bolger - Regional Product Manager Southern Europe

Austin has over ten experience in the sales and marketing sector and in that time period he has covered all aspects of the industry from consumer retail to high end property sales. This experience helps us be innovative and have the ability to be reactive to meet our customer needs in a very busy market.

Adelle Atkins - Product Development Manager for Southeast Asia and A&Z

Her role with GoHolidayLets is to develop our product through a team of our Strategic Partners in holiday destinations of Southeast Asia, and ANZ. She is also responsible for driving our marketing strategy to promote the requirements of our Strategic Partners and Property Owners in her operational area. Adelle was previously involved in retail sector in her native New Zealand specialising in marketing and customer care.

Sarita Sharma - Online Marketing Manager

Her role is of Online Marketing Manager with GoHolidayLets. She has more than 7 years experience in the IT industry and has in the past been involved in various online marketing campaigns. She has worked with several big brand names like IBM and Aon Hewitt. She has achieved several sales awards and is an integral part of the GoHolidayLets team.